WubbaNub Brown Bear

WubbaNub Brown Bear

WubbaNub Brown Bear The perfect companion when your little one turns into a bear! The WubbaNub Brown Bear is sure to be a baby’s favorite. Its unique style allows pacifier to remain close and will easily position to baby. Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide Made wth a Soothie medical grade, latex free pacifier BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free The durable one-piece construction means no germs hiding between cracks so the pacifier stays cleaner. WubbaNub functions as one! Patented design prevents pacifier from being lost, dropped or even forgotten! Carefully calculated weight and size of plush animal keeps the WubbaNub near baby’s mouth, whether lying on side or back, the car seat, sling or stroller. Plush animal makes it easy for baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier. Easy to clean: place in washing machine with baby’s laundry, gentle cycle in mesh laundry bag. Allow to air dry.

Main features

  • The WubbaNubTM is designed to keep the pacifier conveniently placed to infant
  • Soft plush brings soothing comfort and security
  • An asset helping in the development of hand-eye coordination
  • Latex Free Medical Grade Silicone Pacifier
  • Birth (Full Term) to 6 Months

Verified reviews


Wubbanub rocks

We got this at the reccomendation of a Doctor in the PICU. Our baby boy was always spitting out his paci on accident, or as a game. The Wubbanub is the best thing since a bouncy seat. The toy gives him something to hug while sucking his paci,and the added weight of the bear helps keeps the paci in his mouth. And if the Paci drops it will not roll under furniture (Never good to have a screaming baby while parents are on hands and knees surching frantically for the paci). I am thinking about getting another just to have a spare on hand because he is gonna love this one to bits.

Zelda Calera, AL

Love it.

I LOVE these. They’re all I use for my binki-addicted baby. She can even hold onto the bear and is figuring out how to put it in her mouth. They’re great for car trips because you can put the arms through the straps to hold the binki in— which makes car rides that much easier!

Polly South Acworth, NH

Sometimes works

First, the Soothie pacifier which is attached to the bear is not as well designed as the Gumdrop pacifier. The Soothie has a circular disc which smooshes my baby’s nose as he sucks on the pacifier, whereas the Gumdrop is designed around the nose.Second, the Soothie is at an awkward angle because one end is sewn to the bear’s mouth. This would be only good to enable the baby to push the pacifier out if he didn’t want it anymore. But my newborn doesn’t have the ability to keep the pacifier in his mouth, which is the whole reason why I bought this product. I found it actually works better to place the bear UPSIDE DOWN then insert the pacifier into my baby’s mouth.Third, the bear is very light. I wish it were weighted down with a bean bag of some sort. My son is big and strong (15 lbs at 2 months) and twists and wriggles in his crib so the bear doesn’t stay on his chest. We no longer swaddle him. The only time the Wubbanub works is if he’s wearing a zippered sleep sac or hoodie so we tuck the bear into his hoodie/ sleep sac so it actually stays in place.

Christi Garden City, TX

Love this item!

This pacifier is so easy to find. We have had two for over a year and my daughter can find it easily on her own. Great product!

Marion West Frankfort, IL


My baby loves the wubs! He has 5 and now we’re waiting for the sixth to get here today. We have only lost one that he dropped at a large department store. These are awesome because the babies can find them in their crib at night, they don’t slip through the slots and they are soooo cute! The bear is his favorite.

Deborah Ashburnham, MA

Love the wubbanub

I had the giraffe on my registry and received it as a gift… I’m so glad I did because my son loves these Wubbanubs. He won’t take the other pacifiers I tried. It is just a Soothie, sure… But my son loves hugging the giraffe and the bear and it definitely makes my life a tiny bit easier because these do not fall to the ground every time it falls out of his mouth. They’re adorable too. I only wish there was a way to throw the plush part into the washer and dryer. I don’t mind hand-washing but air drying takes too long! That’s why I had to order the bear so he’d have a spare. Would definitely buy again.

Grace Vance, MS

cute, cuddly, and keeps paci from falling!

This is great for keeping the paci from popping out of an infant’s mouth and onto the floor – it just stays right there and baby quickly learns to find it again when they want it.The paci will no longer bounce across the floor and hide under furniture!(I just wish my son took a paci for more than a few weeks!)GREAT shower gift!!!Oh, and to clean it, I just held the paci part under hot water, washed it with soap, rinsed well, and pop it back in his mouth. When the cuddly-part got dirty, I hand-washed in the sink & air-dry overnight. (good reason to have 2!!)

