We Sell Mats 24 Square Foot Multi-Color EVA Foam Mat with Free Borders

We Sell Mats 24 Square Foot Multi-Color EVA Foam Mat with Free Borders

This item by, We Sell Mats, is designed by our product engineers with quality, durability and value in mind. Because all “We Sell Mats” branded items are sold specifically be “We Sell Mats”, you can always be confident that you will receive a quality product at a great price. Comes with twenty-four multi-color tiles (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple and Orange). Each measuring 12″ x 12″ for a total of 24 Sq. Ft. Measuring 3/8″ thick (please refer to a ruler to make sure this is the thickness you need) and extremely durable. Borders Included. Perfect for ages 3+. Provides a cushion to hard floor surfaces in playrooms, classrooms, daycares and more.

Main features

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  • This item by, We Sell Mats, comes with twenty-four multi-color tiles
  • Measuring 3/8″ thick; Colors-Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple and Orange
  • Borders Included
  • Perfect for ages 3+
  • Provides a cushion to hard floor surfaces in playrooms, classrooms, daycares and more

Verified reviews


Slightly disappointed.

I like the mats, the have come in handy for under our daughter’s highchair (we have a carpeted dinning room). However, two things annoy me. First of all, there aren’t enough edges/borders. Some of the squares came with 4 borders, others only came with 2. I’m not sure why all of them don’t have four. Secondly, and this is completely a personal issue, our cat seems to LOVE to chew on them. Loves it! He has actually destroyed several borders and nubs on the interlocking squares. Our daughter also agrees with the cat though her chewing on them is far less destructive. However, I’ve found some bits in her mouth and I’ve, again, had to throw pieces away. I keep a close eye now because I fear she’ll choke. I think this could have been made of slightly studier material. I also dislike the pattern ingrained into the squares, it’s just a place for food, or what have you, to get stuck. Overall, these were fairly inexpensive, and they work well enough. I just keep a close eye on my daughter when she’s around them.

Daisy Greer, AZ

It’s pretty okay

I got this because my carpet is worn ans has no padding in my rental home and my daughter doesn’t seem to understand that hitting her head hurts. I used it quite a bit when I got it. It’s easy to break down when you don’t have the room to keep it assembled all of the time. It does work as a nice cushion, but face plants will still hurt. The only thing that I didn’t like about it was that it’s not as easy to clean as they claim. She spit up carrots and peas on it a few times and it’s stained. Then I stepped on it accidentally right after wiping it down. Apparently my foot was dirty. There’s a permanent foot mark on it. So it’s not so pretty after having it for a few months. It still does it’s job, though. I did replace it with a nice area rug in my living room now instead, but I know I’ll always find other uses for it. The only other that I didn’t care for much is that as she learned to crawl the surface was so darn slippery that she couldn’t get a grip. It’s the main reason I had to replace it with carpet.Another nice use – When I do exercise tapes I use it as my mat!

Loretta Texarkana, TX

We love our mat

Our play area is complete with this mat. Adds just enough color to brighten up our daughters play area. Great mat!

Lillian Maxwell, CA

Bought Two

I ordered two of these for my daughters playroom. At the time they were 1/2 off and I got each for $15.99. I thought it was a great deal, and even at the regular price they are. Bright, bold colors, and strong interlocking pieces. She is 10 months and has not pulled them up are shown interest. Not like the other mats we’ve had with removable middle parts, she took those apart easily. Note, this mat is on tiled floor. May not work as well on carpet, but that’s expected.Thank you ‘We Sell Mats’.

Meagan Bloomingdale, GA

Great mats!

While shipping is expensive, the total cost is still $15 less than the same thing in stores. Also, shipping only took two days. We are using part of these to cover our fireplace and the rest as a play mat. We have only had them for a week but the quality seems very high. I’m hoping these last for many years!

Lois La Madera, NM

Perfect size to take place of a rug for a baby room

I did not want to buy a rug, so this was another great option and easy to clean. We love it and baby is good and safe.

Lacy Jessie, ND

I love it!

I ordered this mat for my almost one year old baby. The quality is very good and the size is just the right one I needed. It is colorful, soft with a good thickness for my baby to play on.

Dale Harperville, MS

Great product!

great product, my baby is going to enjoy it so much.next time i’ll purchase from you again.thanks for your assistance and great service

Sheena Palos Heights, IL

Very satisfied with product

We live in NYC and it the floor gets very cold during the winter, I bought these so that my son could play comfortably on the floor. It arrived within a couple of days (so much quicker than I thought it would!) and I put it together right away in a corner of my living room. The material is thick, doesn’t smell (as I’ve heard so many others do) and the colors are not that loud so that it doesn’t scream at you when you come into the room. My son seems to really like it, he sits on it and plays with his toys. I just wish that it’d brought more squares (like at least 25 instead of 24)so that it’d be a perfect square. I’m thinking of buying another to make it one big square.

Shelly Trenton, MI

Very nice mats

Love these mats. I bought the 24pc pack and it is big enough to cover the area in front of our couch. Nice quality and very easy to clean. I’m not sure how we’ll other brands work but I’m very satisfy with this simple one. The edges of the mats make it nice and neat!

Eve Dyess Afb, TX

great price

came early great price just what i wanted and needed my grandbaby will love all the colors to craw on thank you

Bernice Madison Mills, VA

Great to cover a hard surface

I bought the tiles to cover the hardwood floor when my baby sits and falls back or sideways. I put toys around him and this entertains him for a while. Sometimes he entertains himself by simply touching the tiles themselves. I don’t know how durable they are, I just bought them. I only use 16 tiles for now, it is enough for a 6 months old baby.

Wilda Gainesville, GA