Wubbanub Infant Pacifier – Pink Horse

Wubbanub Infant Pacifier – Pink Horse

The WubbaNub Plush Toy Pacifier is a great animal friend to help keep your baby content and happy. Recommended for ages infant (full term to 6 months). Complete care instructions included on back of packaging.

Main features

  • An Oscar winner! Featured in this year’s Academy Award Bags!
  • The WubbaNubTM uses the SoothieTM pacifier like you get in the hospital.
  • The pacifier is sewn into the WubbaNub for safety, and is made of latex-free, medical grade silicone.
  • The WubbaNubTM is designed to keep the pacifier close to your baby.

Verified reviews


Not a big fan

I understand the idea behind this but think there are better products out there. Maybe you will feel differently. I dont recommend.

Doris Winslow, NE

So cute, but I wish it was different…

This item is adorable, I sure wish my 4 month old picked up the paci habit! The animal has a pacifier sewn into the mouth of it – it cannot be removed. My dog got a hold of this and chewed the circle aroudn the base, but it cannot be replaced without buying a whole new one! It sure would be nice if the pacifier was interchangable instead of stationary. I also thought it would be larger, but it’s a tiny little thing.

Caroline Ocean Park, ME

Pink Horse

This pacifer is so cute. My daughter just loves it. The pacifer is attached to the horse, so you can’t really lose it. Also you can’t replace the pacifer in the horse’s mouth. Plus, the baby can play with the horse while using the pacifer. Thank you so much.

Ester Wevertown, NY


My 5 month old will only take a soothie pacifier. I love these cute little animals. Makes it easier to keep track of her bink on the go.

Stefanie Waterport, NY

So much harder to lose this paci!

We lose pacis all over the house so it’s nice to have something a little bigger. It’s also easy for a small child to hold onto when sleeping. Love this!

Angie Mellette, SD

Baby loves it

Baby dearly loves this! I got a second in blue to be sure we had enough! The small horse is perfect for little hands to grab.

Nellie Bombay, NY

The good and the bad

We give 4 stars!The Good:
• It is seriously soooooo cute!
• The size of the horse is perfect!!! Not too big and not to small.
• The weight is perfect. Not to heavy and not to light. It will nicely stay right on babies belly without falling off unless baby wants to play with the horse itself.
• Looks to be well made. No loose seams, and well constructed.
• The size Soothie attached is 3month. Since you have no option but to have the Soothie sewn in it is the best option in size I guess. Not too big and not too small.The Bad:
• I hate that the Soothie paci is sewn in. Couldn’t there have been some other way to do this… now instead of buying one Wubbanub and a few Soothie’s to replace a dirty one with you have to buy several Wubbanub’s? That can get expensive. Had I done my research and learned that the paci is actually sewn in I would have bought the Soothie Pacifier Attacher.FYI – Our Wubbanub did not smell when we got it out of the box and honestly I would not have held that against them if it had… come on… manufacturing plants don’t smell good. Would you rather they spray toys down with perfume before sending???? I don’t!!!!!

Beth Sumner, IL