Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Extra Thick Rainbow Foam, 6 Colors, 36 Pieces

Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Extra Thick Rainbow Foam, 6 Colors, 36 Pieces

Wonder Mats create a soft and safe environment for child development and playtime. As parents, we understand the importance of health and safety as first priority when it comes to our children. Our foam mats are made from non-recycled and non-toxic materials which provide vibrant, bold and consistent colors. They are extra thick and soft to help reduce impact and provide comfort as our children learn to walk, run and play. Lastly, the high density of our mats is designed so children cannot bit off or ingest pieces of the mats. Wonder Mat’s quality matches the peace of mind our customers receive.

Main features

  • 36 piece 1ft x 1ft interlocking Wonder Mats in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. Creates 36 square feet per set. Set up in seconds with easy do-it-yourself interlocking mats.
  • Wonder Mat’s unique soft surface pattern is designed for children with sensitive skin while its texture provides grip.
  • Its ~9/16″ of an inch thick exceeding the minimum protection requirement for children. Mats are waterproof and easy to clean with damp cloth and mild soap.
  • Made from non-recycled, non-toxic, light weight, durable, lead free and high density EVA. Lasts up to 10 years under proper care.
  • Passed CPSC standards, including tests and 53 substances of very high concern including toxicity report. Full test reports will be provided upon request.

Verified reviews


Nice product, could be better

I am happy with the colors and size of this product. I’ve had fun assembling it in a few different patterns. And it’s nice that I can set it up in different shapes. It is soft and the thickness is decent. My biggest complaint is the wear and tear my dogs have caused just from walking on it.

Jean South Solon, OH

Doesn’t smell and cushion is great

Love the durability and comfort. Doesn’t smell upon opening which is a plus and cushions nicely for my seven month old.

Geri Port O Connor, TX

Just received: Happy w/ purchase

Didn’t notice a stong scent to mats upon arrival. Easy to assemble and reassemble. Thickness and grade of foam is sturdy. Baby very interested in contasting colors and the interlocking seams. Gives good traction for a new crawler. Keeps cold hard floors away from baby and created a softer/ safer play space. The mats are soft enough as far as cushion but give enough rebound for ball play to still be fun for childen. Family is very happy with this purchase and I would recommend it to anyone with a baby growing more mobile or with young kids that need a safe place to play.

Bridgett Chester, OK

Awesome Price, Awesome Mats

I did my research and this mat being 5/8″ thick versus the 3/8″ mats makes a huge difference. It’s a little more expensive than the thinner kinds but well worth it. I was thinking about getting a one piece large mat but the fact that I’m able to rearrange this mat in any shape and from room to room if need be is a huge plus. Plus, it’s easy to clean because there are no pieces that come off like most mats.

Selena Palmer, MA

Great so far

I bought this because I wanted a mat that would not give off a terrible plastic smell. I am very pleased with this product. It had a very slight smell that went away after cleaning. The blocks are well made and are not yet showing signs of wear (though it has only been 1 month). I do wish it came with care instructions, because I was not sure if I could steam them (I did steam them briefly and they seem fine). Also, my cat left claw marks so i now have to ban him from that area.

Lindsay Severn, MD

Thick and easy to put together

I love these tiles. I got them with the Northside gates to make a play area for my twins. Unlike most of the other tiles listed and sold in stores, these are actually 5/8in thick. The more common ones are closer to half an inch. The extra thickness makes this firmer but without it being so hard that babies hurt themselves when they fall backwards.The tiles were easy to put together and I enjoyed mixing the colors. I did not notice any untoward smell and once I got these assembled, they were ready to use. The only negative is that this package did not come with the edges but that’s not a big deal for me. I do wish they were not as pricy though, but if they prove to be durable, may just be worth the cost.

Valeria Keithville, LA


Thick, firm, durable, waterproof, adjustable sizes, bright colors (though would like a neutral color option other than black), easy to move/clean. Great for toddler now. the edge was a trip factor when he was younger but he learned quick.Was a little slippery out of the box.

