Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby- Safari Collection

Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby- Safari Collection

Wee Gallery Art Cards are created from bold, whimsical, hand-painted originals that cater to a baby’s visual strengths. The black and white images and their repeating patterns captivate little ones. Place them in the crib to transform it into a wee gallery or use them as flash cards for older children. Printed on sturdy board, these cards will stand up to baby’s explorations. Each 5×7″ card is beautifully finished with matte lamination and child-friendly rounded corners.

Main features

  • BABIES WILL LOVE THIS BOXED SET – Black and white high-contrast cards engage and entertain baby right from day one. Our repeating pattern designs will captivate and engage little ones for hours while stimulating their vision. This set includes a Antelope Cheetah, Rhino, Lion, Giraffe and Elephant
  • ELEGANT AND LONG LASTING FINISH – Each 5×7″ flash card is beautifully finished with matte lamination and child-friendly rounded corners. Printed on sturdy board, these cards will stand up to baby’s explorations.
  • ABSOLUTELY SAFE FOR BABY AND THE ENVIRONMENT – Wee Gallery Art Cards are printed with soy ink on 100% recycled card stock. Soy ink is renewable, biodegradable, and does not contain any harmful metals or chemicals
  • WEE GALLERY LOVES THEIR FANS – A big thank you to our followers who have allowed us to share pictures of their babies, so that you can see them rock tummy time, sibling love, and animal study!

Verified reviews


better cheaper cards out there

these are cute and “artsy” but there are so many options out there! i love the My First Touch and Feel cards so much I regret not buying a few packs of those instead of this one set. they may be cute as a gift but i don’t recommend them. cards with color would probably get more miles.

Diana Fillmore, CA

not worth the money

Find some hard paper and just draw whatever on it and you will get the same result. Although it won’t last as long as this one, it doesn’t cost as much as this one neither. I can’t say my little one doesn’t like it. He just doesn’t like it for more than 2 minutes. I mean there is only 6 cards in a set and once I go through this with him, he is not interested for the 2 second round. Maybe when he is older? like, I don’t know, old enough to tear book apart? then I still can find paper to draw whatever on them!! so, save the bucks

John New Weston, OH

Nice renderings of animals for adults, but too abstract for babies

These must be made to appeal to adults. They certainly appeal to me, I love the way the animals are illustrated, and the woodland theme is so on trend right now for both kids and adults. However they are way to abstract for babies and small toddlers. I got no recognition from either of my kids, no wide eyes, giggles or words as to what animal any given image was. they do look great, and I can see why parents would be drawn to them. But babies really seem to want more realistic or cuddly cartoony images.

Kay La Vista, NE


These cards are wonderful for young babies. My baby started looking at these at around 6 weeks old- long before he was interested in any toys. We hung them up over his changing table and he was totally mesmerized. They are perfect for bringing along when you leave the house to keep small babies entertained. They hardly take up any room in a diaper bag or purse. At 2 or 3 months, my baby would happily stare at them through a whole meal at a restaurant. Now, at 4 months, he likes to pick them up and chew on them. They are holding up amazingly well. They’re made out of a thick sturdy cardboard, like board book pages. I highly recommend these.

Joanne Lanark, IL

Too few

The cards are gorgeous and well made, but I was disappointed at how few there are in the box. There are only 6 cards.

Alexis Pelham, NY

Cute, not worth it.

I ordered these when my daughter was about four months old. They’re cute and she liked them for about 15 seconds but that’s about it. Now she only occasionally chews on the corners. Nice idea, great drawings, but nothing special and certainly nothing interesting to my little one. Possibly because she was too old. When she was a newborn we printed out a FREE pdf of black and white shapes and images off the internet that she loved and stared at for ages. Just, FYI.

Marie Bodfish, CA

Only have had for three days but love them!

We ordered these to keep our little man occupied on the changing table. We have only had them for three days but so far they are great. Our 8 month old holds a different card each time and we talk about the pictures. We loved the first set that I went and ordered a second set for more variety! We love them so far!!Update: We still love the cards but the second box wasn’t as exciting as the first one. The Original Collection has a cute animals…fish, cat, owl, snail but the black & white collection is odd. It pictures a panda and a penguin so you are fooled the other animals are an anteater, a skunk, a lemur and a Dalmatian. We aren’t quite sure what to do with some of the card. Baby still loves them but it is hard to use to engage in a conversation about an anteater….what sound do they make? We still love the cards but would have liked to known what animals were in each pack…I might have gone with something else.

