WubbaNub Yellow Duck Pacifier

WubbaNub Yellow Duck Pacifier

WubbaNub Yellow Duck is chirpy and cheerful, but also as mellow as he is yellow. He will bring a gurgling smile to your babys face. His little wings are the perfect size for little hands to hold onto. The unique style of the WubbaNub pacifier allows it to remain close and easily positioned by the baby. Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide. Made with a Soothie medical grade, latex-free pacifier, BPA, PVC and Phthalate-Free. The durable one-piece construction means no germs hiding between cracks so the pacifier stays cleaner. Newborns less than six months of age or babies without teeth (not suggested for the stage of teething). WubbaNub functions as one. Patented design may prevent pacifier from being lost, dropped or even forgotten. Carefully calculated weight and size of the plush animal keeps the WubbaNub Pacifier near babys mouth, whether in the car seat, baby sling, carrier and stroller and even while you hold your baby. Plush animal makes it easy for baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier. Hand or machine washable. NOTE: Wubbanubs come packaged in a clear polybag with header card or a clear cube box.

Main features

  • Distributed in hospitals, NICU and well-baby units nationwide
  • Made with a Soothie medical grade, non-toxic polyethylene pellets
  • WubbaNub functions as one. Patented design may prevent pacifier from being lost, dropped or even forgotten
  • NOTE: Wubbanubs come packaged in a clear polybag with header card or a clear cube box
  • Hand Washable or Machine Washable

Verified reviews


It is not practical for cleaning

It is not easy to clean, and usually pacifiers need to be cleaned several times a day, but this one is attached to the duck

Queen Blanchard, MI

Cute product

The WabbaNub pacifiers make such cute gifts! If you are going to a baby shower, this will be a hit! Babies love holding and feeling the animal. Great comfort item.

Judi Lynnville, IN

My Baby Loves His WubbaNub

I love this baby product! My son loves his WubbaNub and at 7 months can easily put this back in his mouth which helps with self soothing. These make the perfect baby shower gift.Note: You can’t removed the binkie from the stuffed animal. To clean, just put in the wash and let air dry. It took me a bunch of searching to figure this out. My husband has actually sent them through the dryer a couple times without any damage too.

Jannie Atmore, AL

not as good as others

I love these WabbaNumb pacifiers. I have three now. The Duck is the least favorite. His quality is not as good as the other two I have (cat and cow). He is cute though. Just where they sewed him to the pacifier is not done to the best quality.

Imogene Cherry Tree, PA

Must Have

I bought this and 2 other Wubbanubs. It’s all I use and they’re absolutely fantastic. They wash easily and hold up really well.

Brandi Girard, PA

Good for small hands.

The duck is very cute and my baby likes the colors. Also it is easy for her to grab and she likes to feel it. I like that the wings and feet are weighted so that it stays in place better. The only down side is that it is cumbersome when she is upset and I am trying to get her to take her pacifier.

Elvia Middletown, IN

staple in our house

what can i say about the wubbanub…i’m a huge advocate and have turned a few friends already on to it. always easy to find, always soft, my newborn has just started to grab for it and hold on…i have three right now and can easily keep one in the wash, one in the car, and one in his mouth without having to worry. only advice would be to make ones that can change out the pacifier–luckily my little guy likes the hospital grade nipple over others but if he was into small or different shaped pacifiers he wouldn’t have a wubbanub :-/

Summer Dewart, PA

Great for young babies and preemies

My daughters all used these when they came home from the hospital. As preemies it helped them keep the paci in their mouth. Now as 13 month olds they can easily find the paci in the crib and also use the stuffed end like a lovey. I recommend them to all new moms.

Annabelle Springfield Center, NY

was ok

was too heavy for him when he was young enough to use it and he weaned himself off the binky and did not want it any more by 6 months old. so he never got to use it. but they bounce sooo damn far it did help to stop the bouncing for a while.