Harriett Jamesville, NC

Not going to help with a fall

I was hoping these would have better padding and would protect my son as he was learning to sit up, but they don’t have enough padding.

Carmen Dingle, ID

Love it.

We have been on the hunt for a mat for a while. This is nice and thick. And our little one loves it. No complaints so far.

Kristine Medfield, MA

great mats

Great mats for my kids, especially the 1 learning to crawl and soon walk. He falls and gets back up and i don’t have to worry about him hurting himself. Plus it makes my living room very colorful lol

Jenny Canisteo, NY

Just okay

Very cute, but harder to clean than I anticipated. I think I would be better off just using a blanket that I can throw in the wash.

Esther Kennedy, NY

Love this mat

provide enough protection for crawling baby. My baby girl use to crawling on hard wood floor and she doesn’t like it and when she sit on carpet, we are worried about she pick up the hair on the carpet and eating it or she just kiss the carpet. With this mat, all those are solved! The mat is easy to clean and thick enough to provide protection. My wife and I are happy to have this product.

Lillie Madison, ME

Very nice play mat

We live on a concrete slab so we were worried about our little one playing on the hard floor. I looked up these mats and decided to give it a try based on the good reviews. I haven’t yet put it to use but wanted to comment to be careful when opening the box! I razored the tape and noticed that I narrowly missed slicing the mats, they came to me unwrapped and just put in the box with a slip of paper on top – just a word of caution. Even though I have yet to set this up I like the thickness of these mats and the colors are very pretty. The mats do have a slight smell, and since I haven’t smelled others I have no gauge as to how bad it is. The smell isn’t that bad at all and really only noticeable when you are right by the mat (which is where my little one will be). I’m hoping after they air out the smell will vanish completely. A note about the colors – I noticed there are two Amazon listings for these mats. I’m not sure what the difference is but I bought this set and received 6 colors (red, yellow, green, blue, orange and purple). I notice the picture for the other listing does not have purple so this may be something to watch for. So far these mats are exactly what I expected and wanted – I will update my review after some weeks of use. Just watch out when opening the box!It has actually been some months since I’ve had the mats and they work perfectly! The mat saved my son from a big tumble, he still cried but I imagine the mat saved his head from our hard floors! They clean up great, I just use some baby wipes and it comes clean really easily. I actually haven’t noticed any smell since we set it up. Overall a great buy!

Leeann Valley Falls, KS

Nice thick pieces

Assembled these created a nice play area for my baby. Colors are true to picture and the mats are thick enough to absorb minor falls (baby toppling over, that kind of thing).

Constance Nash, TX

Essential and worth the expense

These are a little expensive, but well, well worth it. Kids fall all the time and these things have saved countless doctor trips. Just get them early and put them to good use. These are one of the products that should just come in a kit when you get a kid.

Lorene Sheyenne, ND

Perfect for playroom

Perfect for our living room/playroom. This is our 2nd set of these mats, they are worth every penny. We have two kids aged 2.5 and 7 months, they cushion lots of falls and are easy to clean.

Lela Kayenta, AZ

Very good!

It arrived on time and meets the desription given on the website. It was a great buy for the play yard i bought for my kids and the colours grabbed their attention. It was a good safey guard for them as it created a soft landing for any falls inside the play yard. Great stuff!

Olivia Dycusburg, KY

Softer than hardwood flooring

We use this so our baby will have something a little softer than hardwood floors to fall on. So far she’s hit her head a few times while falling on it and it hasn’t seemed to phase her. It’s not as soft as carpet but it does have some slight give to make a tumble not hurt as much.

Karen Cedarbluff, MS

Just wonderful.

This a great and safe way for young ones to explore and play. Unlike the mats with shapes these tiles have no removable pieces. The colors are very nice and the quality of the mats looks to be very good. i would recommend to anyone with a new born… I bought this and the alphabet mats by the same manufacturer to create a large fun play space.

