Wrapsody Breeze Baby Carrier, Freya, Medium/Large

Wrapsody Breeze Baby Carrier, Freya, Medium/Large

The Wrapsody Breeze is a lightweight, comfortable, and exceptionally cool baby carrier. This carrier was designed with maximum versatility and comfort in mind. The wide straps spread your child’s weight evenly across your shoulders, back, and hips. The carrier is infinitely adjustable, and with no buckles or rings, is easy to share between caregivers with the perfect fit every time. This baby carrier is so lightweight and cool that you will feel freer than ever as you share your active lifestyle with your child. The supportive, lightweight woven wrap is gently textured, keeping the carrier exactly where you want it while you carry your child in a variety of positions, on your chest, your back, or your hip. Our beautiful fabrics are designed in Maine then brought to life by an artist in Bali. Each carrier is dyed using hand-stamp or hand-paint techniques and then sewn by hand before being delivered to you, letting you express yourself with a beautiful work of art while meeting your baby’s needs. Embrace your baby, and embrace the freedom of hands-free baby carrying. Hand-crafted under fair-trade conditions by artisans in Bali, Indonesia.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Rated best overall carrier by retailers
  • Lightweight, strong, and compact
  • The most versatile style of carrier on the market
  • Packs into a self-storing pocket for travel
  • Use from birth to 35 pounds on the front, hip, or back

Verified reviews


The coolest way to wear a baby…literally!

I have tried them all: Moby, Ergo, various ring slings, hipseats, Baby K’Tan, Infantino…what am I forgetting? Anyway, some of those are wonderful, some not so much. But the thing this wrap has that none of those have – well, okay, two things – style and an airy lightness. These 2 things are not easy to find in any babywearing product! The Moby was good, but my little guy and I would end our babywearing session covered in sweat every time, and he and I are both pretty cold-natured. I love the wrap feeling, though, so I opted for this. We have yet to sweat the way we did in the Moby – I feel much less claustrophobic in this wrap for that reason. Admittedly, I have only done the tummy-to-tummy carry so far. My son is 6 months and is wanting to see the world more now, so it’s time to branch out, but I feel totally confident doing that with this wrap. It feels very secure, unlike the stretchier Moby.Now a little more about the beauty aspect – I get lots of compliments when I wear this. Most carriers are for function, but this wrap lets you carry out a function with an object of beauty. The vivid colors always have me thinking – what can I do with this after it’s done carrying a baby?? I’m sure I’ll think of something, because I just don’t think I’m going to want to sell this like I will with the strictly functional ones. I like the idea of keeping one carrier for sentimental reasons, and this is surely the winner of that contest!

Madeleine Como, MS

Not comfortable

I purchase this wrap when my son was a newborn in hopes of replacing my Moby Wrap. While I love the Moby, it is SO HOT. I live in Georgia and my son was born in the spring. I needed a lighter fabric that would be comfortable in the humid ninety-plus degree heat.The fabric is much lighter weight and much cooler than the moby. It’s also beautiful colors and I received many complements on it in the few times that I have used it.However, it is not nearly as comfortable as the Moby Wrap. The Moby is made of a soft stretchy cotten that is soft on my skin and baby’s. With this wrap, the edges dug into my shoulders the heavier my son became. It also seemed to rub under his legs.This wrap was useful to me while he was small enough to keep his legs tucked into the wrap (until about 8 weeks). Up to that point he was not heavy, so it didn’t rub my shoulders. My son is now 18 pounds at 4 months and I can no longer use it. It was far too expensive for such little use.* I followed the instructions on the DVD, but some people may be able to tie the wrap to avoid the problems that I had. I purchased a Beco rather than continue experimenting with this wrap. It’s so much easier.

Jamie Saint Stephens, AL

Hard to work with…

I bought this wrap because I wanted a wrap that would be nice for the summer and so we could carry our 2 year old and eventually our new baby later this summer.First of all, this wrap comes to you STIFF and CRUNCHY. You have to wash it several times, braid it… just really mess it up to "break it in" or its practically useless.It’s still not completely broken in for us but we have wrapped 2x with it now and the first time was a complete FLOP.The second time we did a reinforced ruck tied tibetan, it worked better but the wrap itself is still hard to work w/ it because of the gauze material.

Kerry Lysite, WY

Amazing Wrap. My first Woven- but my 7th Baby Carrier

This wrap is BEAUTIFUL. That’s so so much an understatement, but it’s light and cool and comfy and also gorgeously batik dyed. I adore it. I have owned (and do still own some of them) A Moby Original, a Babyhawk Custom, two hotslings, a mayan ring sling, an infantino sling, and now this wrap. I love that this has by far the most variety of available uses and positions of any baby carrier. Especially because it allows for back carries (which you should NEVER EVER do with a moby or other stretchy wrap) and because it allows for single or double shoulder carriers which you can not do with a ring sling, hotsling, or babyhawk. I personally have to do carries over both shoulders or my back tends to get really out of whack from twisting and having the weight on one side. This is my third baby to carry and I have been using baby carriers for 6 years. This is one of my favorite wraps – right along with the Babyhawk. I love that it’s comfy enough and I can tie it on the front, back, or side. I prefer to tie on the side because then when we are out and about I can wear the wrap while driving (without baby in it of course) and the knot isn’t in the way- pressing against my back while driving…. and then I can get out and pop baby in and out while we go from store to store or run errands, etc. I am wearing this with a 5 month old at the moment, but from my experience with older children (I have an almost 6 year olds and a 4 year old) I can see that this wrap will do so much for me when he is able to sit up on his own. Right now we prefer a front hug carry, superman carry, or sometimes a side hip hugging position. The DVD and directions that come with this are much more comprehensive than any other baby carrier, including more comprehensive than directions found on the websites of other carriers. It covers everything from positions, comfort, nursing in the wrap, and SAFETY which is amazingly important but often overlooked by companies selling carriers. It comes with a neat matching case (although I still find myself wadding mine up because of time constraints) and I would recommend it to anyone!

Mattie New Milford, CT

color was not as expected

I was hoping for the exact color in the picture but what i got was quite a bit lighter. the wrap works fine and is super easy to use.

Edith Ragan, NE

great gauze wrap

This is a great gauze wrap. It’s perfect for hot weather. It comes with a helpful instructional dvd. Me and my baby love it.

Ginger Olar, SC