Zippy Fun Baby and Toddler Bandana Bib – Absorbent 100% Cotton Front Drool Bibs with Adjustable Snaps

Zippy Fun Baby and Toddler Bandana Bib – Absorbent 100% Cotton Front Drool Bibs with Adjustable Snaps

Zippy Fun bandana bibs are a funky and practical solution to keep babies dry from dribble rash. Soft and comfortable: 100% cotton top layer with absorbent fleece layer underneath. Works like a bib but looks like a fashion scarf, adding the finishing touch to outfits.

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Stylish Bib

before I bought these bib-scarfs, I thought they are kind of expensive but They really look NICE so they worth the money. I recommend it for chic and stylish babies.

Dixie Pillsbury, ND

Great quality and Cuite!!!

These look so much better than regular bibs. They are made of cotton on the front and synthetic on the back. My son has just started drooling, and we have no problem with these being soaked through. My son is 3 months old, 85% and there is still room to grow. However, I am not sure they’d fit well on a toddler (say, older than 1) – they are quite small.

Georgia Breda, IA

Stylish and Effective!

The Zippy Fun Bandanas are not only stylish and cute, but are also extremely effective at catching baby’s drool or spit up. Whenever my son wears these bandana bibs he gets tons of compliments. You don’t see these anywhere in the U.S., except maybe H&M, though they aren’t as cute.

Jean Henagar, AL

Soft, high quality

I’ve purchased these bibs multiple times, both for my baby and as gifts for others. They’re much cuter than regular bibs. They’ve been a big hit!

Kitty Hazard, NE

Compliments, good size, does the job

My child gets multiple compliments when he wears these bibs. They look like bandanas, which allows you to keep them on the baby for longer periods of time and no one will think that you left a bib on from when you last fed them. My baby is in the drawling phase so I like to keep something on him for periods of time so I do not have to change his cloths 20 times a day. These come in handy. They are absorbent but no where near as absorbent as a terry cloth. They are good for one feeding then they must be thrown in the wash as they do not air dry very quickly. They fit well around a babies neck and comes with two buttons so you can choose the size you want. The tag on them is pretty large and it faces on the outside, so you are given free advertisement of the brand. You can’t really remove the tag without damaging the bib so you will just have to deal with it. My child is not attracted to tags like most, so I can see this either as a great feature for these children or it could be something they just play with as you try and feed them.I would definitely get these again, they are snug and do not let milk drip down to the neck.CONS: Only one feeding as they do not air dry quickly like terry cloths.

Angelita Memphis, TN

Soft and adorable

I wish these were just a little bigger, like the other ones they make, maybe in between, but they are amazing soft easy to wash and super sylish!

Sallie Ozone, AR