World Pride Infant Toddler Baby Knee Pad Crawling Safety Protector

World Pride Infant Toddler Baby Knee Pad Crawling Safety Protector


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Baby Knee Pads

I was hesitant in purchasing these after reading other reviews. I’m glad that I did. We have hardwood and tile floors. My daughter is 8 months and wearing out the knees of her everyday clothes. She is a chubby little girl for her age, and I was concerned that they would be too tight for her little legs. They are not, they work so well and save on the wear of her clothing. I don’t use them like I should, and when I don’t I can see the wear on her pajamas or other clothes in the knee area. You won’t regret this purchase, well worth the cost. They do take a little longer to arrive by mail, as I believe they are shipped directly from Hong Kong.

Juana Oak Brook, IL

Cute, but too tight and not needed

Bought these for our son because we have hardwood floors, but he didn’t like them too much. They were very tight, and all it made him do was scratch at it and try to pull them up or down his leg. We really didn’t use them and he still learned to crawl pretty easily and now we are chasing him down hallways all the time.

Lou Valier, IL

Too small for my baby

If I were to have gotten these, I would have purchased them sooner. By the time my baby needed them, her legs were too big and they didn’t even fit. I’d return them if the return wasn’t all the way in China, so I’m just taking the loss.

Brandie Walworth, WI

Better Than Competitors

My little guy used these crawling pads for about two months before we lost one, but he spends most of his time on the carpet or standing now so I won’t be replacing them. He was about 9 months old at the time of first usage, and about 19 lbs. They fit snugly but they never left marks on his legs or caused him any detectable strife. These pads stayed on for longer periods of time than a competitor’s pads that I also purchased.Delivery took some time however so order in advance!

Alejandra Fredericksburg, VA

love it

my almost 11 month baby girl crawl everywhere and this knees pad are fantastic and very tick on the knee i love them and doesn’t bother her during her adventure she is a chubby baby so it’s a little to tight

Diann Carson, NM