Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Alphabet Letters & Counting Numbers Soft Foam Learning Waterproof Playmats

Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Alphabet Letters & Counting Numbers Soft Foam Learning Waterproof Playmats

Wonder Mats create a soft and safe environment for child development and playtime. As parents, we understand the importance of health and safety as first priority when it comes to our children. Our foam mats are made from non-recycled and non-toxic materials which provide vibrant, bold and consistent colors. They are extra thick and soft to help reduce impact and provide comfort as our children learn to walk, run and play. Lastly, the high density of our mats is designed so children cannot bit off or ingest pieces of the mats. Wonder Mat’s quality matches the peace of mind our customers receive.

Main features

  • 36 piece 1ft x 1ft interlocking (A-Z,0-9) Wonder Mats in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue. Creates 36 square feet per set. Set up in seconds with easy do-it-yourself interlocking mats
  • Wonder Mat’s unique soft surface pattern is designed for children with sensitive skin while its texture provides grip. Lasts up to 10 years under proper care
  • Instrument for development and learning. Letters and numbers can be popped out. Foam products are not for teething
  • Its ~9/16″ of an inch thick exceeding the minimum protection requirement for children. Mats are waterproof and easy to clean with damp cloth and mild soap
  • Made from non-recycled, not-toxic, light weight, durable, lead free and high density EVA. Passed CPSC standards, including tests and 53 substances of very high concern including toxicity report

Verified reviews



I bought these tiles for my 4 month-old daughter and she loves them. The titles did not have the order that people are referring to in other reviews. I wiped them with a wet paper towel and a little bit of soup. I let them air out on the floor and then started using them. My little one has her toys there and now that she’s six months is able to move all around checking out all the toys. I highly recommend these tiles. They’re more thicker, which I liked and very simple to assemble and take apart. My floor is very hard and felt it’d be hard for my daughter to start crawling all around it. So I bought these tiles and I’m quite happy I did. BTW, I did not buy the ends and I don’t think there’s a need for them.

Lindsey Viola, AR

Beautiful, sturdy, great quality

Very happy with this purchase. The mat is thick and sturdy, great quality. The colors are bright and beautiful, the picture really does not do it justice. Covers a huge area, so the LO has some space to move around.

Harriet Atwater, IL

Creates a perfect play area.

I bought two sets – this alphabet one and the colors one by the same manufacturer. Using both I created a large play area for our son and it is great. These mats are a little thinker than other brands and appear to be of good quality. Our house also has two cats and while they do put some claw scratch marks on the mats their fur does not appear to stick to the plastic which is good. The letters are removable but so far no problems with that and we knew that going in… As he gets older I think this will be a positive for our son. The edging pieces do not come included (we knew this going in) but for a price I believe you can purchase them – I don’t find them necessary but probably would be for someone focused more on the look – but our son does not notice.

Heather Cornwall Bridge, CT

Nice product, but pretty expensive

I really like this product because we have stone floors and were really nervous for crawling/walking stage. This is a really nice mat with every bit of the intended extra cushion. However, I just don’t know what makes it 2-3 times more then the thinner ones in terms of a little extra cushion and makes me raise my eyebrow. But, safety is always priceless I suppose.

Caitlin Dailey, WV

Great Product

These tiles were east to setup and appear to be high quality. They were some of the thicker tiles that I could find which you notice some additional padding and protection. Great product and good quality.

Kelsey Blanding, UT

Great play area mat!

I have divided this mat up and used it to mark the play area in my family room. The rest lines the wood floor in the play yard for my 1 year old son. It is super easy to clean, stays put and stays together, and there’s no smell to the foam. I am very glad I payed a bit more. This is good quality!

Cherie Port Republic, MD