Yummi Pouch

Yummi Pouch

The Yummi Pouch is a convenient, refillable and reusable pouch to hold snacks for your child! It has a durable, reinforced top zipper seal opening where you can pour your favorite blended foods or drinks. The contents are enjoyed by removing the large cap and drinking from the spout. Yummi Pouch is great for feeding your own infant easily, or for toddlers and older kids to feed themselves! To fill, ensure the pouch is completely expanded by using a long handled cooking spoon to expand the bottom gusset area. This is the best way to make sure your Yummi Pouch is open to the full capacity of 6 ounces.

Main features

  • NEW reinforced double zipper and thinner material for easy squeezing, updated 10/29/13!
  • Reusable – Yummi Pouches can be filled over and over with healthy blended snacks.
  • Freezer safe – Make a big batch of your child’s favorite blended snacks or smoothies.
  • Dishwasher safe – Simply rinse with warm water, expand the pouch and stand upside down in the dishwasher.
  • Easy to fill – Pour or spoon in food though the wide top zipper opening.
  • Holds up to 6 ounces
  • Backed by a 30-day product guarantee
  • BPA-, PVC-, and Phthalate-free
  • Fully CPSC compliant

Verified reviews


The new and improved design is much better!

These are great. They are easy to fill (stick to the fill line or when you zip it shut it will over flow) easy to clean, and they are great quality. The plastic is thick and seems like it will hold up. I fill ours with apple sauce for my 20 month old and he just sucks it out like he does with the store bought ones. These will save us money and are less waste since you can re use them! Also the caps are the same size as the ones we buy from the store (just in case we throw a cap out by accident, you know where you can get more!) the only thing i wish is that the opening was on the side and the spout where you eat from was on the top like the ones at the store. So far my son hasn’t been bothered by this at all thoughEDITED: 6/12/13So I’ve been using these for a while now (a few months maybe, I honestly forget when my above review was written) and I am soo bummed but they leak! Let me be clear, I do NOT over fill and they are used maybe 3 times a week so its not like they are being abused. They still look brand new. What happens is, when you put applesauce in the packet (my son is 2 so that’s mostly what goes in…. you may not have this problem with yogurt but I cant say one way or another) the sticky/watery/apple sauce water stuff leaks out past the ziplock part. I think the reason this happens is because the location of the mouth piece is SO close to the ziplock thing. So when I am helping my son get the last bites, (cuz this is a thick plastic packet so you have to give it a good squeeze to get it all) you are essentially squeezing and putting pressure on the zipper thing. IF the zipper was where I think it should be instead, which is on the bottom, then you would be squeezing foods away from the zipper at the end of a feeding and maybe wouldn’t have this problem. For the money I paid I wish I could return them- I’ll say that even when im not squeezing anything the liquid still drips out- it got one of our coolers all sticky once and it was sitting on its side but totally sealed up. Overall a big bummer and a waste of money.Update: 1/2/14The new and improved yummy pouches were sent to me, free of charge. They are thinner, so it’s easier to squeeze, yet still good quality. The zipper is definitely stronger and hasn’t leaked! The customer service this company provided was outstanding and the way they stand by their product (while listening to the consumers and making the product better) is nearly unheard of these days. Very pleased, and because of this experience I would definitely buy products from them again

Daisy Clay City, KY

Great quality

These pouches are very similar to the ‘little green pouches’ but since they’re having sme quality issues & won’t have them resolved for a month or so I’d recommend purchasing these right now. The pouches are very thick, and feel like they’ll last a really long time. I love the spout being on the side, it means they leak a lot less when my 11mo old throws them on the floor. Also, caps from regular store bought pouches fit! When you first get the pouches make sure you blow in the spout to open up the bottom so they’ll stand up to fill them. I’d also recommend getting a little funnel to make filling easier, and a small bottle brush for cleaning out the corners (spray nozzle on the sink works well too!) It’s so nice to be able to make high quality fresh food for my little girl, she’s refusing the spoon right now so pouches are the way to go. I can just put some fresh blueberries, coconut milk & greek yogurt in the blender for a super fast, super healthy breakfast. Love it!

