We Sell Mats 36 Alphabet and Number Floor Mat, Multi Color

We Sell Mats 36 Alphabet and Number Floor Mat, Multi Color

This item by We Sell Mats is designed by our product engineers with quality, durability and value in mind. Because all We Sell Mats branded items are sold specifically be We Sell Mats, you can always be confident that you will receive a quality product at a great price. The individual 12 ” foam squares are colorful, washable and provide a cushioned surface. It includes 26 letters and 10 numbers that pop out for hours of learning fun. Straight borders included give the mat a finished look. It covers up to 36 sq. ft., 6′ x 6′ area and made of high density EVA foam 10mm, .375 ” thick. The letters and numbers do pop out of the tiles. This item is not recommended for use on carpets. For ages 3 and older.

Main features

  • Exposure to letters and numbers influences learning
  • Individual 12 inches foam squares are colorful, washable and provide a cushioned surface
  • Includes 26 uppercase letters and 10 numbers that pop out for hours of learning fun
  • Straight borders included give the mat a finished look
  • Individual 12″ foam squares are colorful, washable and provide a cushioned surface
  • Covers up to 36 sq. ft. (6′ x 6′ area) and made of high density EVA foam 10mm (.375″ thick)

Verified reviews


A little thin but serves its purpose

We have this set up on carpet, so the fact that it’s a little thin makes little difference for us. We just didn’t want our baby’s face in the carpet constantly (I believe there are carcinogens in the stain sealants and we live in an apt. so don’t see much point in shampooing or anything). The only thing that’s annoying is the letters and numbers pop out of the mat which I don’t really like because I know he’s going to rip the thing apart as he gets older (he’s 9 months now). But, he has taken a couple little tumbles and not cried so the mat combined with the carpet underneath must make a decent amount of padding while providing a stable, firm surface for him to practice being more mobile. All in all it was a good purchase for me but know that it is slightly thing (like it says, 3/8 in thick) and it can be taken apart easily (by you or your baby).Edit: Now a couple months later we had to take it up. I don’t know why, but it attracts ants that we couldn’t get rid of. No matter how much vacuuming, wiping down on top and bottom they kept coming back even when we made sure my son didn’t have a crumb on him left from lunch. I suspect the problem is the texture. Lots of little grooves for food to get into which makes it really difficult to clean. We’ll probably put it back down this winter, but we disassembled it because it was just a harbor for ants and too hard to clean. Upside was we put it in the washing machine successfully.

Lolita Iola, IL

Too many pieces

This mat has too many pieces. If you get it for your little one to play on, you’ll be forever putting together all the little bits and pieces, which are likely choking hazards anyway. Get a mat that’s all one piece.

Lula Fort Dodge, IA

Like the mat, so do ants…

We really like this mat. It’s thin, the letters punch out, etc but it is what I expected after reading the other reviews. We also found that ants seem to love this mat as well. We don’t have ants anywhere else in our house, but occasionally I will see these tiny ants on this mat. I’ve gotten to the point where I spray it down with Clorox Anywhere every night to make sure it is clean from any spit up, drool, etc. That seems to help.

Sherry Altus, OK

Awesome playmat

Bought this over a year go, still i great shape! It has not lost its flexibility. Easy to wipe down with a wet cloth or those bleach wipes. Very durable. My son is now 2 and he has torn these, bit them, spilled stuff on them. they are still in perfect shape!

Stefanie French Lick, IN

Problematic for toddlers!

This is one of those items that looks good on paper – a re-configurable play mat that goes together like a puzzle. The problem is that it is no good for a teething toddler! We bought this item to soften our hard floors so our baby could roll around and not hurt himself when he falls. In this respect, it works well. The problem however, is that as soon as he figured out he could take pieces off (which was pretty quickly, by the way), it became a constant battle to keep him from taking the edges off and trying to eat them.The whole thing is made out of a lightweight foam, which if bitten could present a choking hazard. Fortunately for us this has not happened, but only through vigilance on our part. The smaller internals of certain letters & numbers (for example, the holes in the number 8) are even worse.So while this may be a good playmat for your 4 year old, It’s not good for toddlers who stick everything and anything in their mouths. If a roll out, one-piece version existed, I think I would purchase that however.

Fran Woodland, IL

Not sure yet….

I really like the look and feel of these mats. My only issue is the smell. I keep reading that they are safe, but not sure why they smell so bad. Very strong chemical smell. I might return them. My daughter seems to really love them. I just wish I could be sure of the safety.

