Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls Natural Fabric Softener, 3 Count

Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls Natural Fabric Softener, 3 Count

Woolzies are pure the highest quality handmade new zealand wool dryer balls without any fillers, that soften your laundry naturally while getting rid of the chemicals from the conventional fabric softeners. Unlike the plastic dryer balls, they are pvc free and won’t fall apart or melt on you. Woolzies save time and energy by cutting down on drying time by an average of 25 percent per load. They also help reduce static and wrinkles.

Main features

  • Lasts for 1,000 loads
  • 100 percent pure new zealand wool
  • Softens naturally

Verified reviews


My laundry is softer! But these smell like a goats butt.

I’ve noticed that my laundry is nice and soft and bouncy. I haven’t noticed a decrease in drying time, but I also just got a new dryer, and I don’t think it’s quite as good as my old one. The only problem is that these things smell like a goats butt. Seriously. It says on the package that you can reduce static by washing these inside of a sock. I think I’m going to do that, and add some essential oil to the wash to get rid of this funky smell. It’s a natural smell (like wool), and it’s not extremely loud, but I don’t think it’s helping the smell of my laundry.

Millie Canute, OK

wool dryer balls changed my life

I hated the idea of using dryer sheets and the chemicals in them were not good for cloth diapers. But the static was so annoying when I didn’t use the dryer sheets! Luckily I came across these dryer balls which are awesome and get rid of all static naturally! I have no idea if they cut down on the time it takes to dry because I don’t really notice. But the static is gone.Note: I learned that you need about 6 dryer balls for maximum effectiveness.

Rhea Cole Camp, MO

Ok, but won’t be buying anymore of this brand.

I bought these since my daughter is in cloth diapers and I can’t use fabric softener. I have seen no difference in improved dry time. Also now that the weather is cooler we have MAJOR static issues which I thought this would help with and they haven’t. They make my laundry a little more fluffy but that is about it. Won’t be buying anymore of this brand.

Leona Lamar, IN

So happy I got these!

I’ve used other wool dryer balls and these were alot larger than I expected I use these with my cloth diapers to cut drying time and with very low heat it cut the drying time in more than half! I use 6 large balls for my load. I’m going to get more for regular laundry.

Regina Crater Lake, OR

love, love, love it!

Great product. I have completely stopped using dryer sheets and simply have no static since I bought these. I’ve now used the same 2 balls for about 2 months and so far so good.Love this product and highly recommend it.

Maryann Corbett, OR

Works great except for on “wicking” fabric

These are awesome for 90% of our wardrobe. Eliminates chemicals and expense of dryer sheets.However, if you have moisture-wicking performance wear, technical shirts from races, etc., you will have lots of static on these items when using these dryer balls. I usually just hang-dry these items to avoid the annoying clinging when I’m wearing my workout wear.Otherwise, they’re great!

Jessie La Plume, PA

Balls of Magic.

I’m a rather intelligent woman, I think….But for the life of me, I do not understand just HOW these wooly magic ball thingy’s work. They are made of WOOL? But why don’t they shrink like wool sweaters? Why does wool work as a fabric softener? Why are they just so darn enjoyable to look for in your pillowcase and pant legs after a dryer cycle? I just don’t know. I feel like I should write a thesis on these puppies. Well, while I’m doing that, I can tell you that they work amazingly well. They do their job with no fuss, nothing expected back in return, I know when I was looking into them I kept seeing people say that their puppies chase after them, well, by children chase after them! They literally argue about who can throw the balls back into the dryer. Why didn’t I discover these before? Why aren’t they more readily available? Why aren’t there super bowl ads put out for them? They really should be famous. Way famous. You should buy them before those Tibetian monks realize just what they are making is really magical. I’m so glad I did.

Evelyn Hebron, OH

Very happy and pleasantly surprised with these dryer balls

I bought these as a way to fluff up my babywearing wraps made of cotton and hemp. After seeing their performance, I started using them in regular loads and have been pleasantly surprised to see they do in fact reduce drying time and fluff clothing up nicely! The only thing to know is that you do periodically need to wash them. After a few months of use, they start to lose effectiveness and cause a great deal of static. A wash will bring them back to new though!

Lilia Oxford, NJ

Simple and effective

These decreased the dryer time I needed for my cloth diapers and have eliminated the need for dryer sheets. They’re simple to use and effective. I use 6 balls (2 packages) for large loads.

Krystal Merrifield, VA

Great dryer balls!

I love these dryer balls. I use 2 packages, since I have a large dryer and usually have very full loads. My laundry does seem to dry faster than before and there is no unpleasant odor. I had been using the plastic dryer balls and began to notice pieces of plastic in my lint catcher–not good. These seem to be a great alternative.

Winifred West Ridge, AR


These work great to reduce wrinkles but not static. I’m going to stick with them to avoid using a fabric softener or dryer sheets, but I’m hoping the static is less in warmer/less dry months.

