WubbaNub Brown Puppy Pacifier

WubbaNub Brown Puppy Pacifier

WubbaNub Brown Puppy WubbaNub Brown Puppy is a cheerful and adorable plush puppy. This cute pacifier can win every kid’s heart. Babies can easily enjoy this pacifier whether lying on the side or back, the car seat, sling or stroller. This cute pacifier is machine washable and air dries. Why You’ll Love It: WubbaNub Brown Puppy is an ideal companion for babies. They can keep it with them all the time. Features Light in weight Hygienic for babies Long lasting Well constructed shape Free from BPA, PVC and phthalates

Main features

  • Our innovative patented design permanently attaching the pacifier to the plush animal, prevents the pacifier from being lost, dropped or even forgotten
  • Designed to keep the pacifier close to your baby without using cords or clips
  • Recommended age: 0-6 Months
  • Soft plush toy brings soothing comfort and security
  • NOTE: Wubbanubs come packaged in a clear polybag with header card or a clear cube box.

Verified reviews


Son will take this but no other paci!

As soon as my son started teething, all paci’s went out the window. He only wanted to chew on them. One day I caught him with practically a whole soothie pacifier in his mouth. It terrified me, so I purchased this, knowing he couldn’t choke on it. He will usually chew on it, but when he’s tired, he will also suck on it. I really recommend it!

Tammie Mumford, TX

Sometimes works

First, the Soothie pacifier which is attached to the puppy is not as well designed as the Gumdrop pacifier. The Soothie has a circular disc which smooshes my baby’s nose as he sucks on the pacifier, whereas the Gumdrop is designed around the nose.Second, the Soothie is at an awkward angle because one end is sewn to the puppy’s mouth. This would be only good to enable the baby to push the pacifier out if he didn’t want it anymore. But my newborn doesn’t have the ability to keep the pacifier in his mouth, which is the whole reason why I bought this product. I found it actually works better to place the puppy UPSIDE DOWN then insert the pacifier into my baby’s mouth.Third, the puppy is very light. I wish it were weighted down with a bean bag of some sort. My son is big and strong (15 lbs at 2 months) and twists and wriggles in his crib so the puppy doesn’t stay on his chest. We no longer swaddle him. The only time the Wubbanub works is if he’s wearing a zippered sleep sac or hoodie so we tuck the puppy into his hoodie/ sleep sac so it actually stays in place.

Jenny Meridianville, AL

Great Idea!

I came across this while searching for a pacifier holder, but thought it was INGENIOUS that they would attach a pacifier to a stuffed animal for the baby to hold. My boy’s only 6 weeks old and hasn’t really gotten a “grasp” of holding onto things yet, but when we gave it to him, he seemed to really like it. He already liked the SOOTHIE pacifiers so it wasn’t a big deal. I think as he gets a little older, he’ll be able to hold onto the puppy better, but we think it was good for him to get a headstart and start holding onto it now. Even when it falls out of his mouth, I like the fact that it doesn’t go very far. Sometimes he has a tendency to spit out his pacifier pretty far!My only dislike is that you can’t detach it (like with the Paci Plushies) so you could wash them separately.

Christina Taft, TX


This is one of a number of WubbaNubs I have purchased. I didn’t discover them until my third son was born three years ago. He loved them and I loved that he could find it in his crib and in the car seat he would hold onto the paws. When my newest son was born a year ago, I bought another one to see if he would like it and make sure he actually took a pacifier. He LOVES it even now that he just turned 1. He uses it as a lovie and soother to go to sleep. I would recommend to anyone.

Brenda Centennial, WY

Great Product

I bought this after I had received the lamb one as a gift and loved it. I think the lamb one is actually better but I still like the puppy. This one is just a little more awkward than the lamb and the colors are more yellow, not brown as it appears in the picture. Overall though, I think these WubbaNub pacifiers are great products and a necessity during the early months. I like that I can tuck the stuffed animal into my sons car seat straps to hold it in place. It’s also nice that it lays on his chest when not strapped into anything and I don’t have to constantly push the pacifier back into his mouth like you do with regular pacifiers. His little hand can also grab onto the stuffed animal easily.

Matilda Cedar Hill, TN

Best Pacifier

The only pacifier my son could keep in his mouth when he was little. I now give them to all my friends as shower gifts.

Beth Buhl, AL

Really really disappointed.

I was so excited to get this. My baby is now 3 months old and starting to reach for and hold things so I thought it was going to be perfect. When I took it out of the box I WAS SHOCKED at how tiny it is. The pictures made it seem so big, but then I realized that the pictures were of newborns, not a baby that is actually interested in holding the animal. Not only is the animal tiny but the pacifier is so small too! Waste of money.

Cornelia Midway City, CA

love these things

So much safer than having to worry about bits of plastic falling off. Also able to have my daughter know exactly where it is since the animal parts stays on top of her when she sleeps. own about 7 now and will continue to buy

Kristi Carroll, OH

Love them

My daughter loves the wubbanub… The stuffed animal helps it stay in there month when they are first born and now that she is 4 months hold she holds on to it and plays with it. You should 100% get one

Sue Reynoldsburg, OH

Love it!

My son will only take a pacifier like the one given at the hospital. I was so excited to see this toy/pacifier. He’s now 3 months and loves this! He can move his pacifier to his mouth himself, something he could not yet do w/o the attached toy. As a bonus, the puppy is too cute!

Desiree Johnson, NY

good boy

So adorable. I got a pink one for my grand daughter and this as a gift for a friend having a boy. It is so cute and cuddly and won’t get lost !

Gretchen West Nottingham, NH

great Wubby

this is great… makes losing his pacifier a lot harder to do. and gives him something to play with when he’s a little older.

