Woombie Convertible Swaddle Blanket, Vented, Sky Blue, 0-3months

Woombie Convertible Swaddle Blanket, Vented, Sky Blue, 0-3months


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Convertible Woombie is amazing!

We had been trying to wean our daughter off of being swaddled with little to no success for weeks before getting this woombie. With the snapping arm holes we were able to unsnap one snap on each side every few nights so she could get the feel of having her arms exposed gradually. After a couple weeks we had her completely unsapped and she was able to wiggle her arms out on her own during the night. She is now sleeping with her arms unswaddled like a champ. This was a night saver! 🙂

Sheri Langeloth, PA

Wish I had known about woombie from the beginning

These things are amazing. My daughter always broke out of blankets and even the Velcro swaddlers. When she started rolling I knew it wasn’t safe to swaddle her anymore but she would NOT sleep otherwise and I was going crazy. A friend recommended woombie and I love so much about it: it is stretchy unlike the other brands of swaddlers, it zips so she can’t get out, and she can feel all cozy with arms out. It has been a real sanity saver! But get several in case they all need washing (we have had some terrible days when they all get pooped on) and know that they do shrink even on low heat.

Alfreda Hillsboro, GA

Where was this with my first??

If i ever have another baby, i am stocking up on these things. Hands-down THE best swaddle out there. Very snug, very safe, and it totally works. I can’t thank you enough for the sleep!Also – great customer service. Super fast shipping.

Cornelia Millinocket, ME

Well built & functional!

Rarely write reviews as it takes time away from well… other cool endeavors. But, my wife and I are totally psyched on day two of use – or night two more specifically. We have swaddled our little girl from the get go – using swaddle blankets are first, then a woombie infant, a halo sleep sack/swaddle (which we loved up until 3 mo) and then we decided to attempt to transition away from the swaddle at 4mo. Did not go well! Unless you think waking up every 2 hours to calm a baby is your thing? We prefer to visit less at nite with our daughter and this woombie convertible does the trick. The mega size allows for our 4mo 18lb baby to have some room to stretch but is tight enough to give her the comforting sensation she needs to sleep at night. And prior to going down for sleep or immediately upon waking up her arms can be freed if she so desires. Access is easy, the construction is solid, especially the buttons that close the arms holes off. Overall, this is a great product that will last us another 3 months – the stretchy material allows for some growth. Our little girl loves to be able to put her hands together while sleeping – and this swaddle allows for it – and also keeps her tightly swaddled. You can’t go wrong with this product. By the way, my wife and I were not fans of the infant style woombie – just seemed a strange fit to us at the time. Looking back it probably would have worked fine but we preferred the Halo brand at that stage. Here’s to more sleep!

Socorro Cresson, TX

love it, glad I went a size up

My 4 month old started rolling to her side and I had to slowly train her to sleep with arms free. This allows her to move her arms inside without scratching her face or pulling her hair. And you can unsnap the buttons one by one to slowly let your baby go arms free. Easier transition!She is 14.5lb and I am glad I got the mega baby size. It does shrink just a little bit after washing and drying, but she seems more comfortable in the bigger size. Also allowing her to move her arms inside.

Eleanor Elmo, UT

Love it!

I have a 9 month old baby. We started out with swaddleme swaddles from day 1. They worked great and we loved them. Then at about 3 months my little guy started sucking his thumb so we continued to use the swaddle, but only swaddled his chest and left his arms out…worked fine until he stopped sucking his thumb when he got teeth! Then he used his arms to un-Velcro himself! He was up all.the.time! Then I found woombie at 9 months when my son has now learned to stand and pull up…his arms flail in his sleep which startle him awake and he remembers he can stand. Woombie is THE BEST SWADDLE EVER. I wish I would have started with it. I love that it is zippered…so no unintentional getting out of it and ending up wearing a swaddle cape…it’s WAY easier to get even a 23lb wiggle worm into it because arms do not need to be “pinned down.” It’s great even for stomach sleepers because he can move his arms enough to not have to lay on them all night, but not enough to startle himself awake. I have had this for 2 days and its already my new favorite product. So much so, I ordered two more. I feel like this is perfect for older babies because its not so so so tight that they are “stuck”…but rather, just tight enough where they can still move, but feel safe. Definitely love this swaddle more than I thought I could love a swaddle. If you are on the fence about getting one, try it….you won’t be disappointed.

Robin Beeson, WV

Nice product, baby doesn’t agree

After our little boy outgrew his other swaddling blanket, we decided to give this product a try. It’s well made, and very easy to use. The fabric is lightweight and stretchy, everything we expected. The only problem is that it allows just enough arm movement to really annoy and frustrate our baby. There is no escaping this swaddle (which he had mastered with the other blanket), and he spends the whole night squirming and fighting trying to get his arms out. Fortunately, we got the convertible version so now we are just using it as a sleep sack. Maybe if we had used the woombie from the start it would have worked as intended. Not the product’s fault, just bad timing and a very persistent baby!