Tabatha Richeyville, PA

Good value but hard to clean

The Yummi Pouch set of 6 is a good value. They are sturdy, easy to fill and seal, stand up on their own and do not leak. I like being able to fill my own reusable food pouches – less waste in the landfill, more options for foods, and probably cheaper in the long run. They can be tricky to fully clean after containing something like pureed blueberries due to the crevices in the seams. This will probably be an issue in any reusable pouch, not just Yummi. A bottle brush is definitely needed.

Gayla Bethel, MN

Started leaking after 3 weeks.

Interesting, to me, that these got such great reviews! I bought them based on the reviews.This morning, I threw them all away.Pros: They are pouches. You can make your own stuff and put it in them. GREAT for my 3.5 year old daughter who won’t eat veggies. I give her the organic store-bought fruit & veggie pouches all the time, but they’re expensive. So I bought these, and another kind (that I liked much better).Cons: I bought these less than 3 weeks ago. She’s used them 2 or 3 times… at the most. 3 of them have started leaking at the zip-lock area. I spent so long trying to get them to close without leaking that I gave up and just threw all of them away.I never really liked them. Kind of hard to open the zip-lock area… there’s not a lot of space to grip! And completely impossible when wet (I had to use little pieces of paper towel in each side to get a good grip. I never really felt like they got clean. A lot of “gunk” collected at the bottom. They took kind of a long time to clean. I didn’t like how stiff they are, either. I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t also gotten another brand that is super soft & malleable) (the one with the panda on one and something purple on the other – I liked these much better – although they were more expensive. But, I guess, not in the long run since they’re still working great. Got them at the same time). Some might like the stiffness… I don’t know.I don’t recommend them. I know I could probably return them, but quite honestly, I didn’t want to deal with it. So I chucked them. I’m off to buy more of the other brand (Squooshi 4 Count Reusable Food Pouch, for those of you who are interested. I don’t work for the company. They have their issues with not being “great” to clean and gunk getting in the zip-lock area, too… but at least they work! So far, anyway)

Jaclyn De Witt, NE

So far so good!

These are really great- just like the pre-filled pouches you buy at the store, but a reusable and fill-it-yourself variety. The only reason I took off a star is because they are somewhat difficult to clean- but i’m not really sure how they could improve on that. Just make sure to rinse as soon as you can. I still use them everyday to get more fruits and veggies into my son. I have only had them for a short time so I can’t say how they hold up over time. But overall, pretty great!

Henrietta South Salem, OH

Love these!

I got these because they were the best deal I’ve found for reusable food pouches and they work great. I did have one break on me. The zipper seal came off. 🙁 But I think I’m just going to start handwashing them and I think they’ll be okay. But they are great!

Gilda Austin, AR

Don’t open up and spill!

I got these for my 11 month old because I was tired of purchasing packs of applesauce when it’s so much cheaper (and healthier) to make at home. These have a ziplock at the top so they don’t open up and spill all over baby. The Infantino pouches open at the bottom and we’ve had accidents (what were they thinking???)My only complaint is cleaning – there’s a fold at the bottom that is hard to reach. I use an old toothbrush and angle it just so.

Miriam Linn, TX

great for picky eater toddlers

While my 17 mo old son has been eating solids for about 10 months, we’ve reverted back to a lot of pouches b/c he’s much pickier than when he first started solids. Pouches have been a good way to make sure he’s getting a wider assortment of fruits & especially veggies than he will eat in their true form. Yummi Pouches have allowed me to expand his food repertoire and sometimes hide veggies he wouldn’t eat in smoothie form (ie kale!) The reusable pouch makes so much sense economically and environmentally. The reason I gave 4/5 is when I’ve washed them in the dishwasher there is some remaining food residue along the zipper edge and I’ve had to rewash by hand with a bottle brush like other reviewers have noted. Also I find the side spout is not as easy for him to handle independently as disposable top spout pouches, however I’m guessing it was designed this way to avoid a food explosion caused by a bottom zipper popping open while it’s being squeezed.

