Westminster Hand Boilers

Westminster Hand Boilers

Hands Down, an Edmund Classic! — Hand Boilers are looped and twisted glass sculptures containing a liquid that will “boil” as heat is transferred from your bare hand. Simply hold the large bulb end in the palm of your hand and within minutes, your body heat will cause the liquid to rise. – Once out of your hands, it takes a few minutes for the liquid to cool down and return to the large bulb. Pretty fascinating science toy and an excellent demonstration of energy transfer. Comes in three different colors: blue, green and red – let us pick one for you.

Main features

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  • Beautiful for home decor!
  • Great gifts!
  • Best thermodynamics lesson!
  • Only includes 1 hand boiler.

Verified reviews


Very cool but fragile

My four year old really likes these things but as thin as the glass is I am often not too keen on allowing him to hold them on his own. They boil up pretty fast. The bulb bottom sits well in your hand, actually smaller than I thought it would be. The colors and designs are interesting. Really awesome novelty. Anywhere else this thing would still be around $20, so getting it for well under $10 is a great deal.

Clarice Boston, MA

Cool looking, but flimsy

I bought one of these (the green one) at an alchemy museum. It looks cool and works with your body heat to make the liquid move upwards. The glass is very thin and it eventually broke when it fell onto my carpet. If you get this, keep it out of reach of clumsy people and pets. Don’t let children play with it unsupervised. It’s a neat little science item, but I wish it was more well made.

Donna Twelve Mile, IN

Really fun!

I remember having one of these when I was a kid. They’re very neat and kids will love playing with them. Plus it can be a cool toy to have around science classrooms as it peaks kid’s curiosity about why the liquid moves up the tube. It’s a great way to introduce the concept of energy transfer.

Louella Chaffee, NY

I always get the crappy red one

I wish there was a way to pick the color. Every time I order one of these, I get the red one 🙁 It works and it’s a fun toy

Rosella Beavertown, PA

these are awesome

these were stocking stuffers and my kids absolutely loved them… when I showed them how it worked they both said its MAGIC!! when they are older I will explain to them how it works but for now they are Magic at Christmas time and the kids love them. They are very thin and fragile but my kids have enjoyed so much they have taken great care of them ONE down fall is you cant pick the color we got lucky and got a purple for our girl and a green for our boy but it would have been bad had we gotten two purple.

Winnie Corona, NY