WubbaNub Infant Plush Pacifier – Limited Edition Set

WubbaNub Infant Plush Pacifier – Limited Edition Set

Get the security of Wubbanub, the experts in safe, birthing center approved pacifier toys, with comfort and cuteness of Mary Meyer. Exclusive Mary Meyer designs that coordinate with the rest of the Mary Meyer infant collection are combined with the patented design of WubbaNub.

Main features

  • Wubbanub pacifiers are the soft and cuddly pacifier that not only won’t get lost, it will be loved
  • BPA and phthalate free, and made from latex-free, medical grade silicone
  • Soft and cuddly, with arms and legs that are easy for little hands to hold on to
  • Mary Meyer has been creating fun, safe baby toys for more than 75 years

Verified reviews


Highly recommended

I was skeptical about these for the cost & if my son would even like them but its the only pacifier he likes. He doesn’t even like the Soothie by itself. My son is a thumb sucker from the womb & fusses to be able to suck his thumb, arm, or my neck, but he scratches himself so much I’m glad to use these to protect his face more. They are easy to clean & sterilize, directions are on wubbanubs website too btw.

Deanna Chester, CA


I purchased these for my daughter when she was 4 weeks old and at nearly 4 months we’re still using them! They’re so fun and much easier to keep ahold of then a single pacifier. Plus having something to snuggle with or teeth on is a bonus! They’re light weight and brightly colored so she’s still fascinated by them.

Lois Harveyville, KS

Can’t live without

We absolutely LOVE Wubbanubs! We used them for our first daughter 6 years ago, and are now using them for our newborn. We can’t live without them. They help the paci stay in place!

Sadie Fort Mitchell, VA

We ❤ WubbaNubs!

I purchased this product after using the Phillips Avent Soothie Pacifiers for my little daughter. They are the only pacifiers she has ever taken. It’s also the kind they gave her while she was in the NICU at the hospital. I am so glad someone came up with this idea!We love all 3 of these cute animals! The giraffe has cute sewn bubbles in different colors on her, the kitten is nice bright hot pink, and the safari puppy has a cute leopard print underside & knotted tail.Pros:1. Cute animals for girls ~ all made of pink!2. Easy to keep track of – easy to see in a dark bedroom at night & also when you are holding the baby, they are much easier to grab as they are falling than a Paci alone3. Stays in better than a Soothie Paci by itself – we often prop the animal on her chest and she seems to love holding on to the soft stuffed animal & can even sometimes push it back into her own mouth (and she’s only 10 weeks!)Cons:1. Tedious cleaning – I usually wash them on gentle in the washing machine but worry about my daughter ingesting detergent residue so I usually then wash off the pacifier top with a pacifier wipe2. Falls out – not as much as when it’s only the pacifier – could just be my daughters tongue pushing it out or something but I think worth mentioning

Nancy Sloughhouse, CA


I first bought a single WubbaNub Kitty for my granddaughter, she likes it so well, that I bought a three pack – they are all so cute. We have not had any problems with them so far, they wash well. I hope they last her for a long, long time. They are more expensive, but I think they are worth the difference. They are easier to keep up with than just a pacifier and it gives her something to hold on to when she is going to sleep. She was born almost 6 weeks early and it’s the same pacifier that the hospital used.

Bernice Hays, KS

so cute

My son does not take a pacifier. Not because I didn’t offer one but this is perfect because he loves to chew on stuff. There is the pacifier part the rim of the pacifier arms legs and tails and a tag he can chew on.

Ericka Schererville, IN


Other than washing, which I usually put them through the washer and then hand wash the paci part with warm soap and water, they are so loved by my baby. She actually started grasping them. I was so impressed!

Lorene Philomath, OR

Can’t be without these pacifiers

My daughter is about 3 months old and loves her Wubbanubs. She spits out the standard pacifiers now. I’m not as happy with the catepillar because it’s a little stiffer than the elephant and kitten but we’re trying to break it in.Having a stuffed animal connected to the pacifier has made it easier for our baby to hold in the pacifier. I was afraid it wouldn’t work and I’d be wasting money but the little animals are not heavy at all. I would definitely recommend these however you may find that your baby wants to "fling" them across the room. Especially if his/her motor skills have not developed yet. LOL

Wendy Durand, MI