Maude Deerfield Beach, FL

My daughter liked the giraffe one better

I got my daughter two Wubunubs just in case she dropped one of the floor/or got lost, I would have another to give her. She liked the duck option, but really loved the giraffe one because of the spots.

Kristy Hustisford, WI

Another great Wubbanub

No complaints. Very nice wubbnub, and it holds up well in the wash. I would definitely buy this one again.

Mariana Springwater, NY


My daughter LOVES her wub-a-nub! It really worked with her grasping skills when she was younger and now she just loves to cuddle with it. It also is amazing because you aren’t contently picking up a pacifier from the floor. It has been a comfort for her and I know she would rate it 5 stars 🙂

Edna Talking Rock, GA

Very cute & my daughter loves it

My daughter saw a friend had a collection of these so being a toddler she also must have one. She loves it & wants to take it everywhere but it’s small can can easily be lost or misplaced (like we have).

Madeleine Canadian, OK

These are like gold in our house.

We’re on our 5th and 6th of these, and I wished I’d just bought a bunch at a sale vs. replacing them as they get lost. These are totally worth having multiples of: ones for the stroller, the crib, the play area, etc. They also clean easily in the washer and dryer. It was great to see the twins practice grasping with these and navigating the pacis to their mouths on their own. At a year old, the twins now fight over them if only one is present. The prices totally fluctuate, so shop around. You could make your own, but if you’re short on time (and already exhaused!) these are a life saver.

Marva Bainbridge, OH


My little guy loves this pacifier very much. It’s nice because he had hang onto it too. The ducky is super cute!

Amanda Montpelier, ID

Great for little hands!

We love WubbaNub!1. It’s really hard to lose.2. It’s more difficult for baby to knock out of his mouth on accident. It may take some maneuvering to find the right position, but it’s certainly better than all our other Soothie pacifiers.3. It’s a Soothie. Love these!4. How stinkin’ cute is the little duck? Our little one is just about 3 months and he’s finally starting to notice WubbaNub. We’ll see if he becomes attached to it. Who knows???

Meredith Taos Ski Valley, NM

He loves it… im not as impressed

I bought this WubbaNub because of it’s colors. I have the sheep one and it blends into everything. But for some reason the pacifier sits weird with this one, I think it’s the beak. It kind of makes it less flexible with the position you have it in. The sheep could be in any position and it’ll stay in his mouth. Not with this one. But my 4 month old loves the bright colors of it. He has also started playing with the duck and the sheep now that he’s getting older and discovering textures more and more. Like my review of the sheep I would say besides the odd positioning of the pacifier due to the beak, my only other grievance is that the pacifiers aren’t removable. You have to wash the whole thing together. And if the pacifier is broken or anything you need to buy a whole new one… kind of aggravating. But I will continue to buy them.

Corine Wingett Run, OH

Best binkie

My two month old daughter won’t take anything else. I have even tried the same brand of pacifier without the duck attached and she spits it out. Maybe it is the weight of the duck, or something like that, but this is the only one she’ll keep in. I bought two just to be sure we’re never without one if the other gets lost!

Gwen Callao, VA

Best binky ever!

My daughter loves the soothie binky’s and this duck is our third wubbanub paci that we have ordered (we have the lamb and blue bear as well). The only complaint I have with this one, is it doesn’t seem to be stuffed very well, and is rather floppy compared with the lamb and bear.Get TONS of compliments on these, and my daughter’s day care always knows which Binky is her’s without having to label it!

Deana Darwin, CA

This was the only pacifier my son could hold in …

This was the only pacifier my son could hold in his mouth while he was a newborn. It really saved my life that the pacifier held itself in his mouth.

Michell Neah Bay, WA


My son received a WubbaNub like this as a gift when he was born. It quickly became the favorite pacifier (aka "B Duck" – what he calls all pacifiers now). I bought a second one as a back up just in case something happened to the original. So far he has not noticed the difference and seems to love this one just as much as the original.

Lidia Cannon Beach, OR