Z. Daisy Chandler Camo Binkie Bungee Pacifier Clip

Z. Daisy Chandler Camo Binkie Bungee Pacifier Clip

Keep your baby’s pacifier off the dirty floor with this hip pacifier clip! This minky fabric is so soft and it has a new unique elastic pacifier attachment that will work with ANY pacifier your baby likes! Perfect for any mom and baby on the go. Safety tested and baby approved. Fabric is 100% polyester and machine washable.

Main features

  • Universal style attaches to all pacifiers
  • including Soothies
  • using a simple slip knot!
  • Coordinates with Z. Daisy Blankie Bungees
  • Travel Blankies and Blankets.
  • Safety tested.
  • Machine washable. Tumble dry low.
  • Made in the U.S.A. of imported fabrics.

Verified reviews


Not impressed

I hardly ever give bad reviews. I really hate to unless it’s such a big disappointment or issue. This binky clip is not built to last. For the price I expected a bit more. The metal piece on the end has completely rusted out. The elastic has split apart. The fabric has become rough.I paid $1 more for my haba pacifier chain (free shipping if you sign up as an amazon mom). I’d advise anyone to purchase that over this. This is just not worth the money. Pay three dollars more for something cute that will last! So sad that this is just falling apart…Rust = -1 starSplit elastic rendering usless = -1Fabric loosing it’s softness = -1Price = -1I don’t really think it deserves this one star, but Amazon made me give it one.

Florine Tuskahoma, OK

Super useful. Just wish the elastic string is a lot durable

Originally I bought the organic cotton binkie bungee for my son, after almost a year of use, the elastic string gets loose, didn’t break, but the bungee looks worn and out of shape, so I ordered this one for replacement. However, this time my toddler boy use the elastic string for teething and the string broke right after 3 months of use, however my mother was able to replace the black elastic string and sew a thicker elastic strings on the bungee instead. Now after another 3 months passed, those new strings also almost broken, too.Don’t get me wrong, this is a very good product, the colors on the bungee looks exact like in the picture, and the bungee is thicker and holds up the shape, a lot better than the organic cotton one. The metal clip is strong and really holds the bungee well, my son loves to teething on the whole thing! I just wish I known how to replace the broken elastic strings on the bungee myself.

Sondra Volin, SD

super cute

I like this paci holder. It is really cute and I like how easy it is to attach the paci. I think the clip that attaches to his clothing is good and maybe better than most but my son can still pull this off of himself, just like every other paci holder. I would recommend this product though because it is small and durable and my son likes it. He likes to chew on the strap (giraffe part) and when he gets the clip off of his clothes, he likes to chew on the metal clip. I used to take it away from him when he first started doing this but have since given up and he and I are both happy.

Jamie Cedarpines Park, CA


This is a must,if I didnt have this I could kill my husband a million times his always dropping the binkie.My son also like to make a sport of seeing how far it will go if he spits it out, lol.The best part is that its machine washable!I love the Binkie Bungee

Robbie Gradyville, KY

Handy paci-clip.

Does the job well. Wish this was offered in Organic Cotton like a few of the other straps made by this brand.

Gena Swans Island, ME

No more lost binkies in the car!

My son loves his binkies but he’s really good at spitting them out and then throwing a fit when he’s in his carrier in the car. I got tired of trying to reach back and find his binkie (which would normally make its way down between his legs or behind him) so I purchased this clip. We clipped it to one of the straps of his carrier and completely eliminated the problem of not finding his binkie. The clip part is very strong and clips into the carrier strap well. I wouldn’t clip it to clothing though in fear that it’ll damage it. I love the fact that you can use this clip with all types of binkies; not just the ones with handles. The strap part of the clip is very soft. I would recommend this clip.

Jewel Tuscola, TX

Great! Well made

Perfect! It’s light weight and soft. So cute! The elastic has lasted longer than I expected. Still using after 2 years.

Josefa Scotland, GA