WubbaNub Tiger ***New***

WubbaNub Tiger ***New***

Our WubbaNub Tiger is the perfect companion for the little tiger. Buy 2. Tiger’s little legs for perfect little hands to grasp. Soft and snuggly this will be sure to put a smile on your baby’s face. Its unique style allows pacifier to remain close and will easily position to your baby.

Main features

  • Wubbanub Tiger Special New Design! Buy 2 with free shipping
  • Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide
  • Hand Washable/Machine Washable
  • Soft plush brings soothing comfort and security
  • Bright Colors!

Verified reviews


Stick to the hospital binky

I don’t know if my son is too young to really make this of use (1 mon) but this is almost more of a hassle to use than a life saver. My son cant seem to latch onto it so it is always falling out of his mouth or it moves to the side of his mouth. There are some good times with it and as long as he is laying on his back and head facing forward, it stays in, but that’s about it. Over all, if you have the money and dont care if it works or not, then go ahead and buy it. But if it’s going to break the bank then forget it.

Genevieve Orrington, ME

We Love Our New Friend

My son must have about 20 of these. He’s 14 moths old now and he’s never liked the "regular" pacifiers, just the Soothies ones. He used to like the Soothies on their own and played with these, overtime though he stopped using them and switched exclusively to Wubbanubs. He talks to them, snuggles them, sneaks up on and scares them, lol. I frequently search for new designs and was so happy to find this one. He’s in the wash now and I can’t wait to surprise my son with him. He has buckets of toys, but these are by far the only thing he really likes. Yes he uses it as a pacifier but they’re also his "friends". I can see them sticking around long after the pluggie part has been surgically removed.

Felecia Ramsey, IN

Wubbanubs are the best!

My son has the frog one and we bought this one so we have an extra! Plus we are Detroit Tigers fans! So when I found out they made a tiger one I had to get it because it’s a very rare find. He absolutely loves these. They’re so easy to clean. Wubbanubs are a great investment if your child likes the soothies pacifiers.

Jesse Masontown, WV

Love these animals!

We love these! Our 3-month old is finally able to grab on as he’s pacifying himself. Very helpful with keeping the pacifier in his mouth.

Megan Holland, OH

Cute and Well Made

This little guy is so cute and seems very durable! Unfortunately right now he is just to big for my baby, but I am hoping he will be able to use it soon. I would recommend this product to any parent who uses a pacifier for comfort.

Elena Corbin, VA