Waterproof Baby Bibs with Snaps, Unisex, Gift Box 10 Pack, Solid Colors

Waterproof Baby Bibs with Snaps, Unisex, Gift Box 10 Pack, Solid Colors

Parenting is hard enough, so why suffer with inferior quality bibs? With your hectic schedule, don’t you have more important things to do than be constantly changing your baby’s clothes, creating an endless pile of laundry? As busy parents ourselves, we’ve tried every type of bib available… • Cloth bibs are not waterproof, leaving smelly wet clothing and painful dribble rash on Baby’s sensitive skin! • Waterproof coatings are not absorbent – spills end up in Baby’s lap! • Velcro fasteners are noisy, scratch Baby’s skin and wreak havoc in your laundry! • Silicone bibs are stiff, uncomfortable and just not practical for droolers to wear all day long! • Plastic-backed bibs are cold on your baby’s skin, tear easily and could be dangerous! The Solution: Maxy Moo Moo ® Waterproof Baby Bibs With Snaps have: • Triple Layer Protection – A waterproof barrier between two soft, absorbent terry cloth outer layers • Three-position snap fasteners – For a quiet, scratch-free, adjustable fit • Solid bright colors – No tacky slogans; Easy to coordinate with your baby’s cute outfits • Generous size – Catch spills; Protect clothing; Keep your baby clean & dry • Suits ages 3-24 months; Boys or Girls. • Bulk 10 pack – Great value; Plenty of spares for your diaper bag • PVC free; Non-toxic materials; Meets US safety standards BONUS GIFT BOX – Perfect for Baby Showers FREE Digital Guide: Healthy Baby Food Recipes 100% Lifetime “Baby-Proof” Guarantee! Stock is limited. Don’t miss out! Click on the Orange “Add to Cart” button at the top of this page now!

Main features

  • WATERPROOF BIBS THAT WORK – Normal terry cloth bibs quickly soak through to your baby’s clothes. Some claim to be waterproof but are only water resistant and soak through anyway. Others are not absorbent, allowing spills to roll off into your baby’s lap! Maxy Moo Moo bibs feature Triple Layer Protection – a 100% waterproof inner layer is sandwiched between two soft, absorbent outer layers, resulting in a bib that catches spills and protects your baby’s clothing. Exactly what you’re looking for.
  • THREE POSITION SNAP FASTNERS – Don’t settle for cheap velcro fasteners that scratch your baby’s skin and wreak havoc in your laundry! Maxy Moo Moo’s snap closures are quick and easy for you to use but too strong for your baby to pull off. Adjustable with three positions, your bibs will fit perfectly every time and leave room for future growth.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL DAY DROOLERS – Larger than most, these absorbent bibs are a generous size to protect clothing and to keep your baby clean and dry. They feature solid bright colors, with NO tacky catch phrases, so are easy to coordinate with your baby’s cute outfits.
  • LOVE OUR BIBS OR YOUR MONEY BACK! – Amazon’s guarantee is great, but ours is even better! We are so confident that you will love Maxy Moo Moo’s Waterproof Bibs that we have a “Lifetime Baby Proof Guarantee”. If at any time you aren’t completely happy with your purchase, just let us know and we will refund you in full. Even if its 6 months from now!
  • BONUS GIFT BOX & FREE HEALTHY BABY FOOD RECIPES – These are the best value bibs on Amazon. Not only do you get 10 quality waterproof terry cloth bibs with snaps but, as a special bonus, you will also receive a Healthy Baby Food Recipe guide at no additional cost. It all comes presented in a beautiful high quality gift box that you can repurpose. Maxy Moo Moo bibs make the perfect baby shower gift. Buy some now for your friends and take advantage of our multi-buy discount. Click ADD TO CART now!

Verified reviews


I wanted to love them because of the snaps.

I wanted to love these bibs because of the snaps (I’m sick of the velcro bibs coming un-velcroed in the laundry and sticking to everything), but I can only say they’re ok. I don’t like that they have a crunchy feel and sound to them. I suppose that crunch is what makes them waterproof, but I’m unable to say yet if they’re truly waterproof. Even on the smaller “setting” they still leave a gap so my son’s drool gets down the front of him that way. Due to them being stiff, they don’t lay on his chest very well so they always seem to be bunched up in his face. The box the bibs come in is quite nice, but I will admit to being disappointed that they weren’t neatly rolled up in a line (they were just stacked) like in the picture. It’s a little thing, but it took away from the presentation. If the box adds to the price at all (which I have to think it does since it’s such a nice box with magnetic closure and everything) then I’d be just as happy with a plain, ‘ole cardboard box.I revised this review to give it 2 instead of 3 stars. Once we order more of the Green Sprouts bibs, we’ll throw these bibs away. The crinkle and overall stiffness of the bibs makes them unusable. Our son is in the stage where he puts his hands up to his mouth regularly. The bib is so stiff that it will constantly gets caught between his hands and his mouth and frustrates him. I had hoped that several rounds of washing and drying would reduce the crinkle sound, but no such luck. Huge letdown.

