WubbaNub Infant Pacifier – Giraffe

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier – Giraffe

What do you get when you combine a cute plush toy with a hospital grade pacifier? A good night’s sleep! Finally, a way to gently help the pacifier stay close to your baby. The WubbaNub Plush Toy Pacifier is designed to give your baby comfort with a soft, bean-filled animal friend that not only provides stimulation for little fingers, but positioning support for the pacifier. The Soothie pacifier is sewn into the WubbaNub for safety and is made of Medical Grade Silicone that is latex-free. The beans in the WubbaNub plush toy are sewn in separate safety sacks within the plush and conform to US government safety code requirements. Complete care instructions included on back of packaging. Features: Recommended for (full term) newborn up to 6 months Designed to keep the pacifier close to your baby without using cords or clips Made of medical grade silicone The WubbaNub uses the Soothie pacifier like you get in the hospital Soft plush brings soothing comfort and security Available in a variety of cute animals Baby safe and independently tested. Meets all safety requirements. Awards 2008 Top Choice Award/Pacifier, Creative Child Magazine An Oscar winner! Featured in Academy Award Gift Bags! Heads and shoulders above the rest, our WubbaNub Giraffe is sure to be a favorite of baby AND Mom and Dad. Soft and cuddly it is just the right size for little hands to grasp and keep the pacifier close. NOTE: Wubbanubs come packaged in a clear polybag with header card.

Main features

  • Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide
  • Made with a Soothie(TM) medical grade, latex-free pacifier, non-toxic polyethylene pellets
  • The durable one-piece construction means no germs hiding between cracks so the pacifier stays cleaner.
  • Newborns less than six months of age or babies without teeth (not suggested for the stage of teething)
  • NOTE: Wubbanubs come packaged in a clear polybag with header card.

Verified reviews


Do Yourself a Favor and Buy TWO

Two kids later and we are still big believers in the wubbanub. Tuck the arms into carseat straps to keep from “i lost my binky” screaming fits in the car. Swaddle the animal in with baby to keep from waking over and over from a lost pacifier. And baby loves to hold and grasp at the animal, so they learn to get binky back into their own mouth much sooner. Our older son is still very attached to the monkey from his wubbanub, long after giving up the binky. The giraffe is our favorite wubbanub animal by far too – gets so many compliments oh how adorable it is. We recommend wubbanub to everyone who comments on it.Do yourself a favor though and buy at least TWO from the get go, both the same style. Rotate them regularly so they both get the same wear to them. Over time our kids became very attached to their wubbanub, and if anything had happened to it man we would be in a jam! By purchasing two and rotating them regularly you ensure a backup wubbanub friend that smells and feels the way they have come to expect. It becomes a treasured lovie very quickly, so cover your bases and avoid a wubbanub crisis. 🙂

Antionette Mathiston, MS

Could NOT live without it

(I am updating my initial review that said we could live without this product…we CANNOT live without!)PROS:-Cute-Easy to find the pacifier with such a big thing attached to it-Good pattern for the baby to look at-Will hold it propped in her mouth if she’s REALLY REALLY tired-Easy to grab, so at night she can find it in her crib and pop it back in her mouth!CONS:–> Only reason I’m giving this 4 stars: Paci doesn’t detach so the animal AND the pacifier have to go into the washer-Easy for baby to grab and she pulls it out of her mouth ALL THE TIMEI would buy this again and am tempted to buy a second one just in case we lose this one!!

Marina Eastanollee, GA

Disappointing size and appearance

I wish that I had paid more attention to the product description for this item. The giraffe arrived and it was teeny tiny, much smaller than I anticipated. Additionally, it reminded me of the beanie baby toys that McDonald’s used to hand out with Happy Meals.I was so disappointed that I returned this product and instead bought the Bunnies by the Bay ‘Silly Buddy’ pacifier holder. It is larger, lightweight, and very soft. My daughter seems to like that it is big enough for her to hold onto, which would have been more difficult with the Wubbanub. I would recommend the Silly Buddy over the Wubbanub.

Aline Stratton, CO

Impossible to esterilise, pacifier atached to the girafe.

The pacifier comes atached to the girafe. I was hoping for a pacifier holder, were I could change the pacifier and esterilise it.The way it is, is impossible to esterilise the pacifier.

