We Sell Mats Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Flooring Set, 6 Counts

We Sell Mats Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Flooring Set, 6 Counts

This item by, We Sell Mats, comes with six multi-color tiles (red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange). Each measuring 24″ x 24″ for a total of 24 square feet. Measuring 3/8″ thick (please refer to a ruler to make sure this is the thickness you need) and extremely durable. Borders included. Perfect for ages 3 plus. Provides a cushion to hard floor surfaces in playrooms, classrooms, daycares and more.

Main features

  • This item by, We Sell Mats, comes with six multi-color tiles
  • Measuring 3/8 inches thick; Colors: Red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange
  • Borders included
  • Provides a cushion to hard floor surfaces in playrooms, classrooms, daycares and more
  • Measuring 3/8″ thick; Colors: Red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange
  • Borders included
  • Provides a cushion to hard floor surfaces in playrooms, classrooms, daycares and more

Verified reviews


This is very cool

I am using this for the floor when my son lays down. It keeps him much cooler than laying on a blanket and adds a little bit of a cushion without being squishy. Very colorful and textured so my son likes playing on it. This product has no real educational value. The dye inside the foam does fade a bit when wiping it down with soap and water so I make sure it’s absolutely dry from cleaning before I put my son on it. He can’t really chew on it so I don’t see it as an issue.

Jessica Dandridge, TN

Great product, but exact opposite toothed-pattern from what we have

Bought this as in the picture it looks identical to the mats we already have.Most mats now are 3/4" and we needed 3/8" to match what we already had. I find 3/4" mats tall enough to trip up little feet.Upon unpacking and matching to our existing mats .. the pattern/teeth to connect are exact opposites. So if we lay these new mats upside down, they attach perfect. But right side up, they extend beyond (don’t line up).So that was upsetting…but at least they are the same thickness and we can butt-up the flat sides to the old set.

Frankie Lane, SD

Good set but Older and Newer do NOT mix

I should have listened to prior reviewers. I bought the first set 2 years ago and now that we have moved and have a bigger playroom I wanted to augment it and bought additional mats. They are just a little smaller than the old set – half an inch maybe but enough that you can’t connect the older and newer batch. I went ahead and purchased another new set to make a bigger space simply because we like them so much – soft for kids, warmer than hardwood, easy to clean.

Roslyn Coulters, PA

We Sell Mats Anti-Fatigue 6 Piece Interlocking EVA Foam Flooring Set

Bought specifically for children’s sessions with a physiotherapist. Used one year. Now son plays it in his room. Easy to assemble and razberaetsya. suitable for girls and boys.

Amy Stockbridge, MI

These are great!

We have tile flooring and bought two sets to cover an area where my son plays. The colors are great and I love the size as they cover more area. My 9 month old has figured out how to take the edge off so he can bite on it so one has to watch that they don’t bite off pieces and swallow. Easy to clean with a dry swiffer and wipe down with water if need be. Highly recommend!

Cynthia Cobleskill, NY

perfect for kids

Perfect for kids. We made it an odd shape so we didn’t end up using the edges but it has definitely saved the little guy’s noggin when he falls.

Tamera Gleneden Beach, OR

Love these – we put them on our concrete patio …

Love these – we put them on our concrete patio to make a safe play space for my 11 month old daughter. They are fabulous! Soft, comfortable, gorgeous colors. They are not super bright (the red is sort of a pinky-red), but still bright and beautiful. Easy to place.

Selina Kalamazoo, MI

Last only about a month

Bought to do Insanity exercises on it since I need anything softer then concrete. After 4 week, pieces are not staying together anymore… my weight is 172 pounds.Probably is good for lifting weights or any static workout, but not for fitness type exercise with some type of movement.

Helga Wallingford, VT


So much better than the ABC packs or packs of 1×1 squares. Being larger they don’t get messed up as much, and they also look cleaner and sharper in your home if you have to have baby stuff everywhere. I ordered two sets and may order a third If I create a new play area. TOTALLY worth the price.

Sylvia West Nyack, NY

Perfect for play!

I purchased two of these set to put underneath a playyard in our basement. They are perfect! They are soft enough for baby so it doesn’t hurt when she falls. Since she is learning to walk, this is important. It’s easy to assemble and take apart. I love how colorful it is.