Callie Parks, AZ

Perfect Swaddle

Butchers wife here…We have tried several swaddling products including the larger muslin blankets, swaddling blankets, as well as the precut swaddles. Our son is 11 weeks old now and almost ready to sleep swaddle free. Here is my run down of the product:Pros:-provides the option of arms swaddle or unswaddled and the snaps are strong enough there is no risk of the baby opening the arm holes;-allows the baby some movement and mobility but still gives the baby the coddled feeling;-the bottom up and top down zipper allows for easy diaper changes in the middle of the night (the others with velcro scare my child when opening no matter how gentle we were with velcro)-the material is the perfect weight to go over a light sleeper and keep baby comfortable;-stretches with the baby and allows the childs arms to be at his/her side or on their chest;-safe – does not ride up or come unswaddled leaving bulky material near your childs face (our experience was the “blankets” or pre-cut swaddle products put the childs arms at their side and the child can lift up their arms which makes the material ride up around their neck.)Cons:-allows for some movement(if your child needs its arms glued to its sides then this is not the product for you)-price- you should always have more than one on hand just in case of a middle of the night diaper leak but the price is a little high to have more than one or two.

Francisca Swords Creek, VA

Effective, safe swaddling

We unfortunately did not effectively swaddle our daughter at birth as she always managed to squirm free but I had been given a massive muslin which at 6 weeks I used to swaddle her. She doesn’t (never did and never will!) like her arms being restricted but when she’s tired (and she can resist going to sleep) her arms flail all over the place continuing to keep her awake. The muslin worked, it kept her pinned down and I bought several more of the same brand. However as she got bigger she managed to squiggle her arms out of them which we didn’t mind, but it was becoming dangerous as the swaddle would end up round her neck. We bought the convertible with patterns as the Woombie website states that it mimics the Houdini (which we also have) and although she still screams when she’s put in it (maybe we should have used this from the start) she’s snug and we don’t have to worry about it riding up. During the dream feed we lower the zip a couple of inches so that she can work her arms free during the night which she likes. She’s 4 months now and I will start freeing one arm in the convertible to get her used to having her arms out but I think the product is great. It is expensive though and I do agree you need more than one which can make you wince, but it works!

Catalina Hartshorn, MO

I love this!

My daughter has been swaddled from day one and she loves it. Unfortunately, she started rolled from back to belly so I had to transition her and let her sleep with her arms out. She still sleeps with this at 7 months and I am purchasing more as she is almost out of this size. Way better thank a sleep sack!

Hannah Castleberry, AL

Good quality product

Our 6 month old daughter still likes to be swaddled. This swaddle is nice to touch, high quality, has a zipper that is easy to use. You can pull one a both hands if needed out.

Rosario East Ryegate, VT

Awesome product

This product helped our swaddle-loving baby to sleep 13 or more hours a night. I have managed to get her out of it because she barely fits now at 22.5 lbs, but I used it for some transcontinental flights recently to keep her swaddled up in the bassinet on the plane, and it worked fantastically. We were thrilled when she slept for 9 hours of the flight (even slept through multiple announcements and other loud things), leaving mom and dad to enjoy the inflight entertainment and snacks!

Susana Bovey, MN


we used this constantly when our little one discovered that they could wriggle out of swaddles, but were still too small to have their arms loose at night. When baby could roll over we simply popped the arm snaps open and continued to use it.

Clarissa Hatfield, IN

Great swaddler!

I purchased this and could not be happier. I have the other one that is a size smaller too. My boy was getting too big and strong to keep in a regular swaddle me blanket so I decided to try the woombie and they were perfect! I love the zipper b/c he can’t break out of it and the material is stretchy so he can still move his arms a bit but still stays snug. I won’t say he sleeps completely through the night but he does sleep longer. And I sleep better knowing he hasn’t busted out where the swaddle me blanket used to cover his mouth up. This stays secure and closed.

Erika Bailey, CO

best shower gift

I buy the woombie for all shower gifts now. Everyone loves it. Makes it especially easy on husband’s who haven’t mastered the burrito wrap.

Elaine Townsend, VA

too small

I ordered the 5-13 lb. Woombie,but it was too small for my preemie baby. He was around 6 lbs when we tried to put it on him. It was almost impossible to zip, but more than that the neck hole once zipped would have choked him. Seriously,the neck hole is maybe 4" in diameter when the suit is zipped up. I was really disappointed but didn’t want to deal with returning it, so I donated it to the NICU. Buy a size bigger if you decide to purchase this item.

