WubbaNub Green Frog Pacifier

WubbaNub Green Frog Pacifier

WubbaNub Green Frog The smile on our WubbaNub Green Frog will be sure to put a smile on your baby’s face! Its unique style allows pacifier to remain close and will easily position to baby. Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide Made wth a Soothie™ medical grade, latex free pacifier BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free The durable one-piece construction means no germs hiding between cracks so the pacifier stays cleaner. WubbaNub™ functions as one! Patented design prevents pacifier from being lost, dropped or even forgotten! Carefully calculated weight and size of plush animal keeps the WubbaNub™ near baby’s mouth, whether lying on side or back, the car seat, sling or stroller. Plush animal makes it easy for baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier. Easy to clean: place in washing machine with baby’s laundry, gentle cycle in mesh laundry bag. Allow to air dry. Made in the USA

Main features

  • Our innovative patented design permanently attaching the pacifier to the plush animal, prevents the pacifier from being lost, dropped or even forgotten
  • Designed to keep the pacifier close to your baby without using cords or clips
  • Soothie pacifier is made of medical grade silicone-perfect for latex allergy sufferers
  • Soft plush toy brings soothing comfort and security
  • NOTE: Wubbanubs come packaged in a clear polybag with header card or a clear cube box.

Verified reviews


Great idea! Better products exsist.

I think this is a brilliant idea! I bought this for my 3 months old who is always dropping his pacifier. It solves that problem very well!I also bought a paci-plushie at the same time. Paci-plushie is a pacifier holder so it works with wide variety of pacifiers so you don’t have to use the soothie if your baby prefers something else. Plus, if the paci wears out, you can just buy a new $2 pacifier rather than a whole new toy! That just makes more sense to me. My baby happens to gladly take whatever pacifier we give him so both work for us. I am only knocking off a star because I think that the idea of a removable paci makes much more sense. Wubbanub works well and has helped my LO keep his paci in place.

Lucinda Herald, IL


I cannot say enough about how fantastic this pacifier is. My daughter has grown so attached to the “froggy”. It saved us many long nights.

Cathryn Lexington, MA

Very cute

My daughter likes her froggy…I only wish the pacifier was not sewn in so I could switch it out when it falls on the floor without a waterfountain in site (having four or five froggys in an already crammed diaper bag isn’t practical).

Doris Long Lane, MO

great invention

totally worth the investment. if your baby likes the soothies you need these. the soothies are great but as soon as baby drops it out of their mouth they bounce like a ball and inevitably roll under a heavy piece of furniture that you cannot move postpartum and if you ever do find it again you’ll need to sanitize it in the dishwasher immediately because they are a magnet for dirt! These Wubbanubs solve both issues very well. If (ha ha) dropped soothie rarely hits the floor and the beanie baby like creature prevents rolling.

Bethany Spring Grove, PA

Best pacifier & great baby shower gift

We’ve had several of the Wubbanubs & they are our favorite pacifier. First, the Soothie brand pacifier attached is usually what the hospitals use & it was our children’s favorite brand of pacifier. The attached animals aren’t just cute, but functional. They help keep the pacifier from popping out of babies’ mouths, keep it from falling behind the crib, make it easy to locate thrown or dropped pacifiers, and act as a toy too. If you are a gift giver, these also make excellent shower gifts and they always get lots of “oohs” and “aahs” from other guests.

Tami Lemon Springs, NC


My son LOVED these wubbanubs. I had two… and I had them both for a LOOOONG time. I washed them by hand… and of course after a while, the pacifier ripped off, but then my son continued to use the toy b/c he was so used to having it around. He still has they ducky toy after 6 years (not the pacifier… don’t panic.) Anyway, I ordered 3 for my new baby and I always gift these wubbanubs with rave reviews. (I never lost one and didn’t have to buy a bizzillion pacifiers).

Jordan Whitehall, MI

Every Baby Needs a Wubbanub!

My son almost exclusively uses Wubbanub pacifiers. They are great – you can’t lose them easily, and they keep the pacifier close so you can get it back in your baby’s mouth quickly without digging around trying to find it after it’s spit out. I didn’t believe it at first, but infants also like to hug the little toy. Of the three Wubbanubs I have, the frog Wubbanub is my least favorite, only because it doesn’t seem to be as weighted and falls off my son’s chest easier than the duck or giraffe Wubbanub. But it still works great and is very cute.

Beth Tremont, IL

Great Pacifier

No little chocking parts, my daughter loves his. She can sleep with this on top of her and when she spits it out the pacifier stays where it is. Very easy for her to grab as well and cleans easily in a mesh bag. Now own multiple of these and very happy with them.

Joyce Marysville, PA

Own 6 Wubbanubs

These are easy to find at night, you can buckle the animal part in the car seat with baby so you don’t have to hunt it in the car! My boys both loved to just hold the light weight animal and used them for chew toys when teething!

Marion Intercession City, FL


These pacifiers are so great, they are the only ones my little guy will use!perfect for car trips because they don’t fall behind them in the seat when they spit them out.Especially when he gets upset in the car he hugs onto the stuffed animal part, and it clams him down.also it’s much esier to find in the diaper bag than those tiny pacifers that fall to the bottom and get all gross.my advice is get several… and keep in every room! .

Julia Parrott, VA

Frog is the best!

My sister is a little unconventional when it comes to gender-specific toys,cloths, and baby products. Her now 2 week old little girl needed something special and unique from her auntie; to set my gift apart from the jumble of baby shower items I came up with the idea of giving her a Green frog WubbaNubWubbaNub Green Frog, accompanied with a book recounting the fairytale of the princess and the frog. After all her daughter will someday find her princes after weeding through a few toads and frogs along the way. My sister loved it.I love WubbaNub’s and own 3(this frog,WubbaNub Giraffe, andWubbaNub Infant Pacifier Penguin – Limited Edition).My 10 month old sleeps with one every night. I love them because I don’t have to frantically dig through my diaper bag in search of a pacifier, they are large enough to easily see and grab.These WubbaNubs don’t roll away when their dropped and are easy to clean. My son loves them because the texture of the pacifier is familiar, and holding onto the stuffed animal is comforting. He has a frog and she has a frog, this product is not gender-specific.

Mildred Somerset, TX

its ok

im not so impressed because the paci cannot be removed. the stuff animal always go to my son’s nose when his using it.

Katie Coalton, OH

Perfect pacifier for 4 month old!

Our 4 month old loves these pacifiers. He plays with both the animal and the pacifier. He loves them so much we have at least six different ones.

Althea Mercer, ND

WubbaNubs… a MUST HAVE for new Moms!

I bought my daughter her first WubbaNub, the frog, before she was even born because I had read such wonderful things about them and I was very happy I did as she LOVES her Wubbas! Honestly I had wasted much money on other pacifiers because now at 2 months old these are all she’ll take. She has the frog and the giraffe which are both so cute and functional. She is able to hold on to the hands of the animal (esp. with the frog) or the head and keep it in her mouth MUCH easier than a regular paci and like other parents have said they’re WAY easier to find. Everywhere we go everyone wants to know where we got the adorable pacifiers.

Patsy Port Reading, NJ

I have a wubbanub addiction

Its a real problem. I think we have most of the ones that are currently made. My little man will only take a soothie pacifier, and the animals are small enough that he can hold on to them. Plus they are adorable! The alternatives come close, but aren’t quite as cute or practical. (I like that the pacifier is attached to the animals mouth as opposed to the back of the head like some of the others). The only thing I wish was different is I wish the pacifier could be separated from the animal for cleaning or changing out pacifier.

Charity Brooklin, ME

This little guy is great.

These are great because the little toy rests on my babies chest to help him keep hold of the pacifier. This was the first thing my baby ever held other than my fingers.It’s the only pacifier we use.

Briana Whigham, GA

Expensive for a paci but worth it!

My dog chewed up the wubbanub that I received at my baby shower the first day I gave it to my son so I didn’t really understand the full benefits of these until I bought this one. Well, it’s AWESOME! The cute stuffed animal really helps the paci stay in place. I give it to my son when he’s in the swing for his naps (not at night…too freaked out about SIDS and don’t want anything around his face!). He loves this one. Also, it’s great for when he’s a little older (currently 4 weeks) b/c he’ll be able to hold onto the little frog. I’d definitely recommend this to any new mom or dad that is giving their little one a paci and having issues with it always popping out of their baby’s mouth!

Dolores Herndon, KY

We have 3 and love them!

It took our baby girl a long time until she can actually hold the frog (we named him Freddie the Frog). But now at 6 months old she can pick it up and put it in her mouth easily. She also enjoys sucking on the frog’s arms and legs.Quality is great and none of them are falling apart. One stays in the car seat, one stays in the crib, and one makes its way around the house or in the diaper bag as a back-up.

Bridget Golconda, NV

Great Buy! Very Useful in car seat!

This is very useful in the car seat when the baby is too small to hold in the paci. It will help keep the paci in the mouth. She can hold it easy too! Now that she is 8 motnhs old, we put it in her crib with her and if she wakes up she can find it herself and put it in her mouth. Again, I can not say how great this was for the car seat! It washes easy in the washing machine. I buy these for every baby shower I go to. They are cute, cuddly, and work great!!!! We love this product!!

Lila Grand Junction, CO

Avoid the frog – go with the monkey or other animals. Frog design doesn’t work.

We love the Wubbanubs – but the Frog is the worst! The design just doesn’t work. The only way we can get the frog to work is flip it upside down and contort its legs under it to prop it up. The monkey is awesome – wish we had bought more of those. I give the monkey 5 stars!The serious drawback of these wubbanubs is the fact that you cannot separate the nub from the animal. No way to sterilize either of them. That being said – as crazy as we are for sterilizing everything for our newborn – we still put up with the pain of dealing with it. The lower review is simply for the design of the frog.It is a great concept and design – especially for newborns. Once the kids figure out how to use their hands, these things are useless though.

Janette Orono, ME

I think I like it more than he does

I love frogs, so I bought this for my son. At 5 months he is too young to really appreciate the cute stuffed animal, but he has an easier time putting this in his mouth than a regular pacifier. He also has an easier time pulling it out. My only complaint is that the pacifier is not detachable, which would make cleaning a little easier.

Rena Lindsay, CA

So Helpful When Looking for a Missing Pacifier

My son likes the Soothie pacifiers and I came across the Wubbanub when I was searching for a pacifier clip. I was always digging around in his car seat searching for his pacifier when he spit it out so I needed a solution. I love the Wubbanub. It makes it so easy to find wherever he drops it or spits it out. I bought the frog and the lion. I really like both of them. It is very light weight so it is not too heavy even for a newborn. My son will sometimes just hold the Wubbanub even if he is not sucking on the pacifier part. I love that it is sewn to the pacifier. The only downside is that if you need to rinse it off, you have to be careful not to get the animal wet but if you do, it dries quickly (as long as you don’t soak it). I would recommend the Wubbanub especially for babies that like the Soothie pacifiers.

Desiree Ellerslie, GA


These are amazing. My 3 month old daughter LOVES her wubbanubs. Plus they are large enough that I can find them in her carseat while driving, and reinsert them without pulling over. Bonus.

Maura Franklin Lakes, NJ


We have 4 children who have LOVED their wabbanubs. After they outgrow the pacifier, I remove it from the stuffed animal and they still have their lovey. My 6 year old still plays w/ his little green frog, (without the pacifier attached), and sleeps w/ him each night. We’ve had several varieties and the green frog is the best as far as weight, lying on the baby just right and easy for baby to hold. By far, he’s our favorite for our boys and girls. Excellent purchase.

Roslyn Kiel, WI

Every baby should have one of these

These are wonderful!! Long gone are the days where we must frantically search for lost binkys! These are not only hard to lose, but my son was able to rap his arm around the animal to put the binky back in his mouth at only 2-3 months old. My baby loves to snuggle the animal, and when it was time to ween our older son off binkys we just cut the pacifier off and let him keep the animal. Really helped make it easier!

Summer Cle Elum, WA