Francesca Seagraves, TX

giraffe doesn’t hold, the pacifier is too big

this product doesn’t do what it supposed to. the pacifier is bigger and havier than the toy’s head so it falls down, the toy is useless.so expensive.waste of money

Cherie Lincolnton, NC

not for older babies

I bought this for my 5 month old son because he likes having a paci at night as well as a stuffed animal. First of all, the paci on this is horrible and it is way to small for a 5 month old to hold in his mouth. Would be soo much better if it had a larger pacifier and a MAM type pacifier. Do not wast your money

Rosalie Hope, AK

Not spit proof but helps tremendously

The Wubbanub is definitely not spit proof but it does help in keeping the pacifier in baby’s mouth. It works best at night when she’s swaddled and can’t move around too much, and I can just rest it on her chest. It’s easy to find if she does end up spitting it out.

Myrna Cypress, IL

Baby refused to take it

Baby refused to use this. It’s very cute and a good idea. I wish I had had it for my first baby. But he just won’t take it. He’s not really a pacifier baby- I waited too long to introduce them.

Cecilia Poplar, MT

It’s a good idea…

While it’s a good idea, it doesn’t really work for what most people will buy it for… It’s supposed to stay in baby’s mouth, but it doesn’t! It’s not heavy enough.

Mildred Goetzville, MI

OMG! Get this!

The Wubba works, it just simply works. We got a lot of advice on what to get for the baby–a lot of must-haves from friends. Most of them were specific to their child, however, and a lot of times it wasn’t for us. The wubba is the only thing we’ll recommend to our friends as a must have!We started our 5-month old on the NUK pacifier soon after arriving from the hospital–it works well and it was well received. We also tried the Avent Soothie (same pacifier used on the Wubba just without the stuffed animal) and that work well too, but not quite as well as the NUK (it was a little stiffer and didn’t stay in as well). Our baby has quite the suction and the NUK would leave an impression if she used too long; that’s not a problem for the Soothie since it’s constructed from one piece of silicone.What makes the Wubba stand apart is that it does what no other product can do. A pacifier by itself easily falls out; we have plenty of clips but they don’t keep the pacifier in, just prevent it from falling on the floor. There are times when a pacifier is what separates us from a night of sleep and having getting up every other hour. Being able to position the wubba safely next to our baby so that the pacifier is accessible when she stirs has been a game changer!Our baby has evolved in her use of the wubba over time.When we first got it, we could use the stuffed animal portion to keep the pacifier in place while in the car seat, swing, crib, and everyone else in between. Early on, there wasn’t much hand interaction with the wubba by our baby because the coordination was quite there yet. At about 3-months, we started to notice that the stuffed animal allowed our baby to grab the Wubba and keep it where it was wanted. a couple months later, our baby would rub the stuffed animal part to help sooth herself–dual action!The pacifier is sewn into the stuffed animal. After several months of regular and heavy use, we haven’t had any problems with the pacifier separating or stuffed animal opening. It’s relatively easy to keep clean—soap and water on the pacifier does the trick. We take care not to get the stuffed animal wet when cleaning the pacifier portion and that’s about it.

Cora Lackey, VA

These are the BEST

I bought 3 wubbanubs for my daughter. One was the giraffe here. You have to like the soothie pacifiers in order to use these because that is the type of paci that is attached to all of them.I started my baby using them when she was only 2 weeks old. They totally helped in not loosing her paci when they fell out of her mouth because the toy doesn’t fall far. Sometimes it just drops right in front of her mouth and she’s able to suck it right back in.She’s 5 1/2 months old now and we’ve NEVER lost one.They are machine washable on a light cycle then allow to air dry. They wash up really well.Now that my daughter is a few months old, she loves huging and grabbing at the animal attached to the paci, and now she can put it back in her mouth on her own.I’d highly recommend to anyone. They are a great toy and paci in one, and it’s sort of like your baby’s 1st lovely.

Liz Wendover, KY

My favorite baby purchase!!

