Waterproof Bamboo Nursing Pads – Green Flowers Print

Waterproof Bamboo Nursing Pads – Green Flowers Print

Waterproof!!! Are you looking for an alternative to disposables? You’ll like our incredibly soft and luxurious breast pads/ nursing pads. Bamboo fiber from rayon maintains these unique properties and is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial making it perfect for mom with sensitive skins. These pads long lasting and easy to care for making it affordable. These pads are made from naturally soft and absorbent bamboo fibers from rayon, woven into luxury looped terry.

Main features

  • Waterproof on one side and bamboo on the other side
  • Absorbent layers of natural fabrics surged together to form a soft, reliable, washable nursing pad.
  • Extremely soft and luxurious, Hypoallergenic as well as naturally anti-bacterial – Perfect for mom with sensitive skin.
  • Pad for longer lasting, make it reusable, making it more affordable.
  • It’s easy to care for – machine wash and tumble dry. Its porous fibres comfortably wicks moisture away from skin.

Verified reviews


VERY large

I am a 36C while nursing and these pads are HUGE on me. They are too big to wear out in public as they show under my clothes-even when I have layers on. They are soft and absorbent enough for me. My babies (twins) are 7 1/2 months old and I leak slightly during letdown or if they sleep longer than usual in the night. The moisture will stay against your skin though. I would recommend these if you have large breasts and just need a small amount of leak protection.

Lillian Greenway, VA

Soft, but hard to clean

Because they are waterproof, I find it can be hard to get all the milk out of them in the regular wash. Perhaps hand washing first would help. Seemed to keep an odor of old milk after a while. Size was good. They did not shrink, and were quite soft, but I’ll probably stick to cotton in the future.

Lucinda Hatboro, PA

No leaks ever!

Amazing! I love these pads. I’ve never had a leaking issue and they are larger, which covers us large breasted women quite nicely.I’d recommend these to anyway, but especially those that tend to leak quite a bit.Also, I like the design. Better than those plain ones (even though no one else sees them!)

Jodie Left Hand, WV

Love it, Get it!

It’s super comfortable and pretty. I would highly recommend this product. It also does not bunch up and fits comfortably in any bra.

Jade Pickwick Dam, TN

Would recommend

I love these! They are very comfortable and the plus is, they are washable. I tried the old trick of cutting up femine pads, but they just left stuffing all over my breasts, which no one would want their child ingesting. I would buy at least 2 pks though so you always have a clean pair ready to go

Felecia Hamel, MN

It’s Ok

These pads are ok.I find that they are larger than they need to be — and I’m hauling around 34 DDDDs right now (Whee breastfeeding!)Also, I think the cloth side is thinner than it could be and the backing traps sweat and milk to make a bit of an uncomfortable jungle in there.I bought: TL Care 6 Pack Organic Cotton Nursing Pads, Natural at the same time and they are much nicer, but I will continue to use these when the laundry is backed up.

Maureen Alfred, ME

I may buy a second set

Absorbent, soft, wash well. The don’t smell bad after a night of use. Yes, they will show bumps/wrinkles under your shirt but I haven’t seen breast pads that don’t! Comes with 4 pads.

Sharon Scotia, NE

Great machine-washable breast pads

These hold a lot, are comfortable, and hold up well in the washing machine and dryer. The patterns make it easier to tell which side is which at night. It’s SO convenient having machine-washable breastpads!

Diane Marshallville, OH

few in package, not good for heavy flow

These are *very* soft and comfortable (though I haven’t tried them with nipple butter on sore parts, they might stick then), and a good 4 1/2" across. They machine wash and dry very well in a net bag for delicates, no bunching or roughness caused (I use liquid detergent, no fabric softener, and no dryer sheet). Not very discrete for wearing out of the house, however, due to the seam around the edge, and you’ll have to change them a time or two during the day if you leak heavily. They also don’t stay in place all that well, as the colorful backing is very soft and smooth and tends to slide bit by bit as you move. There are only 3 pairs in an order.

Karyn South River, NJ