Valerie Ettrick, WI

A little noisy but do help with drying time

Our older dryer was taking longer and longer to finish a load and clothes seemed to be more wrinkled even if you got to them when the dryer stopped. I was also having some issues with my sensitive skin and regular fabric softener. These helped in both regards – they help keep the load moving around, preventing wrinkles and decreasing drying time. I now use a little vinegar in the fabric softener cup in the washer, and these help soften the clothes as well. The only issue is that yes, they do sometimes bang around in there. But I’m usually a floor or two away from the laundry room when it’s running, and it’s mostly white noise anyway.

Laurel Buffalo Prairie, IL

Do What They Say

I was skeptical about ordering these but THEY WORK. We purchased them to help dry our cloth diapers and I am considering ordering them for gifts for my Mom and Grandmother!

Jean Moosup, CT

I actually do see a difference in my drying time with these balls but make sure you buy the 5 ball version for bigger loads!

I was skeptical of these dryer balls but the background for us is that we have a front load dryer and usually for a normal size load of towels, I usually use the pre-set for 40 min and they are still a little damp so I put another 10 minutes on. However with the dryer balls I do not need to add the extra time! I originally bought this 3 dryer ball set but realized after that for anything but a small load you need at least 5 balls so just go ahead and buy the 5 ball set!

Michele Auburndale, WI

Okay but not great

These dryer balls cut down drying time but do not do a good job of reducing static cling. I was hoping to eliminate the use of dryer sheets but am not able to with these dryer ball… even for small loads.

Tameka Sanford, CO

nice natural dryer balls

I haven’t seen a huge reduction in static, however, they get the job done and I like knowing they are natural vs. the plastic ones I had in there before!

Corine Henryville, IN

These are great!

These are great! All natural, non toxic and safe. I use a few drops of essential oils on mine to make my laundry smell wonderful. Saves on energy costs too…I highly recommend! I’ll never go back to dryer sheets. I wish they came in bigger packs, maybe 8-10 per box? Otherwise I have no complaints!

Rosemarie Fayette, MO


it does help in the drying time, rduce it by 10 minutes or so.. but it doesn’t help with the static

Milagros Rubicon, WI

So far so good

I was using plastic dryer balls before and they started to break down and look like they were melting with the dryer heat. This ones make me feel a little bit safer as they are natural. I also think that they help cut down the drying time but just a little bit (10 m max).On a side note, if you still use liquid fabric softeners, I can say that my clothes are comfortably soft without them.

Etta Grenloch, NJ

Does what it’s supposed to

Helps with drying time, makes clothes softer, no loud noises, no weird smells. I’m getting more as Christmas gifts! Highly recommended!

Mari Dixon, WY

Great for cutting costs!

I was skeptical of using these. But they work amazing well! I loved the tip of putting essential oil on the wool balls and having them scent your clothing that way. It works amazing!! Also completely cut down on my cost of buying dryer sheets constantly. I have a large family therefore I go through a lot of laundry soap and dryer sheets. I no longer will be buying dryer sheets. These are great.

Esmeralda Emmet, AR

Great alternative!

These balls are awesome! I recently switched from the rubber Nelly Balls to these and have noticed a significant difference.The balls are quite large and really tight/heavy which is good. After learning the negatives about dryer sheets (leaving residue on clothing, used to kill mice!, extra chemicals I don’t need to add to my life), we moved to the rubber dryer balls for awhile. Those worked fine, but still produced some static (nothing worth going back to dryer sheets for) and the rubber nubs started to come off. They would also sometimes get stuck (or so it seemed) in the dryer and squeal as the drum rotated. Since they were rubber, they were also a little noisy.Then we got these Woolzies dryer balls. They are quiet and I notice a significantly less amount of static than with the rubber balls. It seems as though the biggest difference was when we first used them – and I’m starting to get a little more static in our clothes – but still, nothing that makes me want to go back to dryer sheets.I just toss 3 of these in with a load and leave them in my dryer when not in use. My laundry dries quickly and thoroughly and I don’t miss the scent of ‘clean’ (chemically produced!) laundry.

Tasha Wallingford, KY

Woolzies 3XL Wool Dryer Balls

I had tried making my own home-made version of wool dryer balls using natural wool yarn, but they did not last very long (came unraveled after a few months) and they ‘shed’ little wool fibers all over the clothes. They did however work well as far as helping the clothes dry faster and softening the clothes as they dried. These Woolzies dryer balls are better – bigger than the ones I made, they won’t unravel as it is felted wool, and there is very little ‘shedding’ of the wool fibers. I will be buying another set to maximize their potential in helping to dry and soften my clothes. While they do not eliminate static electricity from your clothes they do minimize it, and I feel better knowing my family is not being exposed to the chemicals that store-bought fabric softeners are loaded with.

Heidi Suches, GA

Works Great but NOT XL

I had ordered the busy bee wool balls previously and LOVED them so much I wanted to order more. I figured I would just order these 3 "XL" balls instead of 6 reg size. however these are the same size. But they do work just as good of course and come in a nice box so I figured I will order these for my sisters for Xmas and the other ones for myself.

Francis Palermo, ND