Kerry Chalfont, PA

Provides comfort and safety

We purchased two sets of these. They work great. Some of the other sets of mats have too many small parts, and these don’t. My daughter does like to pull up the borders and chew on them, but we don’t mind because the material is sturdy and she can’t fit the whole thing in her mouth.

Claudia Morris Chapel, TN

Super strong smell

The mat arrived with a strong manufacturing type smell that took over 2 weeks to dissipate after 2-3 cleanings and rinses. I also baked in the sun for a bit to try and reduce the smell.We are using this under our baby’s playmate as an added protection. Overall, for the price it is a good purchase and we would consider buying more.

Christie Elsie, MI

Puzzle Mat

We love it! My only complaint is that it’s a pain to clean because of the texture on the front.

Robyn Shidler, OK

Good mat, but a bit pricey & on the thin side.

Over the past two years we’ve owned a total of 7 mats I think at this point from four different brands. So I think it’s safe to say I’ve had more than my share of experience when it comes to foam mats. These have a good color variety, but that’s about it.These mats are almost identical to another set we have by a brand called Norsk, with the following differences:* Norks Mats are much cheaper (we got ours in 6pks from Kmart a while ago, no longer available there, but they are sold in 4pks directly from Norsk for $16; free shipping if you buy 2 or more; so you’d get 8 pieces for just $2 more than this set)* The Norsk mats are slightly thicker – just barely (described as being 1/2″ thick, but are just under that really – but still thicker than these, which are described as being 3/8″ – I’ve laid them down next to each other to check this).* The Norsk Mats only include 4 colors (red, green, yellow, blue); I admit – I much prefer the color variety of these mats, but not enough to justify the price difference.Here’s the Norsk Mats on Amazon – but if you go to their website you’ll see they’re sold for just under $16 – but with free shipping (when buying 2+):Norsk-Stor 240147 Solid Color Recyclamat Multi-Purpose Foam Flooring, Multi-Color, 4-PieceThe best mats we own are the ones by Edushape. They’re definitely also the priciest we’ve owned, but well worth it. We own two of them (well – technically three – but 2 different types) – 2 of these:Edushape Edu-Tiles 25 Piece Solid Play Mat with Edges & Corners(which were price slightly lower than they are now when we bought them – $18/piece) and after getting these we decided to also get their alphabet mat:Edushape Edu-Tiles 36 Piece 6x6ft Play Mat, Letters & Numbers Set. Both of these are well worth the money if your budget allows for that. They’re significantly thicker than any other mat we’ve ever owned – which makes a HUGE difference when it comes to the alphabet set – or any set that involves removable pieces. The thinner ones do not stay together – they will fall apart just from you walking on them. That’s not a problem with this mat – the only reason the letters come out is because my son has taken them out.And the last brand we’ve tried is the tadpoles brand. I suggest avoiding them entirely. We owned two of these mats & had pitched them both within months. They look really cute – have great color schemes – but unless these are not going to be in a high traffic (or high-play) area – they’re completely useless. After a few weeks ours would not stay together and my son wasn’t even crawling yet – meaning he would sit in one area at a time & they were coming apart just from us walking around on them. The ones we owned (& threw out) were theTadpoles 36 Sq Ft ABC Floor Mat, Green/Brownand theTadpoles 16 Piece Squared Playmat Set, Blue/Brown. Both a complete waste of money. Maybe if you’re just using this for a visiting grandchild or relative – but otherwise, don’t bother with these.So – overall – these mats are OK…the only real complaint I have is the cost since these are comparable to the cheaper alternative I already own. But the colors are great, the set is a big one that covers a good space, and if it weren’t for the lower price elsewhere I really wouldn’t have anything negative to say about these.

Opal Kesley, IA

Colorful and Cushiony

I bought two of these mats and put them together to cover our living room play area. The individual tiles be be arranged and rearranged whenever you feel like it. Each square comes with two borders for each square, so any piece can become a corner piece. These keep my floor clean from messes during play. They are easy to clean, colorful, and they protect my child from hitting his head on the floor if he falls.On the downside, when taken apart these do not help to make good forts… a bit too flimsy 🙂 But overall, a win 🙂

Tammi North Pitcher, NY