Wubbanub Owl

Wubbanub Owl

What do you get when you combine a cute plush toy with a hospital grade pacifier? A good night’s sleep! Finally, a way to gently help the pacifier stay close to your baby. The WubbaNub Plush Toy Pacifier is designed to give your baby comfort with a soft, bean-filled animal friend that not only provides stimulation for little fingers, but positioning support for the pacifier. The Soothie pacifier is sewn into the WubbaNub for safety and is made of Medical Grade Silicone that is latex-free. The beans in the WubbaNub plush toy are sewn in separate safety sacks within the plush and conform to US government safety code requirements. Complete care instructions included on back of packaging. Features: Recommended for (full term) newborn up to 6 months Designed to keep the pacifier close to your baby without using cords or clips Made of medical grade silicone The WubbaNub uses the Soothie pacifier like you get in the hospital Soft plush brings soothing comfort and security Available in a variety of cute animals Baby safe and independently tested. Meets all safety requirements. Awards 2008 Top Choice Award/Pacifier, Creative Child Magazine An Oscar winner! Featured in Academy Award Gift Bags!

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Best pacifiers EVER

I own six of these things. They’re wonderful because they’re easy for babies to find in the night if they’re dropped, ensuring that they don’t wake up as often, they’re adorable, they’re durable (I throw mine in the washing machine in a lingerie bag when they get dirty), and because of their size, I have only ever lost one. They started selling them at Babies ‘R Us recently, but they don’t seem to be made of the same quality, so I only buy the special edition ones- this one is SO soft. We also have the turtle, caterpillar (perfect for newborns tiny hands), two cats and a rabbit. One of the cat ones is from when they first came out in 2010 and one is a more recent one. The newer one is smaller in size and not nearly as soft.

Pamela Corning, AR

Big and fluffy

We have several wubbanubs for our daughter who is 9 months old now. She likes to have them lying around when she’s crawling and playing. I got this because its so cute and I love owls. I was happy when I received it because its bigger and fluffier than the other animals we have. It’s not as heavy though but it’s a nice little stuffed animal to hold and cuddle while baby soothes on the pacifier. Very cute and soft. We didn’t have these for my son but I wish we did because it makes finding pacifiers so much easier since they are attached to a plush. They wash nice too and are easy for my baby to grab on her own. I highly recommend these! They may be pricey but you will probably spend as much replacing lost pacifiers so they are worth it in my opinion.

Goldie Hampton, NY

Love it

My baby boy loves it,it is so cute and soft.he is playing with it and it is easy to find it

Simone Morris, MN

Love it

Its a little expensive but I think it helps my daughter keep up with her paci. Plus it is adorable too!

Glenna Clark, MO

We ❤️ WubbaNubs!

I purchased this product after using the Phillips Avent Soothie Pacifiers for my little daughter. They are the only pacifiers she has ever taken. It’s also the kind they gave her while she was in the NICU at the hospital. I am so glad someone came up with this idea!Pros:1. Cute animal for girls or boys2. Easy to keep track of – easy to see in a dark bedroom at night & also when you are holding the baby, they are much easier to grab as they are falling than a Paci alone3. Stays in better than a Soothie Paci by itself – we often prop the animal on her chest and she seems to love holding on to the soft stuffed animal & can even sometimes push it back into her own mouth4. Durable – after several washes in the machine, it seems to be holding up just fineCons:1. Tedious cleaning – I usually wash them on gentle in the washing machine but worry about my daughter ingesting detergent residue so I usually then wash off the pacifier top with a pacifier wipe2. Falls out – not as much as when it’s only the pacifier – could just be my daughters tongue pushing it out or something but I think worth mentioning

Darla Betterton, MD

Oh My He’s Cute

This was a birthday present for my son who owns almost every one of these ever made. As soon as a new one surfaces I buy it. Of all the toys my 14 month old has, Wubbanubs are his favorite. He always has one with him. This little guy pretty much lives in my room (except when he’s in the washing machine). After breastfeed my son in the morning he goes and gets this little guy and we all have a nice snuggle in bed. He has others he prefers for his crib, for play, the car, etc. They’re the best, toy, soother, baby item that ever existed so far as I’m concerned. These little guys will stick around far longer than the pacifiers will, I don’t see my son ever giving them up.

Lilian Holmesville, OH