Rosalie Farmersville Station, NY

Too tight

Pros: nice material and colorCons: it is too small (the width), and the zip is too big; expensive for what you get

Mara Brocket, ND

Love it, so easy to use..

This would be my 3rd review of the woombie, so I will be short this time. Love, love, love this product for its ease of use.. I buy one now for all new moms I know.. Its just so awesome for swaddling and night time diaper changes..

Grace Bedminster, NJ

Wish I had tried this when baby was younger

Sigh. I really like the woombie. However, I have a 16 week old baby who is accustomed to sleeping in the miracle blanket. While we’ve been huge fans of the miracle blanket, we know he will have to get used to sleeping with his arms out at some point soon, as he seems interested in rolling over. We thought the convertible woombie was the answer, since it would allow him freedom to move his arms for the time being, and then when he was rolling over we could just undo the arm sections and allow him to sleep that way. Unfortunately, my son had other plans! He HATED the woombie. Screamed as if he was injured (which he wasn’t — neck wasn’t even tight on him as others have reported, and he’s a 95% for weight baby). He did go to sleep in it, but he woke up after 20 minutes completely furious and refused to go back to sleep. We tried him later with his arms out and he just wasn’t having it — he was exhausted, but totally irate at the notion of going to bed that way. We gave up and put the woombie away for now. I think we will have to transition him out of the miracle blanket slowly (leaving one arm out), but I’m not giving up on the woombie, as once he’s accustomed to sleeping with his arms out I think he’ll like sleeping in the bodice. It’s tight, but leaves enough room for the baby to wiggle. Seems like an easier transition than going right to a sleep sack, which is so loose. My friend’s baby of the same age LOVES the woombie, but she’s been using it since he was tiny. I wish we had tried it long ago, as it is easier to explain to alternate caregivers. Overall, it’s a great product, it just didn’t work for us (yet)!

Lauren Wharton, OH

neck is way too small and chokes baby!

I had heard such great things about the woombie and was so excited to use it but the neck is way too small and chokes baby! I would buy in an instant if there was a larger neck hole. My baby is 14 lbs and his neck isn’t oversized and it was waaaay too small. This is supposed to fit babies 14-19 lbs… bummer!

Karyn Stephens City, VA

he started sleeping happily on his side

I used the woombie to transition my son out of the Merlin suit (awesome from 3-5 months). He still needs that snug feeling to go to sleep, but it’s way too hot for the Merlin in the summer. Plus, it turns out he likes to sleep on his side and he couldn’t in the Merlin. As soon as we started using the woombie, he started sleeping happily on his side. It has made it much easier for him to put himself back to sleep in the middle of the night. The air vents are nice for summer time and the fabric is a really nice quality. My only suggestion would be to make the neck a little lower cut. The button flap for the zipper is so high that it looks sometimes like it’s pressing against his throat. When I check, it’s always fine, but it bothers me.

Kristie Yolyn, WV

This was a life saver!

The original Woombie and this convertible version are the only swaddles my baby couldn’t get out of. We tried a half a dozen different swaddle types and this is the omly one that worked for my baby.He loves the fact that he can move his arms around within the swaddle and I love that he no longer startles himself awake with flailing arms.

Claudette Monument, OR

Love love love

My daughter could not sleep without being swaddled. This was so great because it still kept her cocoon-like and held her hands doen but she could still pull the hands up and suck on them through the cloth.

Kimberley Norway, ME

perfect for in between

This was perfect for transitioning my daughter from swaddle to no swaddle. She could bring her hand to her mouth and start to learn to self-soothe.

Antoinette Somerset, CO


My baby loves this! She loves a tight swaddle. My husband can do it but i can’t. This is great for a perfect fit and she can’t get her arms out. It helps her sleep peacefully. I also love that when she decides she is done being swaddled I can use it as a sleep sack. this way, I don’t feel like I’m wasting my $.

Ashley York Springs, PA

Thin fabric for warmer climate

Nice thin fabric for warmer temperatures.A nice snug fit. Leg room provides little to no room for movement – in contrast to a sleep sack.

Dominique Bremo Bluff, VA

I wanted to like it, but….

This is an awesome concept: A sleep sack turned swaddle wrap with arm holes. My only complaint, which is a big one, is that the zipper is bulky and made a HUGE pucker and buldge and was uncomfortable under my son’s chin. The fabric is great though and I really wanted to like it. If Woombie made this with a little more give in the stretch and a smaller, better quality zipper, I may have kept the product and not sent it back.

Lynnette Morrow, LA

Gret for transition of baby who begins to move

My son could not handle the Swaddle me anymore and had a really hard time sleeping. This item was a great way to help transition him now that he is bigger and moving more at night. He can flip over and freely move in his crib without waking up every time.

Janell Groveport, OH