Hazel Onalaska, WA

Easiest reusable pouch

I’ve used a couple other brands of reusable pouches and Yummi Pouch by far is the easiest to fill, use and clean. The big square shape makes it easy to clean all the left over bits out. We fill ours with yogurt, applesauce, creamy mashed potatoes, you name it. My 19 month old daughter loves them.You can see my full review here: […]

Gussie Argyle, WI

Great Invention!!

Amazing product! Works great for our little one once he learned how to drink/eat from it. Easy for on the go.Very easy to clean. Would def recommend!!

Angelique Elliott, IA

Great Idea

I wish I would of found these a year ago when my son was still eating baby foods! He still loves the pouches so I gave these a try so I could make our own and fill these but he doesn’t seem to like what I make anymore! They are easy to fill and easy to clean. Although it says they are dishwasher safe, it did not clean them in the dishwasher. I used a bottle brush to get into the corners to clean it.

Raquel Mount Hamilton, CA

I love these!

I seriously couldn’t be happier with these pouches. I purchased them a little skeptical because of some of the negative reviews, but knowing I couldn’t keep buying the store bought disposable pouches now that my son is old enough to suck them down in a matter of seconds and sign for ‘more’. After using them for a couple of months, I can happily say they work well and have saved us a lot of money.I haven’t experienced any of the problems the negative reviews mentioned. The plastic is thick enough to take a beating, the zippers have all held up great and never leaked, and they wash out clean every time. I fill them either with apple sauce (purchased in bulk from Costco) or whole fat plain yogurt mixed with a bit of strawberry jam, and they hold enough to be filling and my son loves them. I put them in the dishwasher and they come out sparkly clean.I was a little off put by the spout being on the side, (why can’t it be exactly like the ones in the store?) but after using it, I realize this design is the best. They stand up to be filled! I stand them up and put a funnel in the top and then set them all in the fridge where the ability to stand up saves room. I also love that the caps from the disposable packs fit them so I don’t have to worry about loosing them. All that said, these are great and I will definitely purchase more in the future when these wear out.

Theresa North Granville, NY

not buying again

I loved this for ease of filling and ease of replacing cap.My son could not figure it out and so it was useless for what I bought it for.

Maura Hagerhill, KY

Almost perfect

I really like these pouch. I fill them with a spoon and wash them with a bottle brush. They are just a right size to hold enough food for my toddler. I just have to chop food into smaller sizes so it will pass through the opening which is around the size of the commercial pouch openings. The new and improved double seal at the opening have not failed on me. My only little complain is that it retains some smell of the food, especially savory food. No matter how I clean and soak them it’s just there. It’s not that big of a deal, I just had to designate which are savory and which are sweet pouches. Over all I’d recommend these pouches if you’re looking for a reusable pouches!

Ava Lander, WY


If my son wasn’t eating his food because he’d rather play in it, I would put it in these pouches and let him suck it out. It was awesome on the go, never leaked once and I ended up only using 3 pouches and gave my sister the other 3 for her baby. They’re dishwasher safe, or you can wash them by hand, stand them up to air-dry and voila! They’re great!

Rhea Saint Amant, LA

Great product, and great customer service. Great for toddler’s healthy homemade snacks

I love these Pouches. I use them practically every day for my 15 month old daughter. I blend fresh and frozen fruits, apple sauce, yogurts, smoothies, and I bet porridge if I ever get to it. She only has 4 teeth, so she still can’t chew much, but this pouch allows her to get the volume of fresh food down without knawing for a long time (which she does even less of when she’s not feeling well.) Like other reviews said, the 1set I got, the zip seal did slowly come apart after a few uses, but when I e-mailed the company through their website contact, I got a response in 15 mins, and a new set arrived in one day. That’s amazing customer service, and I’m thrilled. These can freeze, they are easy to wash, I just stick a bottle brush in there after I soak the pouch with a little water and dish soap. Not sure what I would have done without this.