Mayra West Salisbury, PA

Colorful, acts as hardwood floors paddle

If you have hardwood floors in your house, I’d recommend getting play mats for the baby because if they fall or topple down (especially before 1 year old) this acts as a paddle for them so they won’t injure their head so easily. Great for tummy time and play. These play mats are colorful and has different alphabets and numbers. The only downside is – for young babies who are just starting to explore things with their hands and mouth, they do like to pick out the alphabets from the mat and start biting them. I’m not sure if these are BPA free so that’s something to think about. I ended up taking away some alphabets that have come off over the months.

Odessa Lees Summit, MO


So much bag for your buck with this set! Baby loves all the different colors and the set is actually a lot larger than expected! I did not know when ordering that all the letters and numbers can be pulled out– but my son loves to remove them and stick them in his mouth! Anything to keep a teething baby happy!

Angie Westside, IA

Very large mat

We have a dog and do not feel comfortable with our baby crawling on the floor for sanitary reasons. However, the dog does not go on top of the mat (not sure why) and it is just great that the baby can safely play there. The mat is very colorful and easy to clean. I wish it was a bit softer, but other than that it’s great!

Olive West Millgrove, OH

Nice soft landing and can be cleaned

My daughter rolled around on this and is now learning to sit up; even when she falls over, this mat is soft enough that she just keeps on going. If you have hardwood floors or want to protect your carpet from absorbing drool and spit up, this is a great solution.I think this mat will be useful for quite awhile as she grows up and I am THRILLED that an piece can easily be cleaned should my little one make a mess.

Isabel Winchester, TN

Nice Size Perfect for home

I used this area the playzone floor perfect for my baby learing to walk and needing a sofer surface to fall on. Beats the carpet keeps the floor clean. easy to wipe down

Alba Joyce, WA

foam mats for our 6m old baby girl

They showed up in good condition, wrapped in plastic and protected. During our daughters nap we pulled them out and had fun arranging them for her. I set up her toys on them and waited for her to wake up. She didn’t know what to think at first and didn’t seem pleased, but we had a long day before that so i didn’t lose heart. I changed the set up of the toys into an oval shape that was big enough i could lay her down in the middle. When she got play time in the morning the next day she was thrilled. She rolled all over the place from toy to toy like she just didn’t know what to do. She plays great on the mats now and we are back to order more to make the space bigger to fill our living room. She’s trying to crawl a lot more now then she was before and i think its due to the change in surface. Previously it was a baby play mat that was too small and too soft.Pro’s: thickness, padding, alphabet, numbers, colors, border pieces for the edging so its flat. fills a good chunk of space. I can actually get down on the floor and play with my daughter without being on the hard floors, so much better for the momma! Also the pieces are interchangeable so the letters can be mixed up to spell words (if you get more packs then 1) or set up for A-ZCon’s: the letters do come up a little without help so i have to fix that every night or morning before setting her down to play. when set up A-Z the colors aren’t mixed up as much as i would like (N, T, Z, & 5 go in a straight line down in the same purple with orange color). To “solve” that problem and make the space even bigger we are getting the lower case letters to go with and color spaces to mix it up. :)Over all they seem to be good for our 6month old to learn how to crawl on, offer enough space we can play on the floor with her, i can actually do yoga on the mat during nap time, and to us its a great purchase. Not only would we buy again but we will be so we can put them in the living room, comp room, her room and any other places in the future she may play in. :)*reviewed by the wife and momma*—-UPDATE—–Marylou is now bigger (going on 18 months now) and the use of them has changed greatlyShe is still crawling not walking and we are now in a home w/carpet so the padded floor part isn’t needed so much but in one area so we put the mats down but instead were surprised when she merely pulled them up. after awhile i got tired of putting the mats together every nap time so i don’t. instead i stacked them up with some toys and she still plays with them. She will pull out a put together piece (for example the number 8) pull the number out and hand me both pieces and watch closely as i put them together. i take the time to tell her the number (or letter) and colors before handing her the completed puzzle.we never did get the lower case letters and the strange color combo bugged me as well as the edges not having a theme (same color as the middle for contrast or same as the outside to blend), it also bugged my mom when she came over. she tried to re-arrange in various ways to make it “right” before having me show her the pictures online which confirmed no one posted it looking “right” so it really didn’t have certain way.the plus side is i can see that the set is growing with our daughter and i can see how as she gets older it could continue to grow with her and that makes me super happy of this purchase. the longer an item grows with her the happier i am 🙂

Arlene Saint Cloud, FL

Great Mat

Firstly, I felt like a little kid putting a puzzle together, which was fun. However on a more serious note, it’s a great pad, easy to clean and is soft enough for my daughter who likes to thrash around and falls down frequently.

