WubbaNub Elephant Pacifier

WubbaNub Elephant Pacifier

WubbaNub Elephant The perfect gift! WubbaNubElephant is ultra soft and soothing to baby. It’s unique style allows pacifier to remain close and will easily position to baby. Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide Made wth a Soothie medical grade, latex free pacifier BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free The durable one-piece construction means no germs hiding between cracks so the pacifier stays cleaner. WubbaNub functions as one! Patented design prevents pacifier from being lost, dropped or even forgotten! Carefully calculated weight and size of plush animal keeps the WubbaNub near baby’s mouth, whether lying on side or back, the car seat, sling or stroller. Plush animal makes it easy for baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier. Easy to clean: place in washing machine with baby’s laundry, gentle cycle in mesh laundry bag. Allow to air dry.

Main features

  • Plush animal makes it easy for baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier
  • Made wth a Soothie™ medical grade, latex free pacifier
  • Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide
  • NOTE: Wubbanubs come packaged in a clear polybag with header card.
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free

Verified reviews


ok product – difficult to clean!

Many of my friends had these and told me that their babies loved them so I bought one for my 3 month old son. I thought at first that the idea of this item was really great. A combination of a pacifier and stuffed animal seems like it would be so soothing! My son showed no interest in this item and even when I tried to introduce it as he grew he still wasn’t impressed. He is 1 year old now and has never used this item. So I guess it depends on the child if they like it or not, but this is not why I am giving it two stars. I am giving it two stars (stars are for the good idea) because this item it almost impossible to clean. You cannot sterilize the pacifier and when you wash the stuffed animal you need to let it air dry (you can’t put it in the dryer because of the pacifier). I wish it was made in a way that would allow you to detach the pacifier more easily so that you can clean the stuffed animal and pacifier separately.

Jeannette Sylvania, OH

My son loves Wubbies!

My 15 month old loves all his Wubbies. He usually has at least two with him where ever he goes! This elephant Wubbanub specifically is very cute and soft, as are all Wubbanubs.

Laverne Lodge Grass, MT

Worth every penny

My son loves his wubbanubs we have the giraffe, blue bear, lion, brown dog, cow and the elephant. He uses them as a pacifier and a lovey. They are easy for him to find in his crib in the middle if the night, they are easy for us to find in the dark as well. We throw them in the washing machine on a slow cycle and hang dry so they are super easy to clean. I have purchased some for my new mom friends and they love them as well. The best product I have purchased so far and he is 14months and this is the only brand (smoothie) he would ever take

Veronica Johnston, IA

Baby loves this!!

Wubbanubs are a MUST HAVE baby item! My baby loves hers, and sleeps with it at night (she has 3 of them). I truly think the Wubbanubs have helped her sleep through the night at an early age. We started letting her have it at night when she could easily maneuver it and take it in and out. Be warned that the soothie part does not come off, but I just wash the entire thing in a sink full of soapy water with other toys. Be sure to use earth-friendly and non-toxic dish soap when washing! I use the Meyers clean day brand to wash this, and other baby toys.

Angela North Scituate, MA

One of My Favorite Baby-Related Purchases

This pacifier was definitely one of my best finds while registering for gifts. It’s our go-to car seat pacifier. It sits on her chest well, making it easier for her to recover after spitting it out accidentally and making it less likely to fall on the floor. The elephant gives me something to easily grab from the drivers seat while reaching back as she cries on her way home from daycare. Suprisingly, it also helped in her development of learning how to reach/grab and becoming more coordinated. She’s now four months old and still loves this Soothie pacifier, although she also uses MAM pacifiers in the house. I held out for a couple months, but just gave in and purchased another WubbaNub last week.It would be wonderful if the pacifier could be separated from the animal for easier cleaning, but this doesn’t deter me from recommending it to all of my friends.

Ophelia Carver, MN

Excellent for babies that want a nuk and a toy

The elephant is a great toy that baby can hold on to and suck their nuk. gives them both of both worlds.

Carissa Sumner, MS

Love these!

These help our daughter sleep so much better. They stay in while she is falling asleep beause you can prop it up on the legs. She also cuddles with it and plays with it in the car seat. I think she will grow attached.We do have a WubbaNub caterpillar with small legs, and I do not recommend it because it doesn’t prop as well.

