Woombie Deluxe Swaddling Blanket, Denim, Newborn 5-13 lbs

Woombie Deluxe Swaddling Blanket, Denim, Newborn 5-13 lbs

The Deluxe Woombie, stretchy peanut shaped baby swaddle-one step deisgn. No Origami required. Will not unravel like a blanket can, super easy to use and effective. 2 way zipper allows for easy swaddling and diaper changes. Mimicks the womb to provide the level of comfort baby experienced during gestation, helping to transition baby from womb to world easily. Patented design, 15 awards for design and innovation. Over a million happy customers and counting!

Main features

  • Zips up baby weighing 5-13 pounds
  • Wont Unravel
  • Moves with Baby
  • Hips can move
  • Breathable, Daycare approved

Verified reviews


Not as warm or supportive as the swaddleme

We’ve used the swaddleme for both of our children, and swear by it. The woombie is nice, but we prefer the swaddleme. Our daughter seems to be able to move a bit more in the woombie and wake up a bit sooner. On the other hand, I tend to not get the swaddleme fastened tight enough. The woombie is a bit more goof-proof. The woombie is also made of a thin knit, so it’s not as warm as the microfleece swaddleme. We tend to use the woombie for naps and the swaddleme at night when we want to make sure she stays asleep!

Bernadine Wynot, NE


I’ve heard wonderful things about the Woombie and decided that I must buy it to get my newborn to sleep better. She hated it! She was 7 pounds 11 ounces when she was born and I had a hard time zipping it up and getting it to fit properly. I was also concerned about the neck and how tight the fabric was around her. I was afraid she was going to strangle herself in it so I left it unzipped a little bit which allowed my little one to bust out of it. Overall this product did not work for me but I had already washed it, so I am stuck with it.

Marie North Newton, KS

New Moms this is totally worth it!

I am in the hospital now with my first baby and I am soooo glad we got the woombie. We found out right away she loves being swaddled and held tight. The nurses swaddle so fast and make it look so easy, but with a squirmy baby it can be tough to get it tight enough. The woombie makes it so much easier and usually calms her right away. I will be getting more and getting the next size up, totally worth it!

Simone Gordon, AL

Sizing is key

Our 3 month old is 12.5 pounds. We got the “big baby” size because the packaging and the product page say different weight ranges. One says that this size starts at 14 pounds and one at 11. However, 14 is more likely, as it is much too big! She can’t escape from this swaddle, it’s true, but it leaves her so much space for her arms to move around, she works herself into a frenzy. She isn’t securely held in, so she can never settle and only fights it. When we bought the smaller one, it was so so tight it was hard to get on. Sizing is key for this product, and there seems to be a mid-range in between the two sizes where neither is just right.

Cara Wyaconda, MO

not bad, not great

the hands travel up near the face pretty quickly and it snaps a little too tightly at the neck for my liking. we use this when the miracle blankets are in the wash. wish there was another better designed alternative that’s this easy.

Madelyn Thayne, WY


I received a Ballet Pink Ruffles Deluxe Woombie for free for my baby girl to try out and for me to review. She loves being swaddled, but I was concerned before that her blanket I was swaddling her with would come open and possibly block her airway somehow. I found the Woombie to be what I was looking for in a swaddler. The Deluxe Woombie has the advantage of being super cute, but unfortunately doesn’t come in the Convertable or Leggie styles. I think that this would be a great addition to their line and hopefully they will consider this. Since my daughter prefers to have her hands-free to suck on her fingers sometimes I unzip the top zipper a bit on this Woombie so that she has access to them. My little girl seemed to like the Woombie and fell asleep in it.

Dayna Maryville, TN

Some babies love it, some don’t

I purchased this thinking it was absolutely adorable (and, in-person, it is!) but I’ve found this to be a baby-specific item. Our baby doesn’t like having her arms restrained so this didn’t work for us. But some of our friends say that their babies love this!