Bobby Florahome, FL

Great value and wonderful gift box!

These bibs are great and the box they come in is really fantastic. The bibs are a little big for my 9-month old and are kind of stiff at first but I can see after a few washes they will be softer and easier to use. Overall, really great value for the price!

Bertha Hyampom, CA

Not impressed at all

They stain horribly from baby food. I had to throw away 4 of the lighter colored bibs after my daughter used it while eating green bean/pea puree. I threw them in the wash and it came out looking like there was mold all over it. No, it wasn’t mold but all the green specs of food did not come off and it just looked gross and unattractive. I also didn’t like the fact that it makes crinkly noises every time you touch it. This is just a terry cloth bib with a waterproof lining inside. There is nothing great or special about it. I give it 2 stars because the waterproof lining does work. I definitely prefer the larger Aden + Anais muslin bibs over these!

Zelma Allen, TX

great bibs

these are the only bibs i was able to find that met all of my criteria: no plastic backing, waterproof, snap. i will buy these for everyone i know having a baby in the future!**update 12/11/13**I still love these bibs and still recommend the to everyone. that said, after a few weeks some of the bibs are starting to fray at the seams. it has not made difference on their functionality, but i think it’s important to point out. i have been putting them in the dryer, and their directions say not to, but i don’t have time to line dry with an infant, so perhaps the fraying is my bad. still planning on buying myself one or two more packages!

Elisha Rosie, AR

Bibs even a baby likes to wear.

The bib’s arrived on time. The box everyone talks about is sturdy and reusable. The Macy Moo Moo name is across the box. The funny thing onther than the box and a silica pack the bib’s come without further wrapping.. The bib’s just slide around in the box. No biggie but if you were giving as a gift a little tissue paper would be nice. Anyway more importantly the bib’s The assorted colors are nice there are two white ones in the lot. I washed them in cold water mild detergent on delivery Dried half in dryer half on line they came out looking the same. They have.two sets of snaps for adjustible fit. My Grandson didn’t.try to pull these off yet. The layer of waterproof material is between the layers of fairly thick terrycloth.. I washed all the colors together no running of colors noted. If anything weird happens I will write again.

Kendra Monroe, OK

Max absorbing for max drooling

The bibs are excellent quality and fit a 6 month plus baby. With the plastic liner on the inside it can be used with either side . Plan to order more in the future for my baby sitter.

Angelica Talisheek, LA

Great bib!

I don’t like bibs with Velcro because when I would wash them they would get stuck to my other clothes and pull the threads. They also scratched my baby’s neck. These snap bibs were just what I was looking for and they are very well made and waterproof. I also like that they have two-snap adjustable neck sizer. I wish they came in different sizes (like a smaller overall bib) I would buy another set!

Sabrina Alma, MI

Nice bibs for a kid who spits up 9,445,456 times a day!

Have had these about a week and they seem great so far. I dried them flat the first time I washed but then accidentally put them in the drier and they look great that way, too. They’re nice and big on our 4 month old and he has a lot of room to grow in them based on the size and there are two different neck sizes. Love that they have snaps and not velcro! We have a chronic spitter-upper and have bibs on him constantly…this is just what I was looking for. Like every other waterproof bib I’ve tried, if you leave a VERY wet bib on long enough, it will start to feel damp on the underside but I guess that’s to be expected. Nice colors and cute gift box!

Audra Manns Choice, PA

Crinkle, crinkle…

I purchased these for my 5 month old who drools through bibs every 20 min or so because all his velcro ones would no longer stick. They look ok, are decent size, and wash up great but unfortunately I cannot stand the crinkle sound they make. It sounds like a piece of paper being wadded up every time I touch him. For less than $3 per bib I guess they are ok, but now I have 10 bibs I can’t stand to touch but am stuck using!

Frieda Alco, AR

Great waterproof bibs

I had been using the Green Sprouts waterproof bibs since by baby starting drooling around 3 months. I found these on Amazon and thought I would give them a try since I wasn’t in love with the Green Sprouts bibs. These come in a similar pack of colors. The material is superior and has lasted better through the wash (less pilling). They are larger than the Green Sprouts bibs as well which comes in handy as my son gets bigger. They still need to be changed fairly frequently if you have a drooly child because once the top layer becomes saturated, it will still be wet up against his chin and neck (but at least won’t soak through to his clothes). It comes in a nice box which is a good feature if you are giving these as a gift but is a waste if you are just getting them for yourself.