Stacie Tyaskin, MD

The first pacifier she liked

Mine will go back and forth between this and a Nuk pacifier but she holds onto this while in the carseat either way. We bought a few different styles, the elephant specifically to try to keep it near her mouth when we were driving.

Janine Mora, NM


My baby loves the wubs! He has 5 and now we’re waiting for the sixth to get here today. We have only lost one that he dropped at a large department store. These are awesome because the babies can find them in their crib at night, they don’t slip through the slots and they are soooo cute!

Roxanne Huron, SD


I love these pacifiers. My son loves them too. It’s so cute, because it gives him something to hold on to, abd soothes him. I’ve been using this for him since he was a newborn, and he’s now 7 mos. We both continue to love this pacifier.

Cherry Mountain City, TN

Our daughter LOVES this paci

She pets his ears and pulls his face to hers when she is sleepy. She can easily find it at night and his ears helps her know which end to insert. 😉

Clarissa Mount Pleasant Mills, PA

Very handy!

This is the 3rd WubbaNub I have purchased! Man are they handy! Infants as young as 8 weeks have used these to push their binkies back into their mouth!! (I babysit and do foster care for infants). These are a lifesaver! And they are machine washable!! We get compliments all the time!!

Virginia North Sandwich, NH

Great binky!

My 2 year old still uses a binky and loves wubbabnubs! This elephant is cute and well made. We have about 5 different wubbanubs and he loves them all!

Genevieve Fruitland, UT


What more can I say. This was a super cute pacifier that didn’t look like one. My daughter used this for so long! The shape was perfect for her and the elephant gave her something to hold on to and snuggle. Highly recommend despite the cost. It’s well worth it.

Cecelia Homeworth, OH

cute but like the frog better

Elephant wubbanub is super cute! We also have a frog one. Our son is 4mths old and just learning to hold the wubbanub in his mouth. The elephant doesn’t lay as flat to his body and the floppy ears draw the attention of his hands, so he pulls/drops the elephant more often than the frog.

Bernadine Turon, KS

Love this!

We got my daughter the frog wubbanub when she was a month old and she had no interest in it. Until she was about 5 months old and we gave it to her again. Now she loves the thing and doesn’t nap or go to sleep at night without it. We thought we should have a back up just in case, and also so we can wash the frog! So now she has the frog and this elephant and she loves them both. Usually she’ll fall asleep with one in her mouth and the other clutched in her hand.

Della Stewart, MN

Better As Time Goes On

My son had a hard time keeping his pacifier in and I was woken up many times just to boop his paci back in. This little elephant helped did help but a lot of the time he’d accidentally pull on the elephant and it would fall out and I’ve have to put it back in anyway. As he’s gotten older, however, it’s become his favorite thing! We can’t go anywhere without his “ellie”. He loves to snuggle the ears as he uses the paci and I’d buy one for any subsequent kids I have. Awesome.And when it gets dirty you just pop it in the washer. Easy peasy. 🙂

Gilda Sharpsburg, NC

Best binky ever! Keeps binky in the crib and is easy to find.

Not only are these incredibly cute, but it is fantastic for those times when binky pops out of the mouth in the middle of the night and baby wakes up and needs to find it. I spent months getting up in the middle of the night, multiple times, to retrieve a binky that either rolled out of the crib or baby couldn’t find it. This one is easy to find in the crib and it won’t fall out of the crib!! This is essential to parents’ sanity and sleep!! We get tons of comments on this because it’s so cute and unusual. I’ve even washed this in the washing machine (air dry) and it didn’t fall apart. After probably a year of solid use, the binky part did eventually come off of the elephant, but I re-attached it with a safety pin and it’s still being used. The biggest downfall of this binky is that other kids really want to steal it! 🙂 I would absolutely recommend this product for you and for every baby shower you ever attend! I can’t say enough good words about this product.

Bobbie Iron Mountain, MI

Great paci, especially for Bama fans 🙂

My son has just recently taken to his WubbaNub at 11 months or so, but he loves it so much now I ordered a second as a backup! The elephant is a nice choice fir Alabama fans as well (we call ours "Big Al").

Isabella Midlothian, IL


The trunk of the elephant made it really awkward to keep the pacifier in my son’s mouth. He liked his Longhorn wubbanub much better.