Katelyn Genoa, IL

Great for newborns

I bought these on the recommendation of a friend whose son is now 9 months for my then 2 mo old (now 3 1/2 months). I was a little put off by the price because for some reason, I thought they were playing card sized, when they arrived they are about the size of a paperback or DVD package, and very sturdy and thick. My son loves to look at these and will follow them with his eyes and by turning his head. I had borrowed some black and white books by Tana Hoban for infants from the library which have solid shapes in black and white and my son couldn’t care less about those images.As far as the garden collection, I am sure that it doesn’t matter to the baby which set you choose, but you will get use out of these and they seem to be substantial enough to be passed on to another child.

Kayla Westby, MT

Great, my baby loves these!

I got one of the collections free from Similac, and couldn’t believe how much my baby loved them! She was two months at the time and would stare and smile at these cards. Now, at 4 months, she loves them even more. I ordered more sets because of how much she liked looking at them (and I got tired of saying the same animals over and over! lol)

Kris Onondaga, MI

Cute Cards, Not for Mobile Use

These cards are definitely cute – loved the illustrations and black and white. We bought these to hang in our nursery with the Wee Gallery mobile but returned them. They were too large & heavy.If you plan to use for wall hanging or flash cards, great but DON’T buy for the mobile use.

Rosanne Conyers, GA

Wish they were two-sided

We were so excited for these, and they are nice, but I wish they had animals on both sides. It seems like a cheap way to make you buy more sets of cards. With that said, the animals are cute.

Maritza Sidney, KY

Wish we’d gotten them sooner!

I wish we’d had these the moment our little one came home. We got them in one of the mystery boxes and had to come on here to find more! Since babies can only see high contrast at first, these are perfect! When we were out they would calm our little one down by giving her something to look at and entertain her.

Noelle Marlow, OK

Fascinating and versatile cards for young babies

I had heard that young babies are fascinated by black-and-white patterns, but it wasn’t until we received a box of these art cards (Jungle Collection) as a gift that I realized just how strong that fascination is! Our three-month old daughter stared and stared at each card. If a card was moved in front of her face, she would enthusiastically follow it with her eyes and head. I had never seen her so interested in any other objects.Now, at 4 1/2 months, her eyesight is quite a lot better and so her visual tastes are broader. I’d guess that these cards would be most appropriate for babies between one and four months old.The great thing about these large, sturdy cards (as opposed to images in a picture book, or images printed from a home printer) is that they can be easily propped up wherever baby is playing. They make diaper-changing time and tummy time much more fun. I used them a lot on car trips: I would sit in the back seat with the baby and put the cards in front of her car seat, one at a time.Several other reviewers have complained that there are only six cards per box and that the cards are not laminated, which is less than one might expect for the $12 price tag. To that, I would reply that the six cards are really like 12 cards, because each one is double-sided (with one side showing the artwork in black on a white background and the other side showing it in white on a black background). Our baby was equally interested in each side.Although the cards are not waterproof per se, they’re very sturdy and have a glossy finish, so if they come into contact with something messy, they will be fine as long as they’re wiped promptly.In summary, my baby and I would recommend these whimsical, versatile, fascinating cards to any parent of a newborn. I am planning to buy them as gifts for several new babies I know!

Michele Keystone, WV

Baby seems to like them!

I’ve been using these with my 11 week old baby for the last few weeks. She is quite entertained by them. They hold her attention well and help her tolerate tummy time a bit longer than she would otherwise. They are a good sturdy quality that she will soon be able to reach for and hold onto.

Bettye Antigo, WI

Love black and white

I did not realize how enthralled with black and white infants can get! My son, 4 months old, loves to stare at these cards! The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is they would be even better if they came with some sort of attachment with them, like most baby toys, to hang on his car seat or crib!

Ladonna Priddy, TX

Super Cute and Stimulating

These cards were purchased with the Wee Gallery Mobile for our newborn daughter. They are super cute andshe loves to stare at the cards. It makes a great modern and stimulating mobile for a newborn.

Teresa Worton, MD

baby loves to look at these neat pictures

really nice black and white images– baby loves to look at them now (2.5 months). My older niece (just over a year) likes to play with the cards, setting them up on her shelves, handing them out to guests, etc.

