ZoLi BOT 2 Pack Sippy Cup

ZoLi BOT 2 Pack Sippy Cup

This is a two pack of the acclaimed ZoLi bot sippy cup with the weighted straw that always finds the liquid! We found a zero-frustration sippy cup: no slurping air, no wasted drinks! This smart sippy cup has a weighted straw that “follows” the juice, so kids can drink every drop, from any angle. We also like the soft silicone straw, which can’t poke little mouths. Straw sippy cup holds 6 fl. oz. and has a flip-up top with integrated handles. Top-rack dishwasher safe. For ages 9 months and up.. Good first straw sippy cup for babies learning self-feeding, because the straw is soft and works at any angle. Sippy cup is made of polypropylene, with a food-grade, silicone straw and stainless steel weight. BPA and phthalate free.. Sippy cup measures 4¼”L x 3″W x 5½”H

Main features

  • BPA & Phthalate free
  • Unique weighted ball straw technology
  • Flexible silicone straw
  • Valve-free
  • 2 Pack ZoLi Bot, 6oz

Verified reviews


Our favorites

ZoLi cup is our favorite product. So far we have been through 4. (Well, one broke, still have 3) I would love to give it a 5 star because I will offer this cup to my new born someday, but there are some concerns that takes a star off.ProsLight weight. Straw is soft. The best is the "ball" in the bottom of the straw that moves depends on the angle of how the kid handle the cup. He can hold it straight, or drink it while laying halfway down on the couch. He will never miss a drop of milk or juice in the cup.Cons2 cups that I have leaks from the side of the lid if I twist the lid too tight. 1 straw leask from the top because of the pressure in the cup. The cup is on the table. Few minutes later I see liquid coming out from the top of it. It doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen. I changed to a new straw and problem solved. Still have no idea why.

Aurora Darlington, IN

Worth every penny

We’ve tried them all. These sippies are the best. Yes, if you don’t get the lid on exactly right it will leak, but isn’t the case with most all things? We love them and they get used and abused in my house. Worth every penny. My boys drink everything out of these cups, including smoothies with no problems.

Alma Haralson, GA

Great cups but sometimes it leaks

These cups are our favorite to take around because of the closing lid. But it leaks so you have to be very careful. I noticed sometimes I can just flip it upside down slowly so the straw takes in air and it will stop leaking.

Geraldine Lake Butler, FL

They leak

I dislike these cups for two reasons. First they leak if held upside down (as in your diaper bag) and secondly, the design is such that it is easy for liquid to star some sort of pump like activity where the contents pour out of the straw. Do not put anything carbonated (like seltzer water) as the carbonation will force the quid out of the straw.Having said this, sippy cups are a necessary evil, these look nice, but in use, I would rather use the plastic disposable cups. On the plus these cups will teach your child to use straws successfully.

Matilda Bradford, AR

LOVE these sippy cups!

These are SO easy for my 6-month-old to use, and I love that they aren’t the sippy cups that will impede his speech development and hurt his palate. The weight on the bottom of the straw is GENIUS! I read reviews that cleaning these were hard, but I haven’t had a tough time. I just squeeze the straw slightly and let water run through. I did buy the straw cleaner though, so that has been helpful when they get gross.

Nicole Aline, OK

Good at first, but started leaking after a couple of months

I have 13 month old twins and was looking for a good, non-leaking cup. I like that it is a weighted straw and that can be closed up. However, after a couple of months they have started to leak so much I can’t use them.They are leaking, primarily, at the threading. I have opened and re-closed making sure the threading was ‘just right’ several times, and still, when the cup lays on its side (which it will do within 1 minute of it being in their hands) it forms a puddle – and when that puddle is on your floor it makes for an unhappy mama! I bought 2 of these 2-cup package, and 2 of the cups are leaking worse than the others.Ironically, the ones that aren’t leaking through the threading are starting to have an interesting issue with the straw: You know how you can siphon gas by starting the suction process and the gas will keep coming? I have noticed that now with the straws, if the kids drink and set down the cup properly, that the milk will keep coming out of the straw (physics 101 right?) Which means even if the cup is placed down correctly (and not on its side so it leaks from the threading) a puddle will still form under it from the straw!I am disappointed – these are too expensive to leak like this and be thrown out!I have started using NUK Gerber Graduates Grips Trainer Cups, and I like them better, because they don’t leak!!!! I wish they had a straw and a cover like the Zoli, but with twins I will ultimately choose no leaking!

