WubbaNub Monkey “It’s a Boy” Pacifier

WubbaNub Monkey “It’s a Boy” Pacifier

Get the security of WubbaNub, the experts in safe, birthing center approved pacifier toys, with comfort and cuteness of Mary Meyer! Exclusive Mary Meyer designs that coordinate with the rest of the Mary Meyer infant collection are combined with the patented design of WubbaNub. WubbaNub pioneered the way to a soft and cuddly pacifier that not only won’t get lost, it will be loved. Made from latex-free, medical grade silicone. BPA and phthalate free. No pacifier cords or clips. All WubbaNubs are completely safety tested at independent testing facilities and meet or exceed all applicable safety standards as set forth by the regulatory bodies in the United States. Whether for your own little one or to give as a gift, Mary Meyer is always a perfect choice. Based in Vermont, Mary Meyer is an environmentally conscious company, including receiving 100% of its energy from the renewable energy of Central Vermont Power Service’s Cow Power Program. Recipients of multiple Oppenheim and Toy of the Year awards, Mary Meyer has been making toys that are safe and fun for more than 75 years.

Main features

  • Wubbanub pacifiers are the soft and cuddly pacifier that not only won’t get lost, it will be loved
  • Sweet chocolate blue puppy wubbanub in gift-friendly packaging that promotes its features
  • Soft and cuddly, with arms and legs that are easy for little hands to hold on to
  • Machine washable wubbanub has a soothie brand pacifier that is bpa and phthalate free, and made from latex-free silicone
  • Mary meyer has been making toys that are fun and safe for more than 75 years

Verified reviews


Genius invention.

These things are great. We have had two previous ones (one for the diaper bag one for home)for a long time now and a round of bad luck hit us when we lost both of them just within a couple of weeks because my son threw them out of the stroller and I didn’t notice :(. We ordered another right away because my son, now 11 months, loves holding on to the little animal. After losing our last wubbanubs I realized they were a “security blanket” for our kiddo. The other huge plus is that unless you have a baby like mine who likes to throw them out of the stroller they are so hard to lose, which is good!! These would also make fantastic gifts. I ordered our first one because I thought it was cute….little did I know how amazing they actually are.

Carissa Stahlstown, PA

This seemed like a good idea…

This seemed like a good idea at first. The little stuffed animal is soft and cute, but I didn’t like the way it forced the baby to keep the pacifier when the pacifier might not have been wanted. Newborns aren’t able to move it away or spit it out because of the stuffed animal holding it in place. Then I began to wonder if she began spitting up/vomiting (she has reflux) if it would cause her to choke. So, I think this would be good for older babies, but definitely not newborns.

Clara York, PA

It wasn’t as describe, didn’t work WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO SMALL

I had to send mine back b/c it was so small and it doesn’t work with my 3mons old. I wouldn’t waste time on it.

Hollie Bokchito, OK

Love my wubbanub

This is my 5th wubbanub for my 2 kids, my daughter has 2 and my son has 3. They are easy to find in a dark room and my daughter has no problem putting it in her own mouth since about 9 months. My son who is 4 months loves grabbing at the puppy and playing with it, he cant yet get it in his mouth but tries. Great product and holds up well in the wash.

Casandra Summertown, TN


This is our go-to gift. Our little one loved her wubbanub and so we always send one from her to any new babies that arrive. That said, Im terribly sad the chocolate plush giraffes are sold out!! We had the pink for our little girl and apparently bought one of the last blue boy ones for a gift — now that were having a boy, I cant find them anywhere!That said, these pacis are so great because theyre the same brand the hospital uses (ours anyway) and the animal part helps weigh it down on the babies chest so when they drift off and the paci falls out, it remains right there in sucking distance, saving you from a crying baby who wakes and is searching for his/her paci. Couldnt survive without these guys…

Tommie Burnside, PA

Cute and helpful

When my son was less than 5 months this was a little too heavy for him, we used it just around the house and for emergencies. Now, at 6 months he’s stronger and it’s really nice to have!! However, even though he is stronger it does seem to get knocked/drop out of his mouth easier than those without the toys on them.The little stuffed toy does help with locating it… I can NEVER seem to find the pacifiers that are just solo. Overall, I really like it and would recommend!!

Holly Livingston, TX