Waterproof Lap and Burp Pads 12 x 13.5 – 6 Pack

Waterproof Lap and Burp Pads 12 x 13.5 – 6 Pack

waterproof lap burp pads 12x 13.5 – 6 pack

Main features

  • waterproof lap burp pads 12x 13.5 – 6 pack

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Smart Buy

My daughter’s 17 mths old and I am still using these pads, you will find all sorts of ways and reasons to use them. More than anything, I have a couple around the house with a couple diapers and pack of wipes to lay under her bum for quick changes, without big changing pads everywhere, they fit nicely in your purse, work good for putting soft side up in swings, etc. I will prob also use one in car seat when I start potty traning. They aren’t very large, they’re not to protect a crib mattress in its entirity, but for a little accident, I was very happy with them. However, not good burp pads, in my opinion.

Inez Grovetown, GA

could be much better

After a few days home from the hospital, I realized I needed more than 4 changing pad covers. These were a economical option, compared to the boppy’s. The size is functional, but the contour of the bobby’s make much more sense. These pads are scratchy and they ball up – very easily. I’ll keep them for emergencies, but I’ll be ordering more of the boppy’s.Boppy Changing Pad Cover with Waterproof Liner, Sage(The make 3 packs of these liners, I just cannot find them on here. Stores like Buy Buy Baby have them.)

Lavonne Gilbert, AR

Does the job!

These do the job, I bought them to use with the diaper changing station attached to my baby’s pack n’ play. They are soft and hold in pee or poo well. If theres pee on it it is dry by the next diaper change. They hold up pretty good in the wash, I use stain remover for any stains (oxy clean) and they come out.For the price they are definitely worth buying.

Vanessa Ohatchee, AL

Not a good product

I recently bought these pads to burp my 3 month old because he spits up a lot. I did not like them. The pads are pretty stiff, even after washing them. They don’t lay against ur shoulder like other burping clothes, thus making it uncomfortable to use. One side is fleece and it’s not soft and it doesn’t absorb well. The other side is vinyl and the thickness of it is what makes the pad stiff. Don’t waste your money on this product. Flannel burping cloths work better for absorption.

Lorie Gravelly, AR

Waterproof, but a bit slippery

One side is flannel and the other a somewhat slippery plastic. The pad slides around easily, making it harder to keep under baby.

Anne La Feria, TX

great pads at a great price

this are very durable and a most have for changing tables and the diaper bag.

Gladys Marchand, PA