Wonderworld Peek-a-boo Ball

Wonderworld Peek-a-boo Ball

Wonderworld Peek-a-boo Ball

Main features

  • Bright blue wooden baby toy with multi-colored faces
  • Smiling faces pop in and out when the ball is rolled
  • Helps to develop hand-eye coordination
  • For ages 12 months and up
  • Made from rubberwood, non-toxic water based paints as well as biodegradable fabrics

Verified reviews


RACQUETBALL sized…hard to manipulate

This is the size of a racquetball and the little pieces (those little heads are about the size of a pencil end) will only come out from gravity – meaning they only pop out on the side that is facing away from the baby!

Rene Bradford, VT

Choking Hazard

I wanted to love this but sadly it went in the trash this past weekend. The product is meant for 12 months and up but Amazon has their own “choking hazard” warning stamped on the product page stating the toy is suitable for 3 years and up. I suppose I should have taken more notice. When this toy arrived, I opened the box to find one of the rings had fallen out and one of the little smiley face figures was rolling around at the bottom of the box. I put it back together, thinking it was sturdy and dropped it on the floor several times to see if it would come apart again. It didn’t. However, if I tugged a little on it the ring would come out and with it, the smiley figure. So unfortunately, this cute little toy just went in the trash because it really is a choking hazard, per Amazon’s warning. I do not recommend buying this toy 🙁

Alba Twin Mountain, NH

Smaller Than Expected but Still Acceptable

My baby loves this toy. She likes to roll it out and watch the pegs pop out. It is made of durable, sturdy wood and won’t break. My only complaint is that it is only about the size of a tennis ball. The picture on Amazon makes it look bigger than that. It’s cute but I did think it should be cheaper considering the size of it.

Inez Mineral Point, WI

Introduce early but don’t expect baby to be into it until about 8 months

This toy is both fascinating and frustrating for my child. It is a great way to help your baby reach out and fine tune some motor skills. It took about 2 months for my baby to figure out how to grab this toy effectively and I’ve used it to motivate him to move. But it may frustrate your baby, too, so be prepared to be calm and soothing. Frustration is actually an important part of learning so don’t be tempted to help your baby too much — just allow him to try and then help out before he gets really upset!

Veronica Clayton, DE

1 year old Nephew loves this!!

My brother and his family are a very “green” family! They loved this gift. They are so hard to shop for because you want it to be environmentally friendly yet still fun for the kids! My nephew loved it and it passed my brother’s “green” test! YAY! I recommend this gift!

Beverley Brookesmith, TX

dangerous choking hazard. parents please do not buy.

I bought this peek-a-boo ball for my then 5-month-old because I thought it was cute and it would be fun for my daughter to manipulate and roll around. We had played with it less than 5 times when one of the circular wooden pieces just fell off along with the little head!Attached is a picture. I am so thankful that my 5-year-old noticed it and brought it to me. My baby would have definitely put this in her mouth and choked on it. 🙁 I will definitely be contacting Wonderworld about this product. They really should take toy off of the market. Parents, please do not buy this toy.

Sonia Wyatt, MO


Fun and colorful! I predict this will get tons of use as time goes on, as it’s already becoming a fast favorite for my 6.5 month old. High quality and very cute.

Bettye Baudette, MN

Much smaller than anticipated, but good for little hands.

Great for a baby getting into crawling, tough because it is tiny and because it will roll under anything. Simple, easy.

Essie Knoxville, GA

Good product!

Great product. Good quality. Bought it for my 6 month old, and she just loved it! Now she is 22 months old and still uses it sometimes as a relaxation toy, it helps her to fall asleep.

Rachael Tennent, NJ

One of my son’s favorite toys

I got this for my son’s first birthday and it was an instant hit. He loves to chase this ball around the house! The little “people” that pop out as it rolls makes it more exciting than a regular ball.

Chelsey Maybee, MI

small ball

I guess I didn’t read the specs on this one. Really small ball. My one year old boys can’t find half the time. Dont think I would buy again.

Edna Big Cabin, OK

FUN but…

It is very nice toy and really fun to look at it and play with it.Just it doesn’t keep my son’s attention for very long (maybe 1 minute at most).

Tori Biggsville, IL

Perfect wooden toy

I was looking for a bouncing ball that’s a little bigger than this one for my 1 year old daughter, but this one caught my attention. I had not noticed the size in the description but after reading the reviews, realized that it was much smaller than what I was looking for. I loved the idea of the little head popping in and out with gravity so I got it for her. It is small but I don’t think it’s too small. It fits perfectly in a little one’s hand who just learned to walk. My daughter loves to walk around holding it in her hand. She’s only had it for a week (early Christmas present) and it’s one of her favorite toys. She’s fascinated with the little heads and just loves to hold it. It’s very well made, cute and unique. I highly recommend it!

