White Knob Lock – 2 Pieces

White Knob Lock – 2 Pieces

Kidco Door Knob Lock Prevent your toddler from opening doors with potentially dangerous items inside with the KidCo Door Knob Lock. With the unique side pinch-grip design, you can twist the doorknob, but your toddler can’t. This white safety lock fits all standard style doorknobs.

Main features

  • White knob lock
  • 2 per package
  • Deter children from leaving

Verified reviews


This is a great product

I was so happy when I saw this product.A couple of weeks ago I was in my bedroom with our son when my daughter needed something, I stepped outside the door to talk to her when my 20 months old son slammed the door behind me and locked it.Since we put these on he has not been able to get to the lock.Now, I now that it’s a bit tough for adults to get to the look too, but I’d rather struggle a for a year until he knows better, then have to run around the house trying to figure out how to unlock the door when he’s not old enough to do it himself.

Magdalena New Munster, WI


These are a little flimsy, but they’re working so far. I ordered white locks, and I received clear ones, which doesn’t really matter to me, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. The locks are slightly loose on the door knob, So as an adult, you have to grab it a certain way and turn it just right to open the door, but that’s a good thing since it makes it harder for my son to open the door, which is the point! I am surprised at all the bad reviews, these work great for us, so far.

Jordan Conroy, IA

Good product but barely works on our old handles.

So out door knobs are very short.. stubby looking. Well the inside of the knob lock has grippy stuff to rotate the knob and it just barely contacts our knobs. In fact, we have to make sure we push the knob lock all the way on in order for it to work. It kinda wiggles around on the knob which is both annoying on the one hand and likely to reduce the probability that my little one will be able to use it on the other.For newer, rounder knobs this works great – we took it to our hotel when travelling and it works great!

Margery Hassell, NC

safe and easy to use

We bought these door knob covers to keep our toddler from opening the basement and bathroom doors. They installed in 10 seconds and were pretty easy for us (the adults) to get the hang of using. They are pretty loose around the knobs (our doorknobs are just standard interior knobs, nothing special) so they rattle a bit, but other than that they work great.

Mildred Dow, IL

Not bad for a door knob lock

We use this to keep our young toddler out of the closet. It is easy enough for our pre-schooler to use so we only use it on doors that she can access. It does making opening doors a breeze.I would say this product may be better suited for seniors, as it makes opening the door for arthritic hands a breeze.

Alyson Angie, LA

Not bad

Got this for an exterior door. Works just fine. Easy to install. Only issue is that the lock access hole is too small. Sometimes very hard to get two fingers in there to turn lock.

Hilary Creamery, PA

Toddlers can easily remove these locks

As other reviewers noted, these can be easily removed by a motivated toddler in no time flat. I have these installed on 4 doors in my house and most she doesn’t bother, but when there is a door she really wants to get in, my 2 year old has no problem removing these locks. I’m not exactly sure how she does it, because it takes her only a split second and they’re off. I definitely wouldn’t use these on a door with your child unattended.

Sharlene Laguna Niguel, CA

my favorite

I love these child proof door knobs. They are my favorite by far. They are so easy to use. I have 6 of them in my house and will probably buy more.

Kimberley Oketo, KS

Kids figure them out

It took my two year old all of thirty seconds to figure this out and get the door open. Waste of money for us. It took us a couple weeks to train him not to open closed doors, but he gets it now. It is a good thing I am a stay at home mom and my husband works from home or we would not have been able to train him so quickly

Gretchen Livermore Falls, ME

Worked for 6 months

First off, you cannot beat the price. We have probably used these for 6 months now for our 2 yr old daughter. Unfortunately they no longer work because she can snap them right off. They were great while they lasted and once again, you can’t beat the price. I do not regret buying these. Now for a new solution…

Dora Nahma, MI

Varies By Door Knob Size/Shape

I purchased two of these after my toddler locked herself in her bedroom after her nap. She finally unlocked it, but I wasn’t going to risk that happening again. All the local stores had were standard lock covers with a hole in the center. That’s useless when the lock mechanism is in the center (where the hole is, she can just turn the button). So, I bought these. If you want to lock your door, the opening is a bit tough to open, mostly because it’s made of high grade rubber, but it still works. If I have a slight challenge opening the rubber part to lock/unlock my door, I know my toddler can’t.Also, the two I purchased went on the bedroom door and bathroom door. Both have a different size handle and therefore fit differently. One the bathroom door: I squeeze the sides, and with little effort, the door opens. The bedroom door: it requires extra effort because the door handle is small and narrow. It takes extra effort for the rubber sides to come into contact with the door handle. It’s a small price to pay for my little one a safety. I recommend this product to any parent!

Terry Luthersville, GA

No space,Rubs doorframe

Very disappointed with this product. I am unable to use it because there is not much space to push the buttons in on the sides and turn to open the door. when I turn the handle, the bottom of the lock rubs the door frame & makes it near impossible to turn to open the door.

Addie Gracewood, GA

Does What It’s Supposed To

My daughter is now almost 4, and we’ve had these on the doors that lead outside since she was walking. She is not all that curious about getting out, so I can’t comment on how they would work if you have a really determined child. Mine tried it once or twice and gave up. Now she knows that doorknob doesn’t look like the others, and she’s supposed to ask someone to go out those doors. Works for me.

Jordan Dollar Bay, MI

They WORK and are priced well.

We have used these locks in our home for over 4 years– they are sturdy and well-made, priced well, and (most importantly) WORK effectively. They have kept in our kiddos and friends effectively no matter how hard they have worked to get the doors open. Super effective and bring significant peace of mind.

Bianca Marshfield, MA

My favorite door knob covers

Great for baby proofing. These are probably my favorite after trying several different kinds. Fairly easy to use and keeps the little ones from escaping or opening doors and tumbling down stairs. Would buy again.

Nanette Lisbon, ND

Serves its purpose well

Not sure why people don’t like this product. I think it’s perfect for what we need. We can open the door and our toddler can’t. Which is the purpose. We only have this on our basement stairs door, as that’s the only place we need one, but my brother has these all over his house and his toddler, who is very smart, cannot open them. None of the adults in our large family have ever had a problem with these, I’d buy again.

Charlene Venus, PA

Better than most

My son is 20 months and can’t get these off the door unless they’re not on correctly. If the door slams on the nob it’ll fall off.

Frieda Oak Island, MN

Work very well

My brother had purchased a similar product, but it didn’t have the extra part at the bottom. Those were very hard to open the door. These knob locks are a lot easier for adults to turn the knob, but still keeps the kids from figuring it out. Highly recommended.

Eve Sasser, GA