WHATWEARS 8 White Baby Furniture Corner Safety Bumper Security Table Desk Corner Edge Protector Guard Cushion Softener

WHATWEARS 8 White Baby Furniture Corner Safety Bumper Security Table Desk Corner Edge Protector Guard Cushion Softener


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Great, but read review for installation information.

I had to wait a very VERY long time for these. They came from China. I am glad I ordered them though. Our coffee table has very sharp/pointy corners … these cover them well. I used some duct tape on them to hold them in place. It is not perfect, but it works. They do not come with anything to hold them in place, probably should … maybe something that will not cause damage to the furniture. Maybe that is why they don’t. I would assume they may not want that responsibility, however, they need something and I used what I had on hand, which was fancy colored duct. lol I just rolled a couple pieces for each cover, so it would be sticky on all sides, place it on the product and pressed it into place. It comes off occasionally, but goes back on easily, and the tape is still sticky. : ) Great idea for something very concerning to parents : )

Monika Beallsville, MD

Surprised by the good quality

We’ve been using these for the past 4 or 5 months. They work wonderfully and the price couldn’t be better!The color is mostly off white, not nuclear white, but that’s fine with me. I must admit I was a bit reluctant to buy this unknown brand but it was worth it. They’re cushy and soft thus capable of stopping a toddler head the safe way. Would buy again.

Tasha Wausaukee, WI

Tape leaves sticky mess on furnituer

Don’t use the tape that comes with these to stick to your funiture, because it will NOT come off. I put these on the corner of my brand new bed to protect my daughter from hitting the corners. She pulled them right off within minutes, and after deciding to just remove them, we are left with a gross sticky residue on our new furniture that won’t come off.

Marilyn Rumely, MI

Not your best choice

I bought these because I could not find white in our local stores. I have Safety First corners that have been in place at least 2 years with no issues. First, these are really not white, they are off-white. The bag has corners & the stickers included. They are not on the corners, you place it yourself. I did that and places it on the corners of my girls’ new dresser. I pressed them down & held them for about 45 seconds. They are not solidly stuck, but move & sick cock-eyed. I am constantly pressing them back in place. They are protecting my kids’ heads from the sharp dresser corner, but I would not recommend or by it again.

Isabella Falcon, MS

Pretty good

These work as I’d hoped, and seem to be stuck to the table pretty well. My only complaint is that they just came in an envelope with no instructions about how many adhesive strips to use with each corner cover, how to remove the adhesive from surfaces, etc.

Isabelle Paso Robles, CA

too bulky and i have to use a staple gun to keep it in place.

it is alot bigger than what u see in the picture! the sticker dont really work and it keep dropping when somebody pass by and we have to use a staple gun to fix it. Oh by the way, take forever to get here..

Kellie Moonachie, NJ