Jewel Rayne, LA

Perfect for my need

I have used it to create a softer play area for my twins on concrete and hardwood floors. I love that it doesn’t have cut out pieces in the center of the blocks so my girls do not take it apart.

Winifred Baldwin Park, CA

comfy padding

I recommend to get the thicker 1/2 in. set. NO complaints whatsoever about this product.The baby loves the different colors and likes to crawl around on them versus hardwood and stone floors. Will buy more to cover a larger area of the floor and toddler room. Make whatever pattern you wish. Customizable fit is easy with a cutting knife/tool. They even insulate the floor!

Lora Drake, CO

Colorful, durable & great for play area

We have carpeted floors (not very cushy carpet though) and I got this mat mainly to protect my son’s skin from rugburn (he’s an army crawler) and to protect his head when he fell back from sitting up. The mat isn’t as soft and squishy, so it doesn’t protect his head from falls anymore than the carpet would – although this would probably be a really good option for someone with hardwood or tile floors.The quality seems very durable and the pieces don’t come unlocked after being stepped on. The mats do have a few scratch marks from fingernails and my dog’s claws, but they’re just surface scratches, not a big deal. The mat isn’t really grippy like a yoga mat, it’s more on the smoother side. The mat does have a design on it that’s probably supposed to keep it from being really slippery. No slipping or sliding so far as my son is learning to cruise on furniture.I have this laid out in our family room and the nice thing about it is that the mat doesn’t have to stay rectangular. I can piece it together to fit around furniture. Even on carpet, the pieces stay together very nicely, they don’t pop up or come apart. It’s easy to keep clean, I just wipe down once a week with bleach water and a towel. We’ve had a few throw-up accidents and it was so nice that I could just wipe the area clean instead of having to break out the steam cleaner had we been playing directly on the carpet.I actually ordered 2 of these mats at different times. The first set had 6 colors – red, blue, yellow, green, orange & purple (6 squares of each color). I liked it so much that I got a second set within the next month to expand our playzone and only received 5 colors (minus the purple) and the shades of the colors were slightly different. Past complaints was that it came in a huge box – both times the boxes were big enough to hold just the mats, so they must have fixed that issue. There’s a mat set where you can get a border to make the edges straight (instead of it looking like an unfinished puzzle on the edge), but that doesn’t bother me at all.Great buy, would recommend.

Earlene Carlisle, AR

No smell, no removable parts, seems to hold up

Although a little pricey, I liked the fact that this mat was not made in China, does not smell of chemicals and does not have removable parts (numbers/letter) so my baby doesn’t chew foam. It’s attractive, seems to be made of durable material and was shipped satisfactorily. No complaints here.

Nichole Chadbourn, NC

Way better than the thinner mats

We were gifted 2 different brands of the thinner mats, and while I did like them, I realized recently – as the twins are becoming more mobile – that we need more padding. Plus, the alphabet/numbers were becoming a pain for various reasons (this seems to be a bigger problem with the thinner mats). After getting a smaller square footage of the thicker matting in another brand, I knew I needed more of the thick stuff. (MORE MORE MORE!)This mat seemed to be what I was looking for, but for some reason I decided to check out the company website. I actually liked the options better there and they were having a sale that made them cheaper even with shipping. The main option I liked was the additional edging you can buy which is designed to help exhausted parents not trip over the edge when invariably walking by with eyes half shut. They also had some more items like foam building blocks and round balls (with free play pool!) that I really liked too. (We are already having TONS of fun with the foam blocks – I stack them up, and they knock them down, but I digress.)The mat itself is well made. Snug fit with the pieces. which any parent that has purchased the thinner mats can tell you – is important. My twins are newly at the sit-up by yourself stage and so they take a lot of tumbles. After a couple on our hardwood floors and the realization that I can’t catch 2 wiggly babies wanting to go in opposite directions every time, my order was placed. We have the thinner mats, which was great before they were so mobile, but there is a definitely difference. Most falls go unnoticed by the baby unless it’s one of those dreaded "bonk your nose" spills. (PS. The foam blocks scattered everywhere add more padding!) My girl is very adventurous and is go-go-go, so this mat is great for her leap-before-you-look mentality. My boy, who is more cautious, seems to be branching out more now that falls come with "extra" help.With regards to the smell as other users have posted, ours did not have any AND I’m pretty hyper-sensitive to smells. Especially chemical smells. I’m not sure if this is because of it coming directly from the company or if they have just corrected the problem, but there was no chemical smell to mine.I also have the same thickness mat from another company in upstairs room, and I like that one too (and was the catapult to replacing the thinner mats), but I prefer the eWonderWorld mat. (And both of them are way better than the thinner mats.) Very, very pleased with my purchase. If it was up to me, I’d probably cover all my floors with them. 🙂