I bought this when my son was a couple weeks old because he favored soothie pacifiers and I loved the idea of being able to more easily find the pacifier, having something my son could hold onto, and having something that sort of propped up the pacifier while he was too young to keep it in his mouth well enough on his own.This has met all those expectations wonderfully! I’ve since purchased two more for when my son drops his in gross places and they need to go through the washing machine. In between washes in the washing machine I wash only the pacifier part and it’s not too difficult. Once in a while the tip of the giraffe’s nose gets wet but that’s not a big deal and it dries quickly.I should mention that I’ve seen other WubbaNubs and knockoff WubbaNubs and so far the giraffe is my son’s very favorite. It’s longer than the others and narrower and more easily stays on his chest. Now that he’s 7 months old that’s not important because he can keep the pacifier in his mouth and he can also put it back in his mouth if it falls out. But when he was smaller it was just the perfect size to sit and stay on his chest. He also loved holding the giraffes ears. When he first learned to grab at things he’d grab the giraffes ears happily and by default would hold the pacifier in his mouth better as he was falling asleep.I only add these things because choosing which adorable stuffed animal part was difficult but I had to keep getting the giraffe because of those reasons!One more reason to get this is that once babies can reach for things and put things in their mouth these are even more amazing. My son drops his and can easily find it and put it back in his mouth. He also loves to play with it as a toy! I can imagine him loving this for a long time, long after outgrowing pacifiers.Best purchase. I don’t know how I would have made it through the infant months without these!!!

Amparo Hartsburg, MO

Huge fan!

Wubbanub is a great product. My son absolutely loves his Geoffrey Giraffe! It helps him find his paci at night time and nap time if he wants it so i don’t have to hunt it down! Plus keeps it from getting lost around the house too! This is his second one. The first one lasted for a year. I have no complaints on this. It washes well as well!

Maureen New Weston, OH

A must for every baby!

We LOVE our giraffe Wubbanub! I bought one before our baby was born to try it out, since I thought it was expensive for a pacifier. But it’s worth every penny. It’s great for keeping the pacifier close, babies love to snuggle the soft toy, and you don’t lose pacifiers when your baby spits them out. I ended up buying two more Wubbanubs because I liked this one so much!

Lana Branch, AR

Wonderful passifier for a baby, he can hold it in place

I’m in love with this passifier. My son likes this one a lot but the monkey is his favorite. It is great from birth through 6 months or older. It helps him keep it in place. He is even learning to put back in his mouth himself.

Gwen Fallston, MD

Not as pictured…

Works as well as other Wubs, but not as cute as pictured. The giraffe has a longer, flimsy neck and different coloring pattern. My baby still likes and uses it though.

Callie Marysvale, UT

My son loves this

My son loves this. It is a little trouble to wash but very cute to watch him hold. Adorable 🙂

Sandy Palmdale, FL

Love the WubbaNub

I love this product for newborns. If your baby takes a pacifier they can also hold onto something so incase it slips out of there mouths they do not fall on the floor that quickly. They are easy to clean as well. They are also very cute!

Leanne Nixon, TX

You Will not Believe the Cuteness

Oh my geez, if you buy this, as a lady, your uterus will begin demanding you have a baby. That’s how cute it is. I speak ridiculous gibberish every time it’s in the room. It actually may be a weapon from another planet, because adults turn into blubbering idiots in its presence, because it’s too cute. I got this to be the topper on a diaper cake for a giraffe baby shower, and it looks wonderful. Did I mention it’s cute?

Wilma Soldotna, AK

Loved by kids and parents alike!

My 14-mo old loves the whole series of these pacis. We also have a cat. We keep this as a crib pacifier, so he associates sleep time with this. It is soft, easy for baby to grab at any age, we had it for over a year and it looks as new. It washes easy. No smells or ripped seams so far, so I would rate workmanship as very good. It is light and the size is about 5 in long.

Josefina Pillsbury, ND

Great product, definite must have for a new baby

This is such an adorable pacifier and has great features too. One of the best parts about this pacifier is that I do not have to attach it to a string pacifier holder (which could get wrapped around my little one), I would simply just rest it on him and he would push at it if he wanted it. This sweet little animal is light weight yet heavy enough to stay put in a carseat or while he sleeps in his bassinet.This product is great, I have had it for my child since he was born, I gave it to him about 4-5 days in as a newborn (which I have come to realize is the best time to give a pacifier to a newborn, it is not too early for nipple confusion and not too late that they refuse it). He has been able to “grasp” at it from day one. He was able to push the little animal back in if it started to fall out or push it out if he did not want it. The design makes it easier to stay in their mouths when they are so little and are learning to suck.It is also easy to wash and it drys quickly. I recommend two so that you can always have one ready to go.I did see a few other wubbanub pacifiers on sale at Babies’R’us, but when my friend purchased hers I noticed that the quality was not as good, they were much more flimsy and very light weight, making it hard to stay put.When I was still pregnant I wrote…I love this product, it is so precious and this is the best price I have seen for these. My friends baby has them and loves them so much, she is able to grab it at put it back in her mouth herself. I am still pregnant and hoping that my baby will love them as much as my friends baby did. I love how soft they are and they are a good size, not too large and not too small. I think the giraffe is the sweetest too.

