Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Extra Thick Rainbow Foam Playmat

Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Extra Thick Rainbow Foam Playmat

Wonder Mats create a soft and safe environment for child development and playtime. As parents, we understand the importance of health and safety as first priority when it comes to our children. Our foam mats are made from non-recycled and non-toxic materials which provide vibrant, bold and consistent colors. They are extra thick and soft to help reduce impact and provide comfort as our children learn to walk, run and play. Lastly, the high density of our mats is designed so children cannot bit off or ingest pieces of the mats. Wonder Mat’s quality matches the peace of mind our customers receive.

Main features

  • 36 piece 1ft x 1ft interlocking Wonder Mats in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue. Creates 36 square feet per set. Set up in seconds with easy do-it-yourself interlocking mats
  • Wonder Mat’s unique soft surface pattern is designed for children with sensitive skin while its texture provides grip
  • Its ~9/16″ of an inch thick exceeding the minimum protection requirement for children. Mats are waterproof and easy to clean with damp cloth and mild soap
  • Made from non-recycled, not-toxic, light weight, durable, lead free and high density EVA. Lasts up to 10 years under proper care
  • Passed CPSC standards, including tests and 53 substances of very high concern including toxicity report. Test reports will be provided upon request

Verified reviews


Rainbow mats are nice-but possible over-priced due to thickness

The rainbow mats are great and do exactly what is needed of them for us and that is to cushion our 13 month olds falls as he learns to walk like a super star. The reason I gave it 3 stars is more for the price being higher than others than anything else. Now, the reason the price is higher is probably because they tout that these are 5/8″ thick vs. others that are 3/8″ inch thick.While I would prefer the thickness, I have these interlocked with others that are 3/8″ and it doesn’t appear to make a bit of difference in cushioning baby’s fall. They both do a great job.This is an outstanding product, so don’t get me wrong, but if you are outfitting a whole garage like we are-the cost adds up so it should be strongly considered when looking at the value of 3/8″ vs. 5/8″. Our baby loves them both!

Sharon Auburn, MI

Way, way overpriced

Seriously, get the cheap ones. These are a little thicker and fit together better than the cheap ones, but at 1/4 the price, the others serve their purpose. In addition, my shipment was missing 2 tiles. These were bright and cheery, but I returned them in favor of TWO complete sets of slightly thinner tiles from a big box store–and I STILL paid half the price.

Hallie Greenway, AR

Good buy, great for play area

We have carpeted floors (not very cushy carpet though) and I got this mat mainly to protect my son’s skin from rugburn (he’s an army crawler) and to protect his head when he fell back from sitting up. The mat isn’t as soft and squishy, so it doesn’t protect his head from falls anymore than the carpet would – although this would probably be a really good option for someone with hardwood or tile floors.The quality seems very durable and the pieces don’t come unlocked after being stepped on. The mats do have a few scratch marks from fingernails and my dog’s claws, but they’re just surface scratches, not a big deal. The mat isn’t really grippy like a yoga mat, it’s more on the smoother side. The mat does have a design on it that’s probably supposed to keep it from being really slippery. No slipping or sliding so far as my son is learning to cruise on furniture.I have this laid out in our family room and the nice thing about it is that the mat doesn’t have to stay rectangular. I can piece it together to fit around furniture. Even on carpet, the pieces stay together very nicely, they don’t pop up or come apart. It’s easy to keep clean, I just wipe down once a week with bleach water and a towel. We’ve had a few throw-up accidents and it was so nice that I could just wipe the area clean instead of having to break out the steam cleaner had we been playing directly on the carpet.I actually ordered 2 of these mats at different times. The first set had 6 colors – red, blue, yellow, green, orange & purple (6 squares of each color). I liked it so much that I got a second set within the next month to expand our playzone and only received 5 colors (minus the purple) and the shades of the colors were slightly different. Past complaints was that it came in a huge box – both times the boxes were big enough to hold just the mats, so they must have fixed that issue. There’s a mat set where you can get a border to make the edges straight (instead of it looking like an unfinished puzzle on the edge), but that doesn’t bother me at all.Great buy, would recommend.

Erica Rich Hill, MO

Works great as play floor but does not come with edge pieces

We love this mat, it is easy to clean, dust and dirt came right off with swiffer and just used a damp paper towel with soap and water to scrub any sticky spots. We have hardwood floors and in our living room we had a 5 by 7 rug, the problem with this was now that baby is getting ready to crawl his mouth was on the rug and weird rug fibers were all over his mouth and hands. This provides a nice cushion to the wood floors, but it can still hurt if your head slams against it, unfortunately I found out first hand. I love how easy it is to clean. I would give it 5 stars, but this set does not come with the edge pieces which is inconvenient, not a deal breaker, but a pain nonetheless.One more thing, it is pretty durable. I was able to do yoga on top of this, I placed my yoga mat on top of the foam mats, and all of the pieces seems to stay locked together. I was pretty impressed. So are, we are very happy with it.

Josephine Kesley, IA

Fantastic puzzle mats for babies – no smell

I cannot tell you how many puzzle mats that I’ve tried that have that awful rubber smell. These mats did not have the smell at all for me. Our 6 month old loves crawling on the surface and I like how there are not smaller puzzle pieces that they could possible choke on. I actually bought another mat that I thought was just a generic puzzle mat but then I read the instructions and it said it was for 2 year old and up. Anyways, these puzzle pieces are just large pieces so nothing to worry about them choking so I would highly recommend!