Toni Schulenburg, TX

Cute Idea

I haven’t seen these in person yet, but my son and daughter-in-law both like them. She even confirmed that the actual pacifer is the same kind given to their twins in the hospital. They appear to make the pacifer both easier to stay put and easier to find.

Jana Kingsford, MI

There’s a reason this is so highly rated! It’s amazing!

After using this with our newborn to help reduce the number of times we’d have to pick up a dropped pacifier from his mouth while soothing him, we became instant fans. It’s now my go-to gift for moms-to-be. It’s saved our sanity a number of times already!

Augusta Mount Saint Francis, IN


I mainly purchased this, because I thought the animal portion would be weighted enough so that my son wouldn’t keep spitting out and losing his pacifier. Unfortunately, the animal portion is lightweight and rather smaller than what I had anticipated. Also, my son didn’t like the Soothie pacifier, so I basically have no use for this item haha. I think it would be nice if they made a doll with the option of attaching whichever pacifier you chose,

Lorraine Burt, NY

Awesome product.

Unfortunately my twin boys never took to pacifiers, however. My dog loves ’em.Seriously though, we’ll made product with a one piece paci.

Felecia Bethania, NC


My baby loves that. He has 3 different ones. It is easier to find by himself during the night in the crib

Rosanne Isle Of Wight, VA

Fantastic pacifier toy

Our son loved his WubbaNub! He just recently gave up the pacifier, but up til now, he looked forward to going to bed each night so he could spend time with his WubbaNub. It helped him find his pacifier at night so we didn’t have to go into his room and find it for him, and it works like a stuffed animal too, giving him comfort from the personality of the animal. If our second son, born recently, desires a pacifier as well, we’ll be getting him a WubbaNub as well.

Helena Montverde, FL

great teeth and snuggle buddy

My son loves to teeth with this Wub and also likes to snuggle and play with the stuffed animal part. A great, great buy and we have three different Wubs!

Consuelo Holly Hill, SC

It works!

We have three wubbanubs: the monkey, dino, and the puppy. The shape of the puppy is great. It’s legs are just the right size for my four month old to grab. Plus, it’s precious!

Jenna Trafalgar, IN


I was a little surprised when I received this in the mail of how small it really is. They look so big when the babies are holding them. It is absolutely adorable though! Soft and nice and light so the babies won’t have a problem hanging on to them.

Darlene Tishomingo, MS


The solution I’ve been looking for. I have twins and one of my babies LOVES her pacifier but she just can’t keep it in her mouth. I was going crazy trying to keep it in for her. Every 30 seconds, it would pop out. After reading reviews on Amazon, I decided to try this out. IT SAVED ME! My baby loves it. It stays in her mouth. Even when it pops out, she is able to grab the dog and put it back in and it’s ADORABLE!

Jacquelyn Saxe, VA

We ❤ WubbaNubs!

I purchased this product after using the Phillips Avent Soothie Pacifiers for my little daughter. They are the only pacifiers she has ever taken. It’s also the kind they gave her while she was in the NICU at the hospital. I am so glad someone came up with this idea!Pros:1. Cute animals for boys & girls!2. Easy to keep track of – easy to see in a dark bedroom at night & also when you are holding the baby, they are much easier to grab as they are falling than a Paci alone3. Stays in better than a Soothie Paci by itself – we often prop the animal on her chest and she seems to love holding on to the soft stuffed animal & can even sometimes push it back into her own mouth (and she’s only 10 weeks!)Cons:1. Tedious cleaning – I usually wash them on gentle in the washing machine but worry about my daughter ingesting detergent residue so I usually then wash off the pacifier top with a pacifier wipe2. Falls out – not as much as when it’s only the pacifier – could just be my daughters tongue pushing it out or something but I think worth mentioning

Sharron Oak Vale, MS

Best child invention ever

What’s not to love? A nuk, the brand most hospitals use – plus a cute dog? it’s great for a child to grow with. when you are ready to have them be done with the nuk, you simply cut it off!

Kitty Trinity, NC

great product

Wubbanubs have been wonderful for my little one. He loves them and his Soothies, so I had no problem with the Soothie being attached. And even though he’s still a little young to fully grasp them, they’re big enough for him to hug easily and hold on to them that way. It’s been great not to have to worry as much about pacis falling on the floor. This one is really cute and one of our favorites. I guess if I had a complaint, I’d ask to have more “beans” or filling in them to make them a tab bit heavier.

Caryn Goldthwaite, TX

We LOVE Wubbanubs!

We have purchased the alligator (which my dog decided was his chew toy), the giraffe, and the longhorn. I like the longhorn and the puppy the best. The giraffe’s neck makes it a little less stable than the animals with the normal necks. We have yet to lose one of these because they’re very visible, and my son loves the soft animal to grasp. Such a great invention! I make sure to have one with us at all times. The weight of the animals make them stay in place more than traditional pacifiers. They are also to clean (machine washable) and air dry very quickly. Don’t hesitate to buy this-your baby will love it!

Janie Sonoma, CA

Cute Puppy

I have ordered many WubbaNubs pacifiers and have been satisifed with the majority of them. The Brown Puppy is no exception. Only wish I would have ordered sooner since my granddaughter has decided she no longer likes pacifiers.

Harriett Yarmouth, ME

The best pacifier around

No more losing the pacifier when it is attached to a cute puppy. Easy for tiny hands to hold on to and put back in to their mouth.

Coleen Vermont, IL

Love These !

My son has the monkey its "His Monkey" and he loves it bought this as a gift !!!! hope they love it too

Sierra Mount Airy, GA

I love Wubbanubs!

I get so many compliments on these and my baby hardly loses them. Cute, durable, washable, soft, and fit perfectly into little hands. Double up as a hug but the main thing is that they do not get misplaced easily 🙂

Mona Graham, NC