WubbaNub Blue Bear Pacifier

WubbaNub Blue Bear Pacifier

WubbaNub Blue Bear Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide Made wth a Soothie™ medical grade, latex free pacifier BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free The durable one-piece construction means no germs hiding between cracks so the pacifier stays cleaner. WubbaNub™ functions as one! Patented design prevents pacifier from being lost, dropped or even forgotten! Carefully calculated weight and size of plush animal keeps the WubbaNub™ near baby’s mouth, whether lying on side or back, the car seat, sling or stroller. Plush animal makes it easy for baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier. Easy to clean: place in washing machine with baby’s laundry, gentle cycle in mesh laundry bag. Allow to air dry.

Main features

  • Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide
  • Made with a Soothie medical grade, non-toxic polyethylene pellets
  • WubbaNub functions as one. Patented design may prevent pacifier from being lost, dropped or even forgotten
  • NOTE: Wubbanubs come packaged in a clear polybag with header card.
  • Carefully calculated weight and size of the plush animal keeps the WubbaNub Pacifier near baby’s mouth

Verified reviews


Back up wubby

My son almost lost his first so this was a must,..9 months old and still loves it! Sleeps with it every night!

Ann Ludlow, IL

Second one I purchased

A wonderful invention! My Grandson holds onto this when he sleeps and when it slips out of his mouth the paci is longer and he can easily get it back so he dozes right back to sleep. Great purchase!

Malinda Midville, GA

Got a baby? Gotta have a Wubbanub.

I found the Wubbanub pacifiers after my newborn’s pacifier kept falling out and I needed a solution. This helps keep the paci in their mouth and the stuffed animal makes it easy to find. My daughter loved hers so much I had to buy another one! She’s almost 2 and is still very attached to it. I bought this bear one for my friend’s newborn, and they love it. The best pacifier hands down!

Genevieve Lakeland, FL

Wash carefully- use a lingerie bag or pillowcase!

These are so cute. We’ve had several of them through two kids and I always wash them in a mesh lingerie bag but just wanted to give a heads up as to what happens when I don’t use a bag. Twice, I accidentally had one go into the washer and both times it tore, causing the beads to leak out of a little hole along the stitching. Fortunately I noticed all the beads in my washer and discovered the holes before giving them to my babies! Also, it kind of stinks that there is no way to just replace the pacifier part, but I understand they probably need to be stitched in for safety. It would be nice if you could detach the paci and save the stuffed animal.

Paula Columbia, MS

my 2 month old loves it

He’s 4 months now and he still loves itEasy to wash would say to buy a second one as the other one is drying out so super soft and he just hold it and it has made this mom’s happy they are little expensive but if your baby likes it then it worth it

Carey Scott Depot, WV

Love WubbaNubs! This was for my 2nd child.

Everyone complaints that you can’t remove the passy. I love that you can’t. I feel like it’s safer that way. Wubbanubs are my favorite. My son cuddles the bear while taking the passy. A week after he was born he was re-admitted to the hospital. Outside of breastfeeding this was the only thing that could comfort him enough to sleep.

Briana Carlisle, SC

Love these WubbaNubs!

The NICU sent us home with a couple of Clifford WubbaNubs and we bought a couple more almost right away. They’re great. The feet are like little bean bags which helps them stay in place.The pacifier is plain and round, not contoured like a more expensive pacifier. I think I might try attaching a contoured pacifier (which the babies prefer) to a WubbaNub and see how that works out.

Libby Berkley, MA

Best pacifier!

The WubbaNub pacifiers are the abosolute best! My son loved the soothie pacifier and I loved how the WubbaNubs do not bounce around and get lost. Thanks to the cute stuffed animal, they stay put. As my son grew he loved the animal too.

Debora Estillfork, AL

helps our son find his pacifier at night

Sometimes it helps him fall back asleep in the middle of the night without us having to go into his room. We can watch him on the monitor after he wakes up, searching around for the bear and then fhe grabs it, shoves it back in and goes back to sleep. A bit pricey but worth it. I think the bear is a bit of a comfort thing to him as well, we figure when he graduates past his pacifier we can cut the pacifier out and sew up the mouth so my son doesn’t loose his lovey.

Edith Choteau, MT

Didn’t understand it at first….

When we first received it as a gift, we didn’t understand what the big deal was. It’s like a beanie baby doll with a soothie pacifier. Whoopie. Then I realized it’s value during sleep training. While the other pacifiers fell out of the crib through the spaces between the bars, the wubbanub would not fall out. In the middle of the night, our child would feel around the crib for the wubbanub. That meant we didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night! That alone is worth something!Bad part is eventually getting them off of the wubbanub. Not advisable for use outside of the home, since the doll ultimately gets soiled.

Yvonne Manderson, SD


This pacifier has bern a life saver since my baby was born, I was so against pacifers but my baby had this suckling urge so I gave in. This was helpful when he was only a few months old to keep it in place, then a few months later he was able to find it himself … Now at 15 months old (uuggh), he mostly chews on it soothing his sore teething gums.

Connie Quinhagak, AK

Could it get any cuter?

This little bear is ADORABLE! This is such a great concept and our little guy has been using his since he was about 6 months. If he loses it at nice having the stuffed animal on the end makes it a lot easier to find. He also really loves to rub its feet. This paci has done a great job helping soothe him and is definitely his security item. Sadly, we got a second one just in case and he makes a face and spits it out…I guess he knows its an imposter!

Pamala Deweyville, TX

Disappointing? Just a WEE bit!

When we brought my son home from the hospital, I had started nursing and quickly found that he loved sucking on a paci just as much as comfort nursing at mama’s breast. After spending so many sleepless nights nursing him to sleep, or laying him down and trying to keep his paci in so I could walk away, I knew I needed to find something to help me!!! I came across this product here on Amazon, having never heard of it. I saw it had great reviews and was desperate and ordered one hoping it would work to help my son keep his paci in and rest better. No such luck 🙁 I was expecting basically a beanie baby with a paci attached and what I got was a tiny stuffed bear. It literally feels like there are 2 cottonballs stuffed inside!!! The paci is twice as heavy as the bear. I couldn’t believe how insubstantial it was, but tried it anyway. Sure enough, it fell right out. Sitting up, laying down, didn’t matter how my son was, it didn’t work. Yeah it’s cute but it certainly did not serve its purpose unfortunately.

Teri Loretto, TN

Watch out for pacifier size changes!

This is our second WubbaNub we have ordered, and we absolutely love them, and so does our daughter! We bought the white lamb before she was born 5 weeks ago, hoping it would keep the pacifier in her mouth when she laid on her back. Unfortunately she’s a tummy sleeper, so that thought is out the window, but it does hold up great in the car seat and swing, so that is a bonus. My little girl loves to nap with the animal close by.We ordered this one a few weeks ago and were excited when it came… unfortunately, this pacifier is for 3 months +. It’s harder and bigger than the one on the lamb paci, and her regular soothie ones. It would be awesome if this was mentioned on the packaging or in the details when you’re looking at this. It would also be great if you could choose the size (0-3 month or 3 month +) for the pacifier.Other than that, we really love these things!

Jerri Thorndale, TX

Love this paci!

A must for baby! Not only is it cute, but it keeps the pacifier from rolling away when baby spits it out!

Jordan Potsdam, OH