Georgette Whiting, VT

Didn’t work for my daughter

I bought this for my 4 week old. I thought it would help keep the pacifier in, but it didn’t she still would pull it out. It’s cute, but didn’t do what I expected it to do.

Angelique Hayward, MN

So cute!

It is very cute but I don’t like the fact you can’t separate the pacifier from the animal. When she spits up, it of course gets on the animal. I purchased her a paci plushie and I much prefer that because you can use any pacifier and it separates so you can wash them separately. Someone said they put the wannanub in the washer. That to me is gross. WHo wants to wash your childs paci in the same place you wash your dirty socks!

Debbie Eden, TX

Adorable but hard to clean

This pacifier is super cute. It’s hard to sterilize though and if you’re worried about thrush you are going to go nuts if your kid gets really attached to this. Best bet is to see if they like the avent SOOTHIES. If yes, then they will probably love this. If no, then they will probably hate it.

Krystal Hickman, CA

Two in one!

I love how soft and cuddly this giraffe is. My 5 month old loves to hold something soft when she’s got her thumb, or a soother in her mouth and this checks both the boxes! Eliminates the need to carry a soother AND a small blanket or toy.

Martha Rush Hill, MO

We 💚 WubbaNubs

I purchased this product after using the Phillips Avent Soothie Pacifiers for my little daughter. They are the only pacifiers she has ever taken. It’s also the kind they gave her while she was in the NICU at the hospital. I am so glad someone came up with this idea!Pros:1. Cute animal for girls or boys.2. Easy to keep track of – easy to see in a dark bedroom at night & also when you are holding the baby, they are much easier to grab as they are falling than a Paci alone.3. Stays in better than a Soothie Paci by itself – we often prop the animal on her chest and she seems to love holding on to the soft stuffed animal & can even sometimes push it back into her own mouth. She has also learned over time to guide it into her mouth on her own.4. Durable – after several washes in the machine, it seems to be holding up just fine.Cons:1. Tedious cleaning – I usually wash them on gentle in the washing machine but worry about my daughter ingesting detergent residue so I usually then wash off the pacifier top with a pacifier wipe.2. Falls out – not as much as when it’s only the pacifier – could just be my daughters tongue pushing it out or something but I think worth mentioning.

Therese Brighton, MO

One of the best baby products

I thought paying over $10 for a pacifier was ridiculous, but Wubbanubs are worth every penny. They help keep the pacifier in place, and my son loves playing with the stuffed animal portion. I believe it helps with his motor skills. The only downside is that my dog thinks it’s his chew toy, ha! That is obviously not a fault of the product, though. Good thing it’s easy to wash and dry. 🙂 We also have the alligator and longhorn wubbanubs. I think the animals with the longer legs (the giraffe and longhorn) stay in place a bit better because their feet are weighted a bit more, but we love all of them.

Araceli Fulton, AR



Earline Meriden, NH

Best Baby Product Ever!

Of the eight of these we have, two are the giraffe. We have used these pacifiers since the day we brought my son home and are so happy with them. He was/is a preemie and in the beginning they were the size of his head- didn’t stop him from trying to use them. In fact this is the only type of pacifier my son will take. At eight months he decided he was through with co-sleeping and these have been a lifesaver. If he wakes up he can easily find them in his crib and go right back to sleep. He looks so cute when I go to get him in the mornings. Even if he’s not sucking on the plug he’s hugging his little friend. 🙂 I just bought another and will probably buy more in the future.If ever there was a perfect baby shower gift this would be it. I think every new Mum should be handed one of these, a swaddling blanket and instructions to put this in their baby’s mouth then wrap them into the swaddle with the baby. We’ve had nothing but good nights since we discovered that little trick!

Luella Mc Ewen, TN

Love the pattern

My son loves all of his wubbanubs. He piles them up in his crib and snuggles with them. They dont bounce away, he easily learned to put them back into his mouth, & they lie flat on his Chest. When he was younger, they tucked easily into his swaddle & car seat restraints. I just wished they were easier to clean since there’s no way to detach the pacifier from the stuffed animal.

Lizzie Saint Peter, IL