Vonda Lakewood, CA

Expensive and fantastic

I love the idea of this product… I just don’t love the price tag. My son loves his bear wubby and uses it all the time. He loves hugging its soft little body and squeezing its paws which is great since he is a little over 3 months and getting very handsy. The bear is very light weight with a small amount of beads in its feat that give it a little character when flopping about, but not enough weight to be too heavy for even the smallest infant. I am not sure what I was originally expecting but the animals are tiny… perhaps a little bigger then baby beanie babies at ~4-5 inches in length. To me it just looks tiny, but it seems to be a good size for him.I would love to see this company have more animal options as well as make the pacifier removable so that both the animal and the pacifier are easier to clean and be switchable.

Miranda Ratliff City, OK

great product

Wubbanubs have been wonderful for my little one. He loves them and his Soothies, so I had no problem with the Soothie being attached. And even though he’s still a little young to fully grasp them, they’re big enough for him to hug easily and hold on to them that way. It’s been great not to have to worry about pacis falling on the floor. This one is great for little girls and boys, so I like to give them away as gifts. I guess if I had a complaint, I’d ask to have more “beans” or filling in them to make them a tab bit heavier.

Suzette Big Sandy, WV

Kind of small

Such a cute little bear, and I love that you can throw it in the wash! I wish the bear was a little bigger tho-my 3 month old son can’t really utilize it yet.

Reva Lakeside, MI

Great for small babies

These pacifiers are great, especially for little babies. Our son didn’t quite have the ability to keep a pacifier in his mouth for any real length of time until he was several months old. If you put this pacifier in his mouth with the animal on his stomach, the pacifier won’t fall out if baby loses suction for a second. It keeps me from putting the pacifier back in his mouth every few seconds and has taught him how to keep the pacifier in his mouth. We tried pacifiers without a stuffed animal attached, but they fell out of his mouth almost immediately when he was just a few months old. We also tried Pacimals when he was small, but the angle is all wrong for a newborn.

Alba Climax, CO

We have 3 and we want more!

My son is 6 months old. He was/is a colic and reflux baby, and Soothie pacifiers were the only ones baby would accept once we got home from the hospital. The Wubbanubs are a fabulous addition to the multiple Soothies we have in the house. We keep them in the crib and in the family room. When baby is napping or sleeping at night, these give him something to hold onto. Lately, he’s been playing with them once he gets up in the morning and talking to the Wubbanub too. It’s cute! If your child is a Soothie fan, you need Wubbanubs! Great idea!!! Great product. Baby will love ’em.

Valerie Harvey, ND

Great concept, not for every baby

This bear sits nicely on baby’s chest but is too light, one slight turn of my baby’s head and off it went. If your baby always sleeps on their back and doesn’t turn their head much while sleep, then this product will work. For us, we spent more time repositioning the bear, that it was more work than a regular paci. It would work better if it was a little heavier.

Antoinette Grundy, VA

BEST. INVENTION. EVER! -A must-have for moms!

I thought they were just adorable when I started buying Wubbanubs as gifts for friends. Now that I am a mom myself I can see how GENIUS these are!!!! Since binky’s alwaysssss fall out, these animals sit on their chest and prop up the pacifier! So if he yawns it won’t fall out. It is also easy to find and he likes to hold on to it and seems to cuddle with it. They are just darling and we LOVE THEM. We just buy more as they get worn out from our wear and tear. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and definitely worth every penny!!!!!!!!!

Lina Crivitz, WI

not for my active 3 months old

i loved the idea of a paci that wont fall out. when i got the paci, i loved the toy and everything. unfortunately my son didnt like the soothie brand. i went for make-it-urself project and sew his old avent paci to the wubbanub. but he still didnt like it. he is a very ative boy, he waves his arms and rips the paci out of his mouth. the toy is good size for his little hands to play with and im really hoping he’ll like it later, when he can reach for a pacifier and put it in his mouth knowingly, not by accident.

Celina Normandy, TN

We wuv wubbanubs!

I love these wubbanub pacifier holders for my twins. We swaddle them when they are sleeping, put the pacifier in their mouths, and plop the wubbanub on their chest so when they spit out the pacifier, it doesn’t go far and it’s still there if they decide they want to suck on it again. The best part is that they come with Soothie pacifiers, which are perfect for a newborn’s small mouth. Once we stopped swaddling them, the fuzzy animal attachment is the perfect size for their little hands to play with.

Winnie Tylersport, PA