Margaret Ravine, PA

THese work

After trying many different kinds of cups and after repeated suggestions from many moms in my mom’s group – I bit the bullet and bought 2 of these. Personally I think these are extremely pricey for a plastic sippy cup and there are a couple of design flaws as well, but THEY WORK. I could not get my son to drink enough water with a sippy cup that he had to tilt his head to drink out of. He carries this one around and drinks out of it ALL DAY. And, if I get the lid on correctly (I ALWAYS check it – leaning it on its side both ways) we have no spills or leaks.I would give this 5 stars but I think the cost of these is outrageous!

Louise Esom Hill, GA

best sippy cup

the only sippy cup my son can use. he never did figure out how to tip his head back far enough to work the others–he was never bottle fed. totally worth it. don’t think twice…buy two to keep in rotation

Tracey Mount Berry, GA

No-leak sippy cup

Our 7 month old loves these cups. He worked out immediately how to use them and is able to hold and drink from them unassisted. The little weight on the end of the straw helps ensure the straw is always in the water without him having to tip it up. He can also open and close the lid without a problem. My favorite thing about this cup is that, unlike the other sippy cups we’ve tried, it doesn’t leak. Finally! You’d think it wouldn’t be hard to come up with one! This has a little ‘o’ ring around the inside of the cup where the lid joins the cup to stop leaks.They’re a little pricey but they’ve been thrown about a bit and seem strong so I think they’re worth it.

Lucia Naugatuck, WV

Not so great anymore…

It was great the first 2 months but now the cold liquid continues to flow up the straw and makes a big mess. Waste of money since we can’t use it anymore. Make sure you keep the original packaging in case you need to return it after a month or two.

Victoria Pope Valley, CA

still getting used to the straw

our kid loves it when she’s able to get the water out. she was very confused at first, but now she understands how to get water out of the chamber with the straw. took her a while to get used to it, but the water doesn’t drip and it has survived a few throws.

Selina Calais, ME

hard to seal the cap, but everything else is good

My baby loves the cup though he is only 8month. He does not like or does not know how to use a sippy cup though I have tried for 2 months. Then I gave him the straw cup, and demonstrate how to suck water through a straw, he picks up quickly and now he loves to drink water. And he loves to play the cup too. The BIGGEST problem is the cup leaking easily if you do not seal the cap properly, but it is really hard to seal cap. I have twist the cap several time and shake the cup upside down to ensure no more leaking.

Emily Mooresburg, TN

good cup

Use for sending expressed milk into dc bc they are easy to get everything out and a good transition from bottles. Add soapy water and shake to help clean out straw. No leaking issues for us in the over 6m ive used them. Only con is price and the straw wears out if you have a chewer.

Abby Deaver, WY

Leaky cups, do not recommend

Worst cup ever! I had problems with the liquids leaking out of the straw when I switched between an air conditioned house and a hot and muggy outdoors. Such a pain to use. I was grateful that amazon accepted the return even though i used one of the cups

Tammie Curtis, WA

Great cup but pricey

I love this sippy cup because it has a narrower straw that was easier for my baby to learn how to drink from in comparison to other straw sippy cups. Also, the "ball" on the bottom of the straw allows your baby to slurp up every last drop of liquid no matter which way the cup is tilting towards. My only reason for giving 4 stars instead of 5: These sippy cups are expensive!

Teri Robertsdale, AL

These cups rock

We like the fact that the cup allows the child to draw the fluid up and it doesn’t race down but its not like a traditional sippy cup that take forever to draw up. Son took to it very easily at 6 months old. Like the lid that conceals the straw so it doesn’t get covered with debris or other objects.

Lynda Malin, OR