Maxine Perrysburg, NY

Best Baby Product EVER

This is the best idea ever, my son is 4 months old and he loves his pacifier but still so small and has a hard time keeping it in his mouth, but with this nifty thing he keeps it in his mouth. When I would be riding in the front seat I would have to reach my arm into the back seat and hold the pacifier in his mouth almost the whole ride by the time we reached our destination I couldn’t feel my arm. Now I just lay one of these on his chest and even if he falls asleep it doesn’t fall out of his mouth so if he starts trying to suck again it’s still right there for him.

Stephanie Reform, AL

Not worth the purchase

I bought this WubbaNub thinking it would be heavy enough to lay on my sons chest and keep the pacifier in his mouth but I did not work. The animal is very light and didnt hold anything in place. My son is now almost a year old and he just chews on the pacifier and likes holding onto the animal but I wouldnt spend the money on it again.

Leola Mill Creek, IN

like it

My baby won’t take a pacifier at all…I got this hoping she would, but she does love the elephant and it is perfect size for her little hands.

Shannon Bel Air, MD

good quality

This has held up great through multiple runs in the washing machine and dryer. It didn’t actually work for us in bed, because my son likes to turn his head to the side when he sleeps–he would pull the elephant off of his chest every single time… But it is great for the car! I love that the pacifier doesn’t get lost in the car seat, though my son (5 months) still can’t get the pacifier in his mouth consistently. Now that he is teething, he enjoys chewing on the sides of the pacifier and on the elephant’s legs.Updated 2014.03.08: One of the elephant’s legs did split open recently. I’m leaving my review at five stars because none of the filling came out even when the opening became quite large (I didn’t notice it very quickly). A very safe toy!

Josefa Yorktown Heights, NY

Super cute and useful

This type of pacifier is the only one our baby would suck on. If you’ve ever used this pacifier though, you know that it has a tendency to fall out….a lot. The little toy can be set on the child’s stomach and provides enough stability that it keeps the pacifier in his mouth. The only drawback is that you can’t sterilize the pacifier because of the toy, you can only hand wash the pacifier part with soap.

Vilma Smith River, CA

My son won’t sleep without it

My son is 11 months old and still uses this pacifier exclusively (even though it’s a newborn size). It was great when he was younger because it was easy for him to hold onto. I’ve been giving it as gifts to other pregnant moms. Makes a cute gift!

Herminia Forney, TX

best pacifier EVER

The pros to this thing are ENDLESS!!!1) same pacifier you get in the hospital ( nice and soft, high quality)2) my ddaughter LOVES this. She is 18 months old and we have had the same one since she was 3 months old. The directions say handwash, whatever I pop this bad boy into the laundry at least once a week and let air dry. Pacifer is still not sticky and has no holes. It looks brand new. Not to mention that we dont loose it because its big enough to see. Easy to find in the dark at night. I would recommend this pacifer to EVERYONE having a baby. this is my #1 new baby must have!

Allison Leroy, IN

WubbaNub is the best!

These worked really great for my four month old daughter from about weeks 1 – 8 – it was the only pacifier she would take. I exclusively breastfeed and never had any problems with nipple confusion. The elephant is adorable (as is the monkey) and everyone always gets a giggle out of it. Though she doesn’t suck on it as much now, she seems to more use the thick rubber as a teether and the toy helps her develop her fine motor skills.

Elnora Speonk, NY


It didn’t exist for my first child, what a shame! This is a great idea, well executed. My son has had this one and the lamb one for 16 months now and they’re still fine!

Deanna Hinckley, ME

best pacifier out there

Both my kids (16 months apart) were exclusively breastfed and wouldn’t take a bottle. They gagged on any type of pacifier until my pediatrician told me about soothie/wubbanubs. He mentioned when my eldest was first born how the nipple of the soothie was longer and thinner like the breast and breastfed babies do better with this brand over others. My eldest took the soothie right away and I ordered a few wubbanubs because they were so cute. Around 3 months old she started to hold her wubbanub and bring it to her mouth. This worked out perfectly during the night when she would wake up in the night and need her pacifier to fall back asleep. i would highly recommend this to anyone.

Carey Elmira, OR