Doris Kingston, NY

A really great product and worth trying

I really like this product even though it hasn’t been the miracle we hoped for. (We have settled with the Miracle Wrap for night time and longer sleeps) But if you have a baby that likes being swaddles (most do) then this is well worth a go. The material is soft, it washes and dries really well although not quickly along the zipper seam as it has more than one layer.(I have even dried mine on a low dryer temp and it was fine) It is quick and easy to use. It’s really easy to pop a sleeping baby inside it without waking it. It seems especially good for those babies that like to sleep with there hands upwards as opposed to down by their sides. I have the Houdini version with the two way zipper (a really great addition) but with the velcro neck. Would have preferred the button clasp but so far the velcro hasn’t caused us any problems. I do have a couple of cons which is why I have only given this 4 stars along with no liking the velcro fastener at the neck.Cons:-As the material is stretchy (and I have the Houdini version that is a tighter material than the original) my little one pushes her hands right up underneath her chin. As she starts off with a pacifier she does repeatedly knock it out with her balled up fists and we have to keep popping it back in. Once she’s asleep this is not a problem as she spits the pacifier out. If your baby doesn’t use a pacifier then this won’t be an issue.Again because the material is stretchy she has on more than one occasion worked her fingers up and out of the neck which has woken her up. This is when I pop it through the wash to help tighten up the material again.I do use the bag but only for day time naps when she sleeps for only one sleep cycle. If I know she needs a longer sleep I always wrap her in a Miracle Swaddle. This is great for babies who like to have their arms wrapped by their side (mine still does on preference) I will most likely begin using this bag full time once my little one no longer needs her arms by her side to sleep as I think it will make an excellent transition to sleep bags (Gro Bags).

Alfreda Craig, IA

Pretty good swaddle option

This product was effective at keeping my baby swaddled all night, which was important especially since he is a little Houdini who could break free of most normal swaddles. However, for some reason, this product makes it really easy for him to roll over onto his side. I find that the Miracle blanket is an awesome choice, and works better for us. We still use this product when the Miracle blanket is dirty, and I haven’t had a chance to wash.All in all, it’s a pretty good swaddle.

Alison Bluejacket, OK

Sort of like an infant straight jacket

We ordered this for our little one after using a fleece swaddle blanket by summer infants. Our little one loves to be tightly swaddled. I ordered this size because our baby is 9 pounds. After trying it on, I was surprised by how constricting it really is.There was absolutely no room for our baby to wiggle a bit. I expected it to be tight but not THAT tight. My husband made the remark that it was way too tight and resembled an infant straight jacket. Reluctantly, I said well lets try it and see. The minute I put baby in the cradle she started screaming & fussing. It was just TOO constricting. We agreed to send it back and order a new summer infant swaddler.

Adeline Masardis, ME

Inescapable swaddle; good for sleeping; prevents scratching

Pros:- Keeps baby swaddled and does not unravel.- Keeps baby from scratching face- Fairly easy to use- Machine washable- Fabric tab covers the zipper foot- Multiple sizes availableCons:- Sizes run slightly small- Pricier than a blanket- Possible rolling hazard. (See explanation in review below.)Neutrals:- Only one zipper that goes from legs to neck- Line drying recommended- Wish there was another size bigger than Mega baby.The Woombie saved my sanity and allowed me to sleep without worrying about a scratched-up baby.I found the Woombie when the baby was six months old, had outgrown or overcome other swaddling blankets, and was escaping 10 times a night. After putting the baby in the Woombie, the difference was amazing. Ten to 13 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I wish we found the Woombie a lot sooner.The second biggest advantage, besides the sleep, is that it keeps the baby from scratching her face, which is itchy from eczema. We’ve tried the Miracle blanket and other swaddling techniques, but the baby could escape those or lift the fabric, causing suffocation hazards. The baby cannot escape from the Woombie at all, as long as we are using the correct size.The biggest concern with any secure swaddling technique is if a baby has difficulty turning his head to the side or returning to his back while on his stomach. He could get stuck with his face down. (To temporarily deter movement and rolling for a few minutes, try securing the legs with a light blanket with ends tucked under the mattress.)A feature I would have liked, but am not sure how well it could be designed, is a two-way zipper so that I can change the diaper without freeing the arms.If all other swaddles don’t work for you, try the Woombie. If it doesn’t work, then probably not much else will.—9/4/2010 Update: The makers of the Woombie now sell variations of this swaddle. They now have two-way zippers that allow changing of the diaper without the baby’s hands getting loose. I bought the summer two-way zippers version several months ago and love it. There is one catch though: the two-way zipper version has a velcro neck clasp instead of the snap button style of the original. As the baby tries to escape through the neck whole, or tries to scratch its face, the edge of the velcro scratches (draws blood.)3/30/2011 Update: I understand that the velcro neck clasp has been replaced with button snaps again on the newer versions.8/31/2011 Update: Shortly before the baby outgrew the Woombie, I found the ScratchSleeves product from the UK which has been a second lifesaver in keeping the baby’s scratching from doing too much harm. Highly recommend the Woombie for as long as it’s safe, and then switching over to ScratchSleeves, which goes up to size 4T-5T!

Josephine Covington, TN

looks scary but no getting out of this swaddle

It looks so tight it scares me but there is no way for her to get her arms out of this. She’s escaped the swaddle me wraps, the miracle blanket and regular swaddling. If your baby needs to be swaddled this is the one to get don’t waste your money on all of the others. One thing the picture shows cotton candy as pink. The one I got looks like it’s peach. The color didn’t really matter so I didn’t return it.

Minnie Southington, CT