Wubbanub Infant Plush Toy Pacifier Giraffe

Wubbanub Infant Plush Toy Pacifier Giraffe


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Excellent concept, but cheaply made…

I really love the concept of this toy/pacifier. And I love how many models you can choose from! It is such a good idea to combine a pacifier with a plush toy. So cute, and so convenient to take in the car, or to give baby at night. I agree with people who say that the pacifier doesn’t stay long in their kid’s mouth: my baby, too, pulls the pacifier out of her mouth because she keeps grasping and playing with the giraffe. But that’s ok with me, as long as she is having fun with it.However, I have to complain about the poor quality of this item:- I saw someone writing that the plush looked like a happy meal toy. Yes, it does, indeed! It is soft enough for my baby to enjoy, but I still feel that for the price it could be somewhat nicer.- The pacifier is not the best. The shape is actually pretty bad. The base of it shouldn’t be round and have a ‘cut-out’ for the nose, like most other pacifiers do.- I HATE that the plush doesn’t detach, it makes it so much more difficult to wash. I would actually have liked it if you could detach the plush to wash it, and why not re-attach it to any pacifier, so that you could change the color of the pacifier, upgrade for a 6+ month pacifier, replace it when it is damaged, etc. I get that they don’t want you to buy another brand of pacifier, but couldn’t they at least make a system where you can remove and attach to this brand of pacifiers, and sell separate pacifiers and plush toys? Kind of a ‘mix-n-match’ concept? That would be sooooo great!Would these points be solved (and they are easily solved), it would be one of the best items on the market for a young baby. I also bought one for my godson and he loves his so much, too, but his mom has the exact same issues than I do. Anyhow, I don’t regret my purchase but hope that Wubbanub will make this product better before I have another baby…

Ladonna North Arlington, NJ

Baby loves it!

Great way to make a soothie even better! I wanna buy some more of those. Pricey tho! Cute, fun and baby loves it!

Eula Blue Mountain, MS

great solution for pacifiers falling out of young infant’s mouths

My baby uses this in the car when she gets fussy and it really helps her out. I gave it for stars because the price is high. I found that when the pacifier is worn out, you can cut the threads stitching the you to the paci and buy a new one to stitch into the wubbanub instead of buying another.

Rosemarie Naper, NE


I wish I would have bought this sooner! It’s a life saver if you have a child who is pacifier dependent! If your child spits it out while driving You can find it with ease and stick it back in their mouth. Plus it acts as a stuffed animal helping them sleep better at night.

Rosalyn Stamford, TX


i got this thinking it would help stay in reach for my son so he wouldnt freak if it fell out of his mouth. thats the idea i got from other reviews. but in my experience its just a boring toy. he actually used it like 3 times. other than that it just hung out on the shelf. he never used it again. so hes now 6 months and not interested in one either way so a 20 dollar product went in the trash. if it were cheaper it wouldnt be too bad but its a little pricey for a stuffed mcdonalds toy (basically)

Elba Linwood, MA


I was a little surprised when I received this in the mail of how small it really is. They look so big when the babies are holding them. It is absolutely adorable though! Soft and nice and light so the babies won’t have a problem hanging on to them.

Trisha Millinocket, ME

So adorable.

While I could never get my son to take a pacifier, this one was the only one he would take (or just chew on). It travels well and despite being thrown all over the place for the last six months, it looks brand new still.I love how my son was able to hold onto the giraffe and chewed on the pacifier. It almost served as a lovey for a long time.

Vickie Monrovia, MD

“Nookum” paci plushies are better!

These are cute and hi quality, however I recommend the nookum brand to ppl instead because you can use mams or nuks and swap out the paci every few days to sterilize. Wubbanubs have to go in the laundry; the paci is permanantly attached. Also, we found mam brand pacis are a lot easier for babies to keep hold of in the night. they tend to loose the soothies as soon as they drift off.

Gwen Echo, UT

Can’t live without.

As a very young infant I would say helpful but could live wo. As our daughter became 2 months old we seriously could not make it a day wo. The pattern is interesting for development. The stuffed animal makes so you don’t have to put their pacifier back in 60 times. They will just hold on themselves.

Wendi Noti, OR

Must Have for Newborns

We would be lost without a few of these – one in the each car and one in the house. Seriously, the kid loves it. We are a little worried about having to break the habit, but willing to take that chance for the comfort this gives her now. They are well constructed, they come in numerous styles, and they are easy to wash. We have purchased several of these for friends now, too.

Rachael Joshua, TX

Best pacifier ever!

I loved that my baby can hug the small stuffed animal and tuck the pacifier. She loved it. It is machine washable and as soon as you take it out, it does not really need to be dried as it is dried already and is ready to be used.I thought it was a bigger giraffe and was disappointed at first to see it so tiny, but I believe it is the appropriate size for an infant not to choke on. It is a pricey ($13-$14 ea.). Wish it was half price, and wish I could replace pacifiers on the stuffed animal, but can not, since it is sewed with stitches to the giraffe.BabyHaven is really professional and nice. When I received other regular Soothie pacifiers in damaged boxes, they offered to send me replacements for free. Hoping to receive them soon by mail.—————————————-Edited April 8, 2013:I now have an Amazon Prime Membership with my Amazon Mom membership, I receive everything in 2 days and can return items with no hassle. Back when I bought the Wubbanub and Avent Soothie Pacifiers from BabyHaven, I thought they proposed to send me free pacifiers to replace the damaged packages I received but they did not and wanted me to pay for the return shipping rate. They said since product is not damage it is my responsibility. They tucked 6 Avent soothie pacifiers and 3 wubbanub pacifiers in one small bubbly envelop!!! The Avent Soothie’s package was ruined but they did not care.They were not so professional what so ever.We are treated better when we get the Prime Membership as we deal with Amazon directly versus with the seller. Packaging is better, as they send in a boxes even small ones versus in an envelop that gets ur package damaged from shipping.Would still recommend the product though. My daughter stopped taking the pacifier around 4 months, but she loves to play with the tiny stuffed animal and chew on it sometimes 🙂 So cute!

Brigitte Shepherd, MI