Paula Nora, IL

great mats!

I am glad I didn’t skimp on these mats – they are very thick and brightly colored. My toddler and infant like to play on them and they are very easy to clean up.

Barbara Dunmor, KY

Excellent product. I’ve just ordered more

We bought this product for 2 reasons. Firstly we wanted to protect our 15 month old on the wooden floors in our house and secondly to protect the floor. This was one of the few options I found where the tiles did not have removable inserts. With an active small person there would have been no point in having tiles where he could remove part of it. I was very pleased with the selection of tiles and the various package sizes you can get.The tiles are very robust and we have had no issues with slipping, or smell. I have found these good value for money. My son loves sitting on them and I have ordered further packages.

Isabelle Canton, SD

Very satisfied

I had researched many different mats for my son to play on. We have hardwood floors so I wanted to make sure the mats I selected had a lot of cushion to them. I also had read many reviews on other products about peeling mats or mats with strong odors, or mats that had smaller pieces that could be removed and that would pose potential problems. This product had none of those things. They are very easy to keep clean and I am very happy with this purchase.

Mariana Napoleon, MI

Great size, perfect space for baby

I use this mat to help protect my 5 month old from those spills he takes while trying to learn to sit, crawl, and other baby things 🙂 It’s enough to cushion his fall so that he doesn’t cry (except maybe from surprise!).It’s very easy to clean: I vacuum it with my Dyson Animal (rollers turned off) and then wipe down with a vinegar and water solution. The only minor problem is that when my cat walks over it, sometimes her nails cause little holes, though I’m sure I’d have this problem with any mat.Overall, I highly recommend.

Anne Little Rock, AR

Provides a little cushion for our adventurous baby

Our little daredevil isn’t able to conk her head quite as hard with these mats on the floor. Also, when she makes a mess, I can pull up a square or two and wash them in the sink.

Traci Seven Springs, NC

i guess it’s ok

I was looking for something for my 6-month old to play on and chose wonder mats bc it was the only option without popping out letters/numbers/animals/etc and according to the reviews it didn’t have chemical smell. Well, it didn’t smell, and it was very important to me. Easy to keep clean.New parents, be aware that if your baby falls head down on this mat from a sitting position (at six month- about every 15-30 min), he/she will cry bc mats are kind of hard. I tried myself to fall on it from a sitting baby’s height and it hurts. It doesn’t mean that mats are not good, it means you will need to create some extra cushioning for your little one if he/she can’t sit unattended.Also, for some reason blue tiles are slightly thinner than all other colors. Very weird.Overall recommend it to crazy parents who are ready to pay double to get mats without plastic smell.

Lavonne Stoneboro, PA

Thick and easy to clean

Thick tiles and easy to clean. Shaped them to fit under the play yard and so far (two months) have been holding up great!

Leticia Central City, PA


I have hard floors and carpeting only in a couple rooms. As soon as my son started pulling himself up on the couches, I had to figure something out. These are great! The are light weight and put together and take apart easily. As he gets older it will be fun making designs with these. Comfy to sit on the floor with my son too now verses on the hardwood. Because of my large dogs, I have to take it apart daily and it is quick and simple!

Rosella Muncy Valley, PA

Excelent product!

My baby is learning to walk and this has saved her from a lot of hard falls!I love it!

Janie Bonners Ferry, ID

No More Bonkin’ Heads

My son started banging around town when he learned to pull himself to standing, and we have tile floors. We needed something to pad his falls so he’d stop hitting his head so much, and these work great. They’re nice and thick and not so bright as to be annoying.

Elva Newark, NJ

love them

they smell a little but after a while it’s gone they small 12X12 so 36 pieces it’s ok for a not big surface. my 6 month baby can play on it without worry of the thickness of it . i put a sheet on top of it for her to don’t put her mouth on it …

Lourdes Northfield, OH

Great play area for baby!

I ordered this for my daughter’s Christmas gift when she was a month old. Now, 8 months old, she loves playing on these colorful tiles. I love them because they are super easy to clean with a Swiffer or wipe with a Magic Erase (Mr. Clean) and unlike a blanket or carpet, it doesn’t bunch up when she crawls on it. The firmer surface is great for her toys (they stay level, she can move toys with wheels on them, etc.) and I can see this continuing to work well as she grows. Also love that the tiles easily come apart and can be hidden under the couch, etc. when you want to turn the space back into a grown-up area (if company is coming over, etc.) or if you want a smaller or larger area. Can’t say enough good things about this product!

Tisha West Lebanon, NY

Life Saver!

We have all hardwood floors in our home and wanted to have a designated place for our son to play. We purchased these when he was born and used only half the box. Now that he is almost 6 months old…we need more! It allows him to play in the living room, gives a sturdy but soft surface to sit-up, roll around and practice crawling. I wish they were a bit more cushy – we double up on them but they are as soft as we thought they would be. With hardwood floors, more cushion the better. Our baby is a bit on the short side, we use this under his jumparoo too so he can touch the floor. Much better than jumping directly on the hardwood. Love them and will buy more!

Kerry Mc Dougal, AR