Virginia Woonsocket, RI


I bought this for the kids to play on for my son’s first birthday party and it worked well. We had tile floors and I was worried about the kids maybe falling on the hard floor. this was a perfect solution.

Henrietta Medora, IL

It’ll do.

A couple of things I didn’t realize while purchasing this, is the numbers punch out from the squares with little effort. It will bother me once my 5 month old figures out he can grab them and eat them.The colors will be different from pictured, which is no big deal unless you’re a bit obsessive compulsive and the A square winds up the same color as the B square (cringe). I could do something cute like spell out their name or whatever if I wasn’t super lazy, but right now, it’s just random letters and numbers, and that’s cool too right?For the price this is worth it. The baby is off of the floor, I can wipe the drool off the mat if need be easily, and can make even more than one mat for another room, because it’s very large.

Alissa Hayti, MO

So thin!

So thin they’re practically worthless. I prefer the Edutile mats because they are almost double in thickness than these ones! Smelled when they arrived too.

Glenda Dunn Center, ND

Best thing for a sitting/crawling baby

This mat is great for a baby that is just learning to crawl or is sitting up. Its soft enough to not heart your baby in case he/she falls and hard enough for baby to be able to crawl and roll over easily.I highly recommend this mat.

Nona Highspire, PA


we spend pretty much all the time on this carpet while we are indoors. My baby loves it; it looks great and it is a very good quality; I wished it was just a bit ticker but otherwise it’s perfect.

Georgina Crichton, WV

Great buy

I split them between the nursery and our living room for the little one to crawl on. They did get imprinted from my dogs nails, when he stretched on them (but that is a give-in wit foam).

April Winter Harbor, ME

Nice mat

I got this mat because we moved from a house with carpets in most rooms to a house in South Florida with tiles and my daughter is about to crawl. This is exactly what I was looking for. I think the price is a little steep (I believe I paid $45.99) and it would be nice if it were thicker, which is why I rated it 4 stars instead of 5.

Corrine Americus, GA

Nice big Playmat

I got this for my daughter who was at the time learning to crawl. its really soft so when she rolls over on her head it doesnt hurt. It also brightens the room. She loves taking to pieces out. Did i mention its huge!!!

Alberta Ravinia, SD

Great but must be replaced in one year.

Durable, reasonable and provides enough cushioning. We have hard wood and tile floor and it grips perfectly on both of them. I would appreciate if company comes up with a better technique of interlocking the tiles. Kids rip them off easily.

Sydney Ventress, LA

Safe and fun for my little one

My 9 month old daughter is learning to crawl, but it’s been a challenge since we have no carpeting in our house. These mats were perfect for her bedroom. We we able to put them down over the wood floor and give a little extra cushioning for her to practice sitting and, of course, crawling. I love that its several puzzle pieces, so we could make the shape fit her room perfectly (around the changing table, etc) instead of having just a typical square. We are very happy and are considering buying more.

Regina South Egremont, MA

Perfect mat for your small baby’s comfort

Used this to cover my tile floors during my 7 month old grandson’s visit. It was a perfect cushion for his top and bottom. Bright and colorful and durable. I would recommend this product to everyone looking for a soft covering for their child’s safety and comfort.

Loretta Rupert, VT

we like it

OUr baby has a lot of fun on this. He likes to chew on the end peices also. good investment.

Isabella Mc Intosh, FL

Already proved to protect our new to sitting daughter

I will say first off plan to unpack and leave the tiles sitting against something to hold them up all separately. Allow them to air out over night as they do have a strong odor from being shrink wrapped since production. We put ours in the basement in the afternoon and could barely detect the smell by the next morning. So just plan for this and do not expect to lay them out and play on it instantly. Other than that all I can say is that we love this mat so far. My daughter has already fell right over and landed on this pretty hard from a sitting position. She didn’t miss a beat and went right back to attacking her toy. This mat is great for covering a large area and wanting it fun colored and also educational to boot. I am already considering if I could put one of these somewhere else in the house.

Joanne Hartford, KS