Louella Douglas, AZ

Little stiff, always a lot left in them when child is done

These are ok, though I haven’t tried any other brands. i feel like they are a little stiff and my 18 month old daughter ends up leaving a lot in them becaus she doesn’t squeeze them enough. Kind of like having to roll the tooth paste from the bottom. But she does like eating from them , so they are convenient for on the go or when I don’t want to trust her with a spoon. They are easy to clean, but I always rinse them out right away so nothing dries inside. I usually just put applesauce in tehm and I notice that they always leak some juice which is pretty annoying. I don’t think I am filling them too much, I am trying to go by the fill line guide on the side, but maybe I am. The zip close close feels pretty tight when you press it down.

Pat Tuttle, ND

Dishwasher Safe!

If for no other reason, I love these pouches because you can throw them in the dishwasher to clean. My kids love them and they are so easy for on the go feeding.

Karin Ducktown, TN

Love these!

I have wanted to have something like this for a long time. Use it for make your own yogurt, smoothies, whatever. As long as you seal it till you can rinse it well they are not to difficult to clean.

Chelsey Seymour, MO

Durable, and save you $ !!

Was looking for alternative to the expensive pouches, and tried this one and the EZ Squeezees. This one won hands down. we’ve had ours about 10 months, and it’s still going strong, and we put it through the dishwasher every time. ANd – the lids are universal. If you buy squeezees at the grocery, you can use those lids too if you lose these. It’s just more convenient! and you definitely want a top load one. this is it!****May 1, 2014 update: been using these daily almost 11/2 years and they are still good as new. We’ve lost all the original lids but not a problem since any store squeeze lids are compatible. What a great investment this was!!

Cassandra Pleasantville, TN

Love them!!!

I’ve never had a spilling problem with these. The zip stays shut, the contents freeze well in the pouch and a thaw pouch heats up in a couple minutes when submerged in hot water. My 1 year old son eats out of these to get the hard to eat foods into his diet. It’s big enough for a full meal or can be under filled for smaller portions. can easily be filled by spoon or pour spout from the vitamix. There is some staining, but that’s to be expected with beets, kale, pulpy berries, and sweet potatoes. Great quality and great portability.

Maribel Atlanta, GA

Pretty good

So far they work better than spoon feeding my son, but they are hard to clean. Especially since I put flax oil in his food it really makes them impossible to clean. I just do my best, but I don’t think they will last a long time with the food building up. I would recommend to open them up fully before trying to stand them up and fill with food.

Ellen Cudahy, WI

Durable and Fun!

I like that the material is thick, so I’m not worried that they’ll burst, like some of the thinner ones. And we’ve had no problems with the zippers, or with getting them clean (a quick swipe with a bottle brush and a rinse and they’re ready to go in the dishwasher!)My kids love “drinking” their yogurt, applesauce (or whatever fruit and veggie puree I’ve whipped up from whatever’s about to go bad!) and smoothies (rice milk, fruit, greens, and a squirt of lemon juice to cut the green-y flavor – no added sugar, preservatives, or other junk!)(And just for fun, I save the caps from any disposable ones we happen to eat, so I have spare lids, but also so I can color-code them, when applicable!)

Lorrie Perry, AR

Leak! Terrible side-spout design!

Not my favorite. I hate that the spout is on the side, and they leak!! I can’t use for spoon-free feeding as they are intended to be used. I ended up leaving the zipper top open and using them as a baby food jar of sorts. I guess I can also store non-purees in the freezer.

Mildred Sinclairville, NY

Great and convenient.

