Wonderworld Hexi Twist Squeeze Toy

Wonderworld Hexi Twist Squeeze Toy

Wonderworld Hexi Twist Squeeze Toy

Main features

  • Bright multi-colored wooden baby toy
  • Twists and rotates
  • Helps to develop hand-eye coordination
  • For ages 3 months and up
  • Made from rubberwood, non-toxic water based paints as well as biodegradable fabrics

Verified reviews


one of the most useless toys I bought..

Heavy and chunky, not too interesting. My baby didn’t like it at all. Maybe it’s different from baby to baby, but for the price this was not a great toy.

Vivian Ermine, KY

Great toy

Great quality – does not look like paint will be able to chip (a semi-common problem I have with wooden toys). Not heavy at all like one reviewer said…yeah your kid might hit themselves inthe head once in a while….but that happens with plastic toys, too – and in my opinion causes just as much of a fuss. Wood is not super soft, so I would imagine it should hold up to teething farily well (this is for baby #3 due in July…our others are too old to test it out for me at 3 and 19 months). Love the colors – exactly as pictured. Does NOT look like a child could pinch their fingers inthe toy…one reviewer mentioned being concerned about that…I don’t think it’s possible.

Ivy Ohiowa, NE

Its pretty good!

Not my child’s favorite, but he still likes it very much. Makes nice rattling sounds, can pull apart slightly due to elastic, is durable I dont’ fear it breaking, is brightly colored. Cute, easy to grasp for little hands!

Alma Appleton, NY

wooden teether

My 5mo enjoys this. Definitely a good buy.It is heavy though, but the more she plays with it the better she gets at holding it. better fit for a sitting up baby because of how heavy it is.

Estelle South West City, MO

One of our favorite toys

Very well constructed toy that is easy to wash and no paint chipping. Received it when baby was about 6 weeks and still playing with it at 9 months.

Jennie Kerrville, TX

Baby boy loves this

My five month old really likes this toy, he enjoys shaking it and chewing on it. It makes a pleasant sound when rattled so I don’t get annoyed. Easy to wash also, just don’t soak it.

Abby Wallingford, IA

One of the favorites.

I bought this when the baby was 2 months not realistic but by 3 months she started to hold toys and became interested in this and now at 4 1/2 its one of her go-tos. It’s not a light toy – it’s wood and it sometimes makes her cry when she hits herself in the face with it but she gets over it pretty quickly and goes back to twirling and sucking on. I would suggest this toy for 4 months and older. Well made. Lovely colors. I was going to give 4 stars because of the weight of the toy but then realized I would have bought it anyways if I picked it up at a store and so I should and did give it 5 stars.

Mia Autaugaville, AL