ZoLi BOT 3 Piece Straw Replacement Kit

ZoLi BOT 3 Piece Straw Replacement Kit

Freshen up your BOT or BOT XL with a new straw. We highly recommend replacing your BOT straw every three months, or as needed. Each pack contains three SILIFLEX-straws to extend the life of your favorite sippy cup.

Main features

  • Highly recommend replacing your BOT straw every three months, or as needed
  • For use with BOT and BOT XL SILIFLEX-straw technology, Valve-free
  • straw has weighted ball so it will always moves to the liquid

Verified reviews



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Staci Scranton, KS

straw replacement

Good price for 3 replacement and it can use it for more than 3 months if your baby don’t chew it.

Mavis Hopewell, OH

Why Are These Straws Now $21????

I bought a 3 pack of these replacement straws in January for $9. But my toddler likes to bite on them, so they get ripped up fairly quickly. I need another pack of replacements, but these are now $21!!!!!! Highway robbery!!!! What gives?!

Consuelo Mountainhome, PA

Tip of straw easily breaks during cleaning..

I do wish the initial straw and the replacement straws lasted longer. When I clean the straw with a straw brush, the pieces at the spout break off causing leakage.

Maude Camano Island, WA

They work!

These replacement straws are good as new replacements. I wish they were a bit easier to replace (you sort of need a death grip on them to pull them out), but once in place its like it was when we first bough the cup.

Benita Rutherford College, NC

easy to replace, fits both sizes

Easy to replace the original straw with these ones. They are the longer version so will fit in both sizes of the Zoli cups. I still have problems with liquid leaking up and out of the straw, but I think that’s a pressure issue and not related to the straw itself. It’s just the nature of how the cup/straw works. If I don’t tighten the cap as much it happens less often. My baby loves these cups so I put up with it.

Pam Erbacon, WV


If you have the cups you will need replacement straws if he cups are used as frequently as they are in our house. Definitely worth the money.

Hannah Mount Sterling, IA

love the bot

love these cups but I have had to replace the straws more frequently than I would like. My son is two now and likes chewing on the tips and they tend to rip quite quickly, but still the best cups.

Susie Alpine, CA

great product!

I love the Zoli cups because of the weighted straws! It makes it super easy for my baby to drink out of these cups. She went from being exclusively breast feed to drinking from these straws. No need for a sippy cup! It is great to be able to replace the straws every once in a while so I love that they come in a 3 pack! They are also super easy to replace!

Marguerite Harper, WV

not very durable

I was excited to learn they sold replacement straws for the rather costly sippy cup. However, within less then a day my one year old son bit off part of the top of the straw, making them leak. I replaced it and he did the same thing with all the straws. Great concept, but they need to look at the material better.

Faith Whitehouse, OH

For the 9 oz one (long straw)

If you have the small 6 oz zoli bottle, you need to cut the straw shorter. In general it’s okay

Caroline Troy, PA