I bought these pouches in July of 2013 and have been using them since. I pack them full of pumpkin smoothies, pureed beets and more and honestly, as long as they are sealed correctly, I’ve never had a problem with them. I toss them in the freezer and have never once seen freezer burn on the baby food. I do buy Plum Organic pouches as well because I don’t always have time to cook and I just save those screw on caps and re-use them on these Yummi pouches! I think they are great! Yes, they are a newer company but this is a better value than Green pouch, which is only 4 pouches for the same price. I stand behind Yummi pouch and like I said, not once have I ever had an issue with them.

Marsha Burghill, OH

love-hate relationship with this product

LOVE:– very easy to fill (though i almost always make a mess anyhow)– they stay closed after you zip them up– hold about 6oz of food– my son (10 months old) loves eating out of these– dishwasher safe– safe plastic (BPA free, etc)HATE:– i’ve only owned these for about 3 months or so and four of the zip lock zippers already broke (the glue un-stuck from one side of the container) so they’re garbage now.– food always seems to get stuck in the ziplock zippers (even if i scrub / wipe / clean immediately after use)– it would be much easier if the "spout" was at the top, not the sidebottom line: i really loved these but because they keep breaking, i would not buy them again.

Kaye De Land, IL

Give them a chance despite the negative reviews

I bought 2 sets of these in February of 2013. It is now March of 2014, over a year later, and I haven’t had a problem with a single one. I know it is VERY discouraging to get pouches that end up defective (for the manufacturer too I’m sure) but I’ve tried at least 5 other reusable pouches out there and these by far are the best.It sounds like they’ve remedied the problem with a double zipper in their new batches. I just hope the company isn’t still selling the bad batches rather than tossing them and accepting the loss. One or 2 bad batches will turn customers away forever and that would be a real shame for these, I love them.When cleaning these I make sure to rinse them out as soon as possible after the kids are done, and use a dish scrubber on the seal part with very hot water. I pinch the seal closed with my hand without actually sealing it, then blow into the spout to get them all the way open and rinse again with really hot water. Then I always run them through the dishwasher making sure to get the opening on 2 upper rack tines. It really isn’t a big deal. Never had a problem with food sticking, mildew or anything like that.The only true reusable pouch I’ve tried (and I’ve tried almost every one sold on Amazon) that comes even close to how great these are is the Little Green Pouch. I do love those also, but they’re more expensive and they also had a bad batch that I was unfortunate enough to receive. When the seals don’t hold up to normal wear and tear they’re useless. So several strikes later I hit a home run with Yummi Pouches.Reusable pouches are so great for infants and toddlers. They’re much less messy than spoons on the go, they allow a sense of independence for your child, and you can customize what you put in them, for much less money than disposables.We use them for applesauce, yogurt, slushies, smoothies, the possibilities are endless.Here’s to making Mommy-hood easier!

Mollie Epping, NH

Great product.

don’t machine wash these, even though it indicates you can. I washed one and the zip-lock came off on one side so had to toss it. All in All a very good product and makes life so much easier when your on a rode trip or running errands.

Dorothea Syosset, NY

Good Product.

I ordered these at the same time as I ordered the Little Green Pouch. We prefer The Little Green Pouch over these.Things we aren’t crazy about:The spout being on the sideThey retain the color of whatever you put in themThings we like:Larger capacityEasy to cleanEasy to fillHaven’t leaked yet

Caryn Alachua, FL

good for home made baby & toddler foods, but hard to get clean.

I like that I can make a batch of home made applesauce or berry puree for my toddler to snack on and it is easy to fill the pouches because they stand up & they zip closed at the top. They are nice portable snacks, and the pouches can also be frozen. A major con is that the pouches are nearly impossible to clean out without a skinny bottle brush. Just because they are listed as "dishwasher safe", it doesn’t mean they will ever come clean if you put them in the dishwasher.

Krystal Stark City, MO