ZoLi BOT Straw Sippy Cup – Green 6 oz

ZoLi BOT Straw Sippy Cup – Green 6 oz

This sippy cup isn’t your ordinary one. The BOT Sippy Cups features the original SILIFLEX-straw technology that is designed with a weighted ball so the straw always moves to the liquid regardless of the orientation of the cup. With its valve-free flexible straw, weighted ball and integrated handle, both babies and toddlers will find it easy to sip to the last drop.

Main features

  • straw has weighted ball so it will always moves to the liquid
  • SILIFLEX-straw technology, Valve-free
  • BPA and Phthalate free

Verified reviews


Overpriced and not nearly all we were expecting!

First of all, it is a decent cup. The small size combined with easy-to-hold handles make it a great choice for little hands. The weighted straw really does get almost all the liquid out, which is a nice change from some of the other cups out there (hint, hint PLAYTEX!!!) that leave a 1/4 inch or more in the bottom.Unfortunately, the cons have outweighed the pros, in our opinion. First, the straw is kind of a pain to get out and put in. It’s made of some sort of stretchy plastic/rubber/silicone/whatever so that when you pull it to get it out of the lid it just keeps stretching. You really need small fingers to grasp the straw where it meets the underside of the lid to take it out without risking snapping the straw. Similar problems exist when putting the straw back in the cup. It stretches when you pull it through the hole in the lid. The key is wiggling the straw as you pull to prevent it from breaking.Second, it leaks. No, it’s not a huge amount – we’ve definitely seen worse. However, for $15 we don’t want to see leaks at all! The problem is that liquid does not go back down the straw into the cup when the child releases suction. It remains in the straw. As soon as the straw is tipped and touches something (ie your carpet) the liquid is released from the straw and comes out, creating a mess. Again, it’s not a huge mess when it leaks – it’s just something to keep in mind.Third, the price. In order to pay this price for a child’s cup, we expect great things. However, the cheap 2-for-$7 Munchkin cups give about the same results. This cup just isn’t worth it. We have found, for those interested, that the Vital Baby Straw Cups (about $5 each) are EXCELLENT.

May Los Osos, CA

Has ruined 2 tables and most of my carpets.

Isabella Beacon, NY

Perfect straw cup for baby

I bought two of these straw cups for my 7 month old daughter and they are great! She learned how to suck out of a straw without me ever having to “teach” her and loves these cups. Personally, I love the safe plastic and the fact that the weighted end of the straw keeps the straw in the liquid no matter how they have the cup turned.The one concern I had about using a straw cup instead of a traditional sippy was possible spilling. But even when she has it turned upside down it hardly ever leaks. Maybe a few drops of water here and there, but no big deal. The end of the straw that baby drinks from is almost solid, but with a few slits cut in it. So baby can easily suck liquid out (no special biting the valve or anything) but it helps minimize spilling.This cup is great and has survived being thrown to the hard floor many times.**Update: Some leaking issues and a solution:My daughter is now almost 14 months and these cups are still my first choice. However, I have had a few problems with them – one cup cracked on the bottom (but my daughter does bang them around a lot) and I’ve had more leaking issues than I had hoped. First, ZoLi was great and replaced the broken cup with no questions asked (and it had been many months since I purchased it). Second, I figured out that the top “mis-threads” really easily. It’s hard to even tell that it is not threaded properly unless I look at it from the side because it will feel like it goes on right, but is actually a bit crooked. When I fix this and am really careful to thread it levelly, I have no leaks.

Judith Lund, NV

Something changed…

This is the second set of Zoli’s that I’ve purchased in the last year. The two I just bought are leaking terribly both from the straw tip, and the sides of the cup (yes I checked to ensure it was threaded correctly). I’m not sure what is wrong with them but I’m returning them…The first set we bought last year were a little different (I can tell because the weight on the end of the tubing is shaped differently) did not leak like this initially. However over time even with those, the straw started to have problems (would leak repeatedly from the tip if you held it upside down, which it should not). I don’t think I will be buying this brand anymore after this last experience. The cup also leaks just sitting on a table top idle, liquid running back up and out of the straw (room temp liquid, so no excuse for it)…I loved my first set when they were brand new, never had a single leak for a good while, and the biggest perk was being able to tilt it and still get liquid, but the leaking is non-stop now. Very unfortunate.