Ann Bowmansville, PA


My daughter is a month old and she lays in her crib and has convo’s with the penguin and panda. She looks looking at itHer grandma never seen a baby so relax looking at a picture

Hazel Oxford, AR

Our twins love these!

I put a few of these on the wall near the changing pad and my twins (5wks old) love staring at them during diaper changes. They are nice quality and durable.

Willie Waddington, NY


I purchased these right after my baby girl was born and set them up along side her changing pad on the changing table. She LOVES staring and studying them, and occasionally will even strike up a conversation with one or two. She is now 3 months and still loves them. My husband makes up stories about them as he shows them to her, and she’s hypnotized! 🙂

Ines Herrick, IL


I purchased 3 different sets. My daughter has enjoyed these from the 3 months on. She is now 8 months, still enjoys them, and they are even holding up to her constantly putting them in her mouth. Plus they are great for the diaper bag since they don’t take up a lot of room.

Nelly Tionesta, PA

First thing my baby played with!

We got these cards as a baby shower gift, and they are wonderful! They come in a nice box and are very high quality. My baby started paying attention to them very early – pretty much at the age when you think babies don’t really look at things. He just loved looking at them, and later on would coo excitedly at his favourite ones. I also own a “Hello, Animals” book, and it is nowhere near Wee Gallery by design sophistication and quality. For the hours of entertainment these cards provide, they are definitely worth the price. I got these as part of the baby shower gift for my friend as well, and will be keeping them in mind for future gift giving.

Deloris Peach Bottom, PA

Nice thick cards with cute animal drawings…

Very cute cards – my baby loves these. It makes learning words more fun.

Megan Astor, FL

Cute Baby Cards

My baby loves this product. The cards are very good quality and the images get my baby’s interest. I place them on the side of the crib’s edges and my 2 month old stares at them with delight. This product is great for newborns since they like to see black and white images. Product was delivered promptly and received item in very good condition.

Deidre Marion, TX

Perfect for the first few months – buy this product

From about 4 weeks on our daughter found these cards fascinating – she would stare and look at them for big chunks of time and keep herself very entertained. They are small and lightweight – but sturdy – so you can put them in the crib with her without worrying – and they are also easy to stick in a diaper bag to take with you when you are outside the house or traveling and need to distract the little one for a bit. Can not recommend them enough – ideal first developmental plaything for a baby. They love the black and white contract which is apparently easier for them to see early on. For the price cant be beat.

Denise Hyde, PA

I Think I Really Bought These For Me…

These flash cards are pricey but beautiful. I love going through them with my son. The high contrast catches his attention. The heavy card board is great for his little hands. And the artwork is just lovely. For that, I can’t tell if I bought them for me or for him…good thing we both like them!

Alison Sandy, TX

not drool proof

I really love these cards, they are so beautiful but I have to say my 6 month old daughter (of course) sticks the ends in her mouth and gums them and I’ve noticed the corners are already pulling apart! Perhaps they’d be better for an older child? Honestly, I’m half tempted to frame them instead they are so beautiful.

Lee Industry, IL

great for babies

I love these flash cards. I have the sea, farm, and woodland sets. My 8 week old son will stare at each card and study the different parts of the animal. When he gets older, I look forward to talking with him about the animals. I highly recommend these!

Georgette Belle Valley, OH

Excellent for developing concentration

These have the same image on both sides of the card. One is black on a white background and the other is the reverse, a white image on a black background. My daughter concentrates on the white images on the black background more intently than the normal black & white. She even furrows her brow in concentration. I alternate 3 different cards in a picture frame that holds 3 pictures and she will stare at one image till bored and then move her head to look at one of the other pictures. I also, do one whole series of these art cards with her every morning. I name the image and then spell it for her.They are just like board books so would still get soggy corners if she sucked on them so I don’t let her handle them herself. I own several of these collections and buy a new collection for her each month. I rotate them around as well, instead of keeping them in their original 6 card collection.

Berta Sullivan, ME

Overpriced, but good

Very nice pictures on the good paper, not a “simplistic” drawings. Great as a “luxury” gift for mothers who wants their babies to be smart. Slightly too expensive and too good quality for something what can serve the purpose for few months. It should be some way to reuse them…

Hilda Lakemore, OH