Angie Linwood, KS

Great for babies

These foam mats are great to create a safe playspace for our baby. You can conform it to any shape you want and the mats are thicker than some of the cheaper ones you would find at the stores. And since they are light, they are portable for when you go to other people’s houses. Definitely recommend. The edges are tempting for babies to pick and chew upon, so consider edges or just blocking access to them.

Terry Marysville, WA

Very Nice!

Very good quality and thicker than most options out there. There is a bit of a smell at first (we let the pieces air out for about 10 days in the basement after an initial wipe down with water) but the smell dissipated completely after that. Nice color, very resistant to abuse (both to scratching and from tearing… our little one likes to try to disassemble these days but the locking pieces hold up to it). If you have a hardwood floor play room, this is an excellent purchase both for your little one and for the parents comfort as well getting down on the floor. Great under a play tent with tunnel too.

Faith Quogue, NY

The quality is worth the money

This is way better quality than most of the pad you see at stores. I love the colors. It does have a little smell when it just came out of the bag, but it’s gone within a day. Speak of the bag, it came nicely packed in a plastic bag, so you can even take it to a park and it is thick and durable enough to do so! I put it on top of a area rug because I have tile floor and I am afraid it might be cold since it’s winter now. It’s really comfortable. I will take it off the rug and just place it on the floor once the summer comes.

Alissa Scarsdale, NY

Perfect play mat

This play mat is just perfect! Our 6 month old is sitting up on her own, and loves to play with her toys on the floor. Her “jungle gym” as I call it, with the toys hanging from the top, has gotten too small for her, and she wants to be sitting up more than on her back. We wanted something soft for our hardwood floors. We thought about the “wood” colored mats, but decided on the colors, bc hey! She’s a baby and likes colors!We LOVE this mat, as does our daughter. It is super soft, so we don’t have to worry about her falling on it. We can put all of her toys out, and she has room to move. She is scooting now, and loves how much room she has to move on this mat. It’s a great purchase.

Yolanda Orrs Island, ME

A must have for every baby!

I bought this mat after my son kept hitting his little head on the floor as the mat that we had was not thick enough. Most of the reviews are spot on! It is thick enough and so risk of injury is completely eliminated especially when they are attempting to crawl. I love that it has various bright colors and my son was instantly drawn to the yellow and red. Just like with anything else that you buy for yourself or your child, I would recommend wiping it down with some type of toy cleaner as it has a strange industrial smell that I can’t quite describe but nothing to warrant anything other than a 5 star! LOVE THIS MAT! A MUST HAVE for sure!

Alisha Comfort, WV

Love this mat!

Such good traction, and so soft for my daughter to fall onto. I should have gotten this when she was 4 months old instead of 8. The only problem was that there was a bit of an odor when I first removed it from the box. However that dissipated after a day or two. It’s even impervious to dog claws!

Casandra Vidor, TX