Sydney Jefferson, NY

Small and Cute

My son loves to chase rolling balls around the house so I thought this would be perfect for him. Its about the size of a tennis ball and has tiny heads that pop out when rolled. I think I might like it more than him right now, he is only eight months but I think he will appreciate this ball a little more as he gets older. I love that its wood and painted with non-toxic paint cause you know how babies will put everything in their mouth. Is a bit pricey but I feel this ball will last and become a favorite soon.

Freda Pineville, AR


This thing is so DARN CUTE! It’s perfect! It keeps my baby occupied while I change her, dress her, etc & my preschooler loves it too. It’s been dropped on the floor and rolled about and not chips to the paint either! GREAT TOY!

Bonita Cobden, IL

Great toy

While this is smaller than I expected (though that is probably my fault for not paying attention to the size dimensions), my son loves this. He is 8 months, and it is the perfect size for his little hands. It rolls nicely and the little heads popping out keep his attention.

Grace Branch, AR

unique toy

Wonderworld toys are made in China but certified to be sold in the EU and USA so I decided to take my chances since EU standards are higher. The paint and material are made with non-toxic materials so I decided to add it to our daughter’s wish list for Christmas.The toy was smaller then expected-I should have read the reviews on it…but otherwise it’s a nice toy. I continue to change out the toys that I give our daughter to play with so this toy, like her others, seems new to her again. I think the little pegs playing peek a boo is cute plus the ball is small enough for her to grasp and play with.

Lacey Big Rock, IL

I don’t fully trust this

We have decided that this is a toy he only gets to play with under close watch because if it broke there would be chocking hazards. On the up side it is very entertaining for him he loves it and the clacking noise it makes as he rolls it down the wood floors.

Ingrid Saxeville, WI

Have owned two!

All three of my kids loved this ball as babies. My 3 and 4 year old still find it interesting. Great for encouraging crawling!

Kaitlyn Silverthorne, CO

Small and super cute!

My 7 month old loves it! Yes its small but it really rolls across the room. The little faces are adorable. Good size for baby to pick up and explore.

Tamara Holland, KY

What is it about this toy?

My son (8 months) LOVES it. At 7 months, it was a bit frustrating because he could not eat the little “people” who pop out, but now (8 months) he loves to throw this ball around the living room and “crawl” or scoot after it. A cheap and nice quality wood toy that encourages crawling. genious!

Jordan Evans, CO

cute until it came apart, then a hazard

I bought this seven months ago for my daughter (and for a playmate’s birthday party). It gets five stars for being cute and produced responsibly, two stars because it is so heavy when thrown, and zero stars because it just came apart on my kitchen floor, ejecting one of the little peek-a-boo characters, which is wooden and about the size of a foam earplug. Possible choking hazard, but luckily my baby is not one of those to stick every single thing in her mouth. If yours is, I’d be careful. This should be assembled using something more permanent than wood glue.

Mae Daingerfield, TX

Very entertaining for my 1 yr old

I’m giving the product 5 stars because my kid loves it and because the product is as described. For those who decided to skip over the product information, here is something to consider:Product Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches ; 3.2 ouncesYes, that is less than 2 1/2″ in diameter. It is a very small ball. Someone said tennis ball sized, but I’d say smaller than that even. Its just big enough for a baby to hold in their hands.It is all wood and painted, and it is ridiculously entertaining for some reason. I got this ball for my son because he’s teething and nearly inconsolable; this ball gave me a few hours of non-screaming baby to enjoy, and its a really simple toy for him to play with. I love it because my kid loves it.

Shelby Collinsville, TX

Great for older baby 9 mths +

My baby didn’t really get into this ball until he was about 9 months. I bought it for him at 6 months but he only played with it for a moment the first day and not really since then. Now he loves rolling it back and forth with daddy and gets a real kick out of it. It’s small and perfect for his little hands. Best part is I know it’s safe so if he does happen to stick it in his mouth for a chop, I don’t need to worry. Super cute toy, great for curious little ones as they will love trying to figure out where those little heads keep going every time they turn it over.

Patrica Fairfield, TX

Perfect just the way it is!

Yes, this ball is about the size of a tennis ball but it’s for little ones! And I agree with one reviewer that the dimensions are in the description. Besides, I don’t believe the size of the toy determines if a child will enjoy it or not. Well, my son and I just love this ball. It does something interesting rather than just a plain old ball. He notices when the little faces come out and we just roll this around the floor all the time. It was a great motivator in teaching him to sit up on his own. It’s very durable and I think the size is perfect for his hands and it makes it easy to travel with. It rolls smoothly on hard floors and carpets. There’s no sharp edges anywhere so I feel safe letting him chew on it or if he’s by himself. We’re very happy with this product.

Vicki Tilton, IL