Waterproof Bamboo Nursing Pads – Pale Orange

Waterproof Bamboo Nursing Pads – Pale Orange

Waterproof!!! Are you looking for an alternative to disposables? You’ll like our incredibly soft and luxurious breast pads/ nursing pads. Bamboo fiber from rayon maintains these unique properties and is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial making it perfect for mom with sensitive skins. These pads long lasting and easy to care for making it affordable. These pads are made from naturally soft and absorbent bamboo fibers from rayon, woven into luxury looped terry.

Main features

  • Waterproof on one side and bamboo on the other side
  • Absorbent layers of natural fabrics surged together to form a soft, reliable, washable nursing pad.
  • Extremely soft and luxurious, Hypoallergenic as well as naturally anti-bacterial – Perfect for mom with sensitive skin.
  • Pad for longer lasting, make it reusable, making it more affordable.
  • It’s easy to care for – machine wash and tumble dry. Its porous fibres comfortably wicks moisture away from skin.

Verified reviews


Better than the disposable ones

The pads are just as big as the single use one. The reason I like these better is that they are more comfortable to wear, don’t leak and I don’t get irritate from them like from the single use ones. I’ve used them for a few months and they don’t show any signs of wear (I hand wash them, not so sure how they’d react being washed in the machine)

Beryl West Green, GA


The shape of the pads is very awkward. The pad (inside portion) is slightly larger than the outer, so that the pad actually curves away from you instead of cupping. If there were some darts sewn into the circle it could conform to the natural shape of a woman. Even in a sports bra you can see the raised edges of the pad. On top of the shape, the lining sticks to my skin and borders on pain when peeling it away from my skin. The idea of this pad is great, the execution not so much.

Gracie Brittany, LA

Good buy

Happy with these. I Wish i would have gotten them when i first started nursing instead of 3 months in.

Mariana De Leon Springs, FL

Would highly recommend these for nusing moms!

These are great nursing pads. I had used disposables for my first daughter, but was grossed out by them when I smelled the smell of sour milk on her breath one morning. I had to change those pads so often that I was throwing money out the window buying them. These pads never smell and are so easily thrown into the wash to be used again and again. They have held up extremely well for the last 4 weeks with our newborn daughter. I produce a lot of milk and leak quite a bit at night, so there have been a few times where I have leaked down the sides of them and have woken up with a wet top, but I do not blame the pads. No other leaking issues with them at all.

Lorene Glynn, LA

I’ve never had a leaking issue again!

These are amazing! The pads I had from my first pregnancy just weren’t cutting it this time around. I was doubling up on pads at night and was still leaking through! In fact, one night I stuck a thick burp cloth folded up in my bra and it STILL leaked through!These pads have held up every single time. Sometimes when I change the pad in the morning the inside part of it is soaking wet, but it has never leaked through the other side.I would recommend these to anyone, especially those ladies that tend to leak a lot.Oh! And they are quite a bit larger than other pads I’ve had, which is also quite fabulous for us larger breasted women!

Mariana Midland, OR

Absolutely amazing!

I tend to leak through every type of pad and need to change them every 4-6 hours or so. These waterproof pads do the best at preventing leaks and I only need to change them every 10-12 hours. The size is perfect for me but I have a chest on the larger size.

Abbie Biglerville, PA