Rosa Delaware City, DE

Noisy but cute

Very nice quality and colors. I especially like that they have snaps. Most bibs come with hook and loop which can scratch baby’s neck. I took 2 stars off because the waterproof layer makes a crinkle noise ALL THE TIME! It’s very annoying; it could have easily been replaced with PUL or any other quiet waterproof fabric.

Sylvia Savannah, MO

Wonderful bibs for keeping clothes dry!

I needed more bibs as my 6 month old frequently spit-up just after drinking his bottles, and then regularly throughout the day. The terry cloth ones I had were fine for the first bit of spit up, but then his clothes underneath would be wet a few minutes later. These waterproof bibs definitely keep the clothes dry underneath which is nice. Size is perfect for cover the chest of my average-sized 6 month old (not too tiny but not so large that they get in his way when he is eating or playing). Colors are fun and bright – something to go with most any outfit. Box it comes in is very nice & sturdy with magnetic closure – great for if you are giving it as a gift, irrelevant if you are just keeping them for yourself (though I am going to use it for my older sons to store paper and crayons in for quick entertainment/art time in the kitchen when I’m cooking dinner!). Only downside is that since the bib doesn’t have any kind of pocket, when my son spits up, it just rolls down and usually lands on my, the floor, my shoes, or whatever is directly below. However, at least it does it’s job of keeping his clothes underneath dry as otherwise I would be changing his shirt or outfits several times a day.

Jennie Canton, MI

Good for a newborn gift

I bought these as drool bibs for my 14 month old who’s teething, I hate velcro bibs and these are snaps (two adjustable sizes) which are hard to find at this price point. The smaller size works on my 14 month old who’s in the 98th percentile for height and weight…so could be on larger side for a newborn, not sure.I have already thrown two of them away due to stains I couldn’t get out. These are definitely not made for food…I’d only use on a milk-diet baby (in other words not a toddler).The colors are not my cup of tea- that is personal preference though- but they are VERY bold and bright- I don’t believe I received the navy or the brown, and instead received more bright colors. The yellow, orange and red are so bright I’ll never use them…they are in my donation pile.They also don’t come folded up in the box the way the listing shows- so if you are looking for the gifting presentation…just know that it won’t look like that…and they’ll just be piled up inside the box. That said, the box itself is super cute and would be cute to gift in with just a ribbon around it.Overall, for the price and snaps over velcro…I think they are okay and I still use a few of them. Would buy them for a newborn gift, but not for a baby over 6 months.

Christie Veguita, NM

Just what I have been looking for!

I love that the bibs have 2 snaps to adjust size.. and that they are snaps because the velco bibs were giving my son a rash. They are water proof as they said because my son drools like crazy and has kept his clothes dry.The size of the bibs are good too. Not too small, unlike other bibs. I would purchase this again or for a friend. The box is cute and functional as well.

April Windsor, VA

Snap bibs that are Absorbent and wash well!

I am very happy with the bibs, they wash well in warm water and I tumble dry on low heat, and still are good as new. Its hard to find bibs that snap, most are Velcro (which ruins anything it catches on), so it was nice to find easy snap bibs. I would recommended these for kids 1 and younger, they may be a little small for a toddler, but they are perfect for absorbing and keeping spills off of a baby’s or small toddlers clothes. They also come in a nice, cute box, which I am currently using to keep pictures in. It’s nice that the company follows up to make sure that you are a happy customer, it shows they care, I will most likely purchase more of these bibs in the near future.

Brittany Bealeton, VA

Well-Made and Practical

Baby is 6-months-old and has majorly bad vomiting issues. He can vomit anytime (before, during and after feedings). During feeds, we use a cloth diaper to catch the regurgitation, but in between feeds, we cannot practically keep the cloth diaper tucked in him. Baby’s clothes were getting covered in vomit all the time. I am a lazy mom who doesn’t want to change and launder his little outfit 10-15 times/day. Sometimes, I left him in his vomity clothes when we were out of the house and there wasn’t a decent place to change his clothes… baby mama! So, we went in search for a good all-the-time bib. We initially bought thegreen sprouts 10 Pack Waterproof Absorbent Terry Bibs , Boysones, which were decent enough, but we wanted something bigger and even more waterproof.We love these bibs from Maxy Moo Moo. The box that it came in is beautiful and sturdy, but rather unncessary. Would the cost of these bibs to lower without such a fancy box?Anyway, back to the bibs. The colors are vibrant and there is always at least one bib that coordinates with Baby’s outfit, without drawing attention away from the outfit itself.But best of all these bibs actually work! They are truly waterproof (or vomit-proof, in our case). It’s much easier to change out the bib than an entire outfit each time Baby vomits. They are also pretty absorbant, so the vomit doesn’t merely slide off the bib to his outfit.To launder these, we gently rinse them in the sink first before putting them in the washing machine. We hang them up (indoors) to dry. They dry overnight. Only thing is that I wish they didn’t include the two white bibs, as they tend to stain a little bit. Colors are better.They do have a bit of a crinkly sound, but I think Baby actually likes the sound because he often grabs at the bib to hear the crinkle. So, it’s a bib… and a little toy… all in one! Woohoo… for those times I forget to bring a little toy for him in the diaper bag or forget to give him a toy before driving. He actually smiles at the sound of the crinkling.To sum it up…Pros:-Vibrant colors-Easy to launder and dry-Good size (large, but not too large)-Waterproof (and vomit-proof)-Absorbant-Crinkly-Way easier to change than an entire outfit! Yippee!Cons:-Beautiful box, which probably adds to the cost-Easily stainable white bibs (2)

