Zoli Baby Breath Electric Nasal Aspirator

Zoli Baby Breath Electric Nasal Aspirator

 Zoli Breath Electric Nasal Aspirator Clinically tested to be safe for newborns, the gentle, steady suction of our Breathe Nasal Aspirator clears up baby’s stuffy nose fast. The compact, cordless design allows you to take it anywhere, the ergonomic handle makes it easy to reach awkward angles, and the transparent reservoir provides visibility into the amount of congestion cleared. * Comes with 2 soft flexible silicone tips * Safe for babies from birth * Requires 2 AA batteries (not included) Product Dimensions: 4.9 x 1.7 x 7.9 inches

Main features

  • Clears stuffy noses fast
  • Soft, flexible silicone tips
  • Safe for babies from birth (0+)

Verified reviews


Worth its weight in gold! Definitely recommend this!

We bought this when our 2mo had a cold with a runny nose…and it was awesome! She actually liked it, and let us REALLY clean out her nose! It works really easily and only takes a time or two to feel comfortable enough with it to really root around and get the boogies out. It does actually pull out quite a bit, and it really makes a difference in the ability to breathe! Cleaning is no big deal–I just take the pieces apart and boil them in the microwave in a glass measuring cup for a minute, then let them air-dry on a paper towel. I was afraid putting it back together would be confusing, but after doing it once, it’s no big deal.There are three very slight drawbacks, but as you can see from my five-stars, they don’t diminish my rating at all.1. When you use the attachment with the smaller hole, it can’t suck up bigger boogies. The wet mucus-y stuff is just fine, but you just have to get the big boogie far enough out where you can reach it with a wipe.2. The attachments are a cloudy color, so it’s hard to see if you’re getting anything out…until it passes through to the clear area. And sometimes stuff gets stuck in there.3. The pieces fit together quite tightly–do NOT attempt to unscrew them with even damp hands. At first I thought it was just me being an idiot and not being able to do it right…until I tried with completely dry hand and it was much easier. You do still have to use a little oomph, but dry hands are the key.I would recommend this to ANYONE.

Elinor Chambersville, PA

poor design

First of all the tip is too small and goes into the nose too far. Also the suction is not enough to get out most boogers. I’ve tried it with saline spray first and it still isn’t strong enough. The "Snotsucker" (look for it here on Amazon) which you suck on with your own mouth gives much stronger suction and gets way more stuff out of my infant boys’ noses.

Rachelle Lake Charles, LA

Didn’t work at all

I’m returning this product. It really didn’t work at all – I’m not sure if it’s meant for infants, but it didn’t do anything for my 19-month old except scare her a lot. Didn’t pull anything out of her nose, and she was very congested. I tried it several times and got nothing, then followed up with either the Nosefrida or the Baby Comfynose, and got a ton of snot out.Again, maybe it’s meant for younger babies, but a 19-month old isn’t that old and a product like this should work on a little one as she grows.

Eula Zionsville, IN

Used it once and then never again

This product is only good for super stuffy noses. It doesn’t get anything out of just a mildly clogged infant nose. Plus, the piece that goes on the tip isn’t secure and continuely slides off so you constantly have to keep pushing it back down in place. We used it once and it hardly got anything out of our daughters nose and its such a pain that we never used it again. Stick with the simple bulb nasal aspirators, they work much better than anything I have tried.

Nadia Saddlestring, WY

Gets some of the boogies out, but at what cost?

We purchased this because our boys were sounding congested, and we hoped it’d be faster than the Nosefrida Snotsucker–i.e., we hoped we could sneak in and out with them barely noticing it. Not so. The tips are all narrow, and none of them semi-block the nostril hole, unless you shove them way up into the child’s nose. So it’s kind of like using a really narrow vacuum attachement to vacuum your whole floor–you’d have to spend a lot of time going back and forth and landing right on the debris to be picked up. WHICH YOU DON’T WANT TO DO. Here’s why:One of our boys looked a little frightened when it turned on, so we thought we’d show him that the booger remover was nice, not scary, and touched the tip to the back of his hand. It latched onto his skin, and we quickly shut it off and then removed it. The result was a blister-like welt that took a long time to heal–and it got worse before it got better. So, needless to say, this thing was retired to the back of the bathroom cupboard. Maybe I’ll see if I can find a little brush attachement and use it to clean my keyboard–heaven knows it has enough suction.So it’s back to the Snotsucker. Much safer, and it gets the job done. They don’t love it, but I don’t think I’d enjoy having snot sucked out of my nose, either.

Vonda Mannington, WV

Just O.K.

I’ve tried them all and this one is just another one to add to the list but my son still hates it. Regular bulb syringe is most effective.

Terra Ripley, WV