Zoli Baby Bot XL Straw Sippy Cup 9 oz – 2 Pack, Green/Pink

Zoli Baby Bot XL Straw Sippy Cup 9 oz – 2 Pack, Green/Pink

BOT XL features the same innovative straw technology as the original BOT straw cup. The flexible straw allows it to move freely in any direction the cup is tilted ensuring that babies and toddlers will be ale to drink to the last drop. Integrated handles with flip lid makes it easy for toddlers to hold.

Main features

  • BPA & Phthalate free
  • Unique weighted ball straw technology
  • Flexible silicone straw
  • Valve-free
  • 2 Pack ZoLi Bot, 9 oz

Verified reviews


Leaks if it’s not screwed on perfectly.

You HAVE to line up the straw with the line of ounces on the cup for it not to leak. And don’t bother with the little brushes to clean the straw. It’s not necessary. Ive had them for a year now and I throw them in the top rack of the dish washer as well as hand wash and I run running water through the straw for about 5 seconds. Never had a problem with mildew in any area of the straw. Replacing the straw is difficult but manageable. The reason I like it so much is the cap easily slides back and forth, its very easy for my son to hold, the weighted and flexible end of the straw allows him to get every last drop, and its very easy for him to sip-especially when he first started with the cup when he was 6 months old.

Sabrina Harborcreek, PA

Great idea with minor problems

My grandkids use sippy cups daily for water, milk and sometimes juice. There’s often a problem getting that last couple of ounces at the bottom since the plastic straw goes straight to the bottom center of the cup. This one has a weighted unit at the bottom that sinks to the bottom when the cup is elevated by the child, allowing more of the liquid to make it inside the straw. The device at the bottom does restrict the amount of liquid that it takes through the staw (compared to other sippy cups), and the cup itself seems to be made of a plastic that is less impact resistant than other similar cups. Also, the cover on the top that swivels to conceal the straw is very easy to move, which provides another plaything for my grand daughter. I’d rather she not play with the cup in this way.

Marguerite Holbrook, AZ

Great as a starter cup for my boys

All three of my kids had a hard time transitioning to a cup. They got used to lounging back and having a bottle that poured milk into their mouths. So when we gave them cups that they had to really work to get the liquid out they were less than interested. These cups solved that problem.They aren’t hard to drink out of because they don’t have a valve.They can drink out of them no matter which way they tilt them.And I love them because they don’t make a mess and the slide lid makes them easy to travel.I saw a few reviews about being hard to clean – I bought the straw brush, and I throw them in the dishwasher and then just do a quick sweep of the straw with the brush before I put them away. I actually think it is better than other straw cups that have to be reassembled or have parts where food particles can get caught.They are a bit expensive – but in the long run I think we came out about even because we stopped buying the cheap cups that need to be replaced when they start leaking.

Minnie Waukon, IA

excellent design, straws not durable

I love the flip-lid design and weight straw. The former helped contain spills and keep the straw sanitary, and the latter helped my baby girl drink until she learned to hold the cup down instead of tipping back like her earlier sippy cups. My only issue is that as the liquid inside warms to room temperature, the increased pressure inside causes capillary action, which for all you non-science types means the liquid crawls up the straw and starts dripping out. Not an issue if the lid is flipped closed, but you can get quite a mess if you forget to do so. Also, the silicon straws are very flexible but didn’t stand up well to my child chewing on them while teething, but that might be asking a bit much of a straw.

Silvia Knoxville, MD

Best sippy cups ever

I really can’t imagine how sippy cups could get any more advanced. They seem to have thought of everything with these. I will also mention that cleaning these bottles is pretty easy.

Earline Higdon, AL

Great sippy for toddlers, but can prone to leaking after a while

I have been using the Zoli sippies for my son since he was about 15 months old. These have been instrumental in transitioning him away from bottles. The cups themselves are quite durable, and I love that they are dishwasher safe. I love that the lid closes which is great for drinks in the car and on the go. The handles made it easy for him to hold independently from very early on, and I love the weighted bottom soft silicone straw- it ensures that he gets liquid from any angle, down to the last drop.A few things I’m not so crazy about- the straws can be very difficult to clean. I have found using the straw cleaner that comes with the replacement straws makes life much easier when cleaning these. Also, I have found that after a while the straws tend to leak. It seems like the straws will get an air bubble or pressure from the liquid builds up and the liquid will start dripping out the top of the straw. I have replaced a few straws but I find they still leak after a short time of use.

Gina Augusta, ME

Had One before; Quality has really gone up!

I bought a green 7 ounce one a year and a half ago. It had a lot of issues with leaking and the lid being very difficult to get on properly/straight. We lost it at the mall so I bought a different brand of weighted-straw-sippy-cup (lollacup). That one was bigger, but did not seem as sturdy, did not fit into cup holders, and the straw did not move as effortlessly and extensively as the Zoli Bot cup. I finally bought the larger 9oz two cup when my son was old enough for a sippy cup as well (6 months). The quality control must have improved significantly, as neither of these cups have such bad leaking issues (out of the straw and from the lid) as my previous one. And with my previous one, I couldn’t put the lid on straight for the life of me, even going REALLY slowly and carefully, and the liquid would spill all over the place. I have had these for a couple months and have not once put the lid on improperly. YAY! Before, I simply preferred the Zoli Bot to other cups reluctantly, and now I LOVE these!

Molly Markham, TX

Serves a purpose

I thought these cups were awesome when I first purchased them. However, over time they continued to leak and leak. I thought that maybe the they needed new straws but they still leaked even after replacing them. I love that the straws are weighted and the kids seemed to love them as well but the leaking gets old!!! I have moved on to the FP cups with straws and they hardly leak at all!

Hannah Timber, OR

It will Leak

The silicone ring that goes around the inside of the top fell out in both of the cups I have. I did put it through the dishwasher to wash it several times. The cup now leaks when tipped on it’s side. Until that happened – these were my favorite cups.

Ida Oshkosh, WI


My has preferred a straw cup over a sippy since she was less than 6 months old. Other straw cups can be difficult b/c the drink comes out too fast and is hard for a new drinker to handle. These are great b/c they seem to control the flow really well so my baby doesn’t cough and choke while drinking from it.

Misty Canton, OH