Mindy Gwynn, VA

Great Bibs

Large bibs mean more material to soak up that drool! Snap buttons on the back allow for repeated uses unlike the bibs (Green Sprouts) with velcro that wear out. The waterproof (drool proof) layer does it’s job well and prevents things from soaking through. PVC free is a plus. An assortment of colors to match just about any outfit. Best bibs I’ve owned so far.

Dana Birmingham, MI

Not convenient

I have 8 month old twins and they make a lot of mess. After feeding, I always have to wash and dry it before using it again. Since the material is cotton like, its not easy to wash/wipe for another use. So if going out or don’t have a lot of time, you’ll need multiple bibs for more than one feeding. However, if your baby is bottle fed, it would be a good choice. The material is good quality and I like how soft it feels.

Billie Urbana, OH

So cute!

These bibs are great, made nicely and I love the snap closures, which are adjustable. They come in a beautiful gift box which I love. Great purchase!

Colleen Aquebogue, NY

These snaps make washing so much easier and also hold the bibs on better. The waterproof inner layer is essential for a …

Thank goodness for bibs without velcro! These snaps make washing so much easier and also hold the bibs on better. The waterproof inner layer is essential for a baby who spits up – we used these all day every day for four months and they held up perfectly.

Etta Castle Rock, WA

Absolutely Wonderful!


Tamika Knickerbocker, TX

Love these!

Needed bibs that were a little bigger since my granddaughter is a year old now. These are working fine. Colors are very nice. It is nice that there are two snaps. We have to use the last snap. makes it easy on, easy off. They do not stick to anything in the washer like velcro does. Now, the velcro ones have their place (and I bought those and they worked well ) but we have moved on and these are working now. Not too long. The problem will be that the neck hole will become too small for her before we are ready to quit wearing bibs. Hard to find bigger ones. Do recommend these.

Loretta Mehoopany, PA

they do their job

These bibs do what they are supposed to do — catch my son’s constant drool. The drool doesn’t soak through due to the waterproof layer in the middle. The bright primary colors and lack of cutesy sayings are much appreciated. It’s nice to support a small family company instead of the big guys too.

Kristen Bellmont, IL

Love these bibs.

These bibs are a bargain, and work out great for us. First, only cotton (or metal snap) comes in contact with my son’s skin. He gets rashes from velcro closures, no matter how careful we are with them. Second, the adjustable closure (2 sizes) is a godsend. Our son is really big for his age, and most bibs are uncomfortably or at least annoyingly too snug on him. These fit with a little room to grow on the bigger setting. Overall, very happy with them. Came in a nice box, and 10 for approx. $30 was the best deal I could find on something that would work for us.

Natalia Mission Hills, CA


These are well made, generously sized, and adjustable bibs. I use them to catch my son’s river of drool. Since they have a water-proof core, they keep him nice and dry. The gift box they arrive in is adorable, and they come from a top-notch seller.

Rosella Telephone, TX

Waterproof baby bibs with snaps

These bibs are great especially for a baby that drools a lot. They keep the baby/toddler from getting wet. I am extremely elated that they snap instead of velcro. He is unable to pull these off!! 🙂

Ginger Topping, VA

worked great, but didn’t last

I thought these bibs were awesome – waterproof and no velcro – a hard combo to find! Mine lasted about two months worth of use and now several are coming apart at the seams. I wash them and typically line dry so they don’t even go through the drier. Expected better quality after so many positive reviews and the price I paid.

Dee Lone Rock, WI

Best bibs

I’ve tried many bibs and these are the best. Here’s why:- Snaps don’t wear out after several washings like Velcro does, so baby can’t pull it off over time (This is the biggest differentiator for us)- Terry cloth absorbs- Waterproof layer keeps baby’s clothes dry (though it sounds a little crinkly, but not too bad)- Fun colors- Good size, not too small like some I’ve seen (i.e. Gerber is really small)- Start up company has good customer service

Antionette Belen, MS