Bessie Woodstock, MN

Great but Not Perfect

Personally I am so thankful to the Zoli cup because it helped my son adapted drinking from a straw very quickly and fuss-free (at 11 months). We tried many many many sippy cups with silicone/soft spouts and hard/easy-flow spouts since he was six months old, they just didn’t work. The spout works completely different from bottle nipples and the thrust-suck mechanism that he was so used to couldn’t get him anything to drink. We knew he was able to drink from a straw because we see the level of the content rise a little from within the straw but most standard straws were just too big for him and required too much suction. When I saw the Zoli cup, I was quite thrilled. The straw was thin and soft weighted at the end so baby can drink from it upside up or upside down. Literally the second time I gave him the Zoli cup — he found it maybe weird the first time — he started drinking from it like a champ! He also leaked a lot at the beginning but it only took him less than a week to stop. That was our experience.Over time, I discovered more about the Zoli cup and was able to see its pros and cons:Pros:- soft, thin straw with leak-proof tip- easy to clean; dishwasher safe- spill-proof- easy to use (in our experience, at least)- durable. I have read many other reviews saying the Zoli cup and straw crack easily and cannot withstand being tossed and dropped. Maybe I got the lucky ones but our oldest Zoli is over three months old and it got dropped everyday on tile floors.Cons:- straw is kind of hard to clean unless you purchase their special cleaning brush. It does rinse out well with running water but there’s a learning curve to how much to pinch the tip so water can actually run through. One thing I learned is put hot water in the cup then quickly closes it with the straw already exposed. The air pressure from inside will force the water out through the straw (squirting). Problem was I burnt myself a lot at the beginning especially when I flipped down the cover (hide the straw); the overwhelming air pressure popped the lid open and exploded hot water all over me. Disclaimer: the instruction said you’re not supposed to use the Zoli cup for hot content.- squirting/leaking. If the air pressure in the cup even change the slightest, it will either squirt or leak. The leak-free tip is not enough to stop it. If you squeeze the cup too hard, it will squirt. If the content is warming up to room temperature, it will leak; say if you put cold water in the cup and leave it out in room temperature. I think they should put a tiny hole in the lid enough to let it vent but not big enough to leak.- can’t use it for anything with pulp or slightly thick. That’s actually in the instruction but I just wish they’d make the opening and straw a little larger (like coffee straw size) so that it can handle slightly thicker drinks. I make my son smoothie everyday (blended fruits); about a quarter of the time I have to let him drink out of two coffee straws. Nothing is wrong with that except my son wants to do everything himself and he won’t let me hold the cup for him. Technically nothing is wrong with that either :P- the cap doesn’t always screw on right. If the cap is not positioned correctly at the beginning it will screw on slightly crooked which will lead to leaks. Also too tight could lead to leak. There’s a learning curve on how tight to screw the cap on so that little one couldn’t unscrew it but not too tight where it becomes leaky. My son twisted off the cap once when he was 13 months old.

Agnes Pecos, NM

Absolutely useless cup.

Though this product worked perfectly for about a week, after that it became the bane of my existence. At risk of sounding repetitive, the thing leaks. It leaks when just sitting on the table. It leaks if full or if only half filled. It leaks even if you check it for leaks at the sink, see that nothing is dripping, and then hand it to your toddler. Guaranteed, 5 minutes later, it’s going to leak. It leaks from the straw, it leaks from the threads (despite being threaded correctly) and I’m convinced it leaks from its very pores.There’s quite a few other one star reviews telling exactly what happens (there’s some kind of pressure buildup happening inside, no matter what liquid is in it, that causes the liquid to come back up out of the straw and drip everywhere) and there’s even a video. Watch that, and then avoid this cup like the plague. Really.

Kristina Obion, TN

easy to use

Purchased two of these cups and my daughter and nephew usually finish their drinks in one sitting so dont have to worry about any liquid coming up through the straw.

Lourdes Coal City, IL

Frustrating – LEAKS

I want to love this stupid cup so badly, but it just keeps disappointing. It gets two stars for the intelligent weighted straw design (I purchased it because it was cheaper than the Lollacup).I don’t know what it is about straw sippy cups, but something about liquid pressure causes them to spew liquid out of the straw after sitting awhile. This is the worst one I’ve tried when it comes to this. My son also bit off one of the itty bitty flaps at the tip of the straw, so it leaks even more than it’s supposed to. I would say that’s his fault, except he’s a teething child and that kind of behavior should be expected (he’s never been able to mutilate other rubber straws); the straw is just too flimsy to handle much.

Rita Bethlehem, MD

Purchased several cups and this is one of our favorites but how