WubbaNub Infant Pacifier Alligator – Limited Edition

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier Alligator – Limited Edition

Don’t let those teeth fool you! The Limited Edition WubbaNub Alligator is soft, cuddly and sure to be a hit with baby and parents alike.

Main features

  • Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide
  • Made wth a Soothie medical grade, latex free pacifier
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free
  • The durable one-piece construction means no germs hiding between cracks so the pacifier stays cleaner.

Verified reviews



This is the perfect size for tiny hands and is very cute. I would recomment this very your very young baby.

Alexandra Hawesville, KY

The only paci our baby will take

She loved this so much because she could easily hold, grab, and position it. We got a back up in case she lost the first one.

Tracie Grimsley, TN

Favorite baby product hands down

I LOVE LOVE LOVE wubbanubs. And so do my twin boys. We had 6-8 in rotation when we were in pacifier stage. I love the soft cuddly, easy to grip stuffed animal the most. We had a bunch of different kinds and the alligator is a good one, doesn’t pill when washed repeatedly. And I know some are curious how to sanitize. We had thrush early on and I hated the idea of tossing our wubbanubs, so I boiled them in a pot on the stove for twenty minutes and then washed them in the washing machine. After they wash I hung dry and then washed and rinsed the pacifier part only. Worked great, fully sanitized and after treatment we had no more thrush issues. So they can be sanitized and washed, just so you know! And as for the price… Worth every penny!

Faye Atlanta, NE

We LOVE WubbaNubs!

My now 20 month old daughter is a total Soothie addict, and her Wubbanubs are her absolute favorite. For smaller babies, this is a great way to prevent having them lose their pacifier. For bigger babies like mine, they are fun cuddly friends that also double as a pacifier. She doesn’t go anywhere without a Wubbanub, and this alligator is very cute. It even has little embroidered "teeth" on the sides of it’s mouth. Very cute!

Cherry Ruthville, VA

We LOVE Wubbanubs!

I thought paying over $10 for a pacifier was ridiculous, but Wubbanubs are worth every penny. They help keep the pacifier in place, and my son loves playing with the stuffed animal portion. I believe it helps with his motor skills. The only downside is that my dog thinks it’s his chew toy, ha! That is obviously not a fault of the product, though. Good thing it’s easy to wash and dry. 🙂 We also have the giraffe and longhorn wubbanubs. I think the animals with the longer legs (the giraffe and longhorn) stay in place a bit better because their feet are weighted a bit more, but we love all of them.

Karla Haddam, CT

The Best

This completely ended the frustration of having to constantly retrieve dropped and spit out pacifiers for my second daughter. It was a great source of comfort for her not only to suck on, but to hold also. Also, if she dropped it somewhere around the house when she became mobile, it was easy to spot because it was colorful (we had the yellow duck and the green frog ones). Easy to wash too, just put in the washing machine when it got grubby, and it came out almost dry from the spin cycle. The pacifier finally started to break off from the doll after about a year.

Phyllis Cowgill, MO

Our Favorite Pacis

We love wubbanub brand because when babe falls asleep and paci falls out, it stays put on their chest. This way, when they wake, theyre usually able to get it back in and suck themselves back to sleep. We get them for every baby gift – this will be perfect for our Florida fan friends expecting!

Winifred South Royalton, VT

Perfect for Newborn

My little one can push this back into her mouth without exhausted mother getting up to help. That in itself makes this item one of my most valuable possessions. She also likes to snuggle her "gator" while falling asleep after she’s spit the pacifier out.

Donna Trenton, NJ

Cute and Easy to find

• Cute, I get comments from people all the time on how neat/cute it is
• Easier to find in moment of screaming baby panic than a traditional pacifier
• Stuffed animal makes it easier for baby to hold
• Ability to tuck stuffed animal into straps of car seat to keep in place for babyCons:
• Pacifier doesn’t attach, so you must wash the whole thing or wash just the pacifier part very carefully.
• Body of stuffed animal doesn’t balance/ stay on little’s laying-down chest one as well as animals with longer limbs.Overall, as great product. I bought 2 since this one is a limited addition- I would be sad if we lost this one! It’s just so cute, FL relatives get a kick out of it too.

Dionne Flanders, NJ

Daughter loves it

My daughter wouldn’t take pacifiers and when she did they would fall out causing a meltdown. This allows her to hold on to it and keeps her occupied when it does come out because she can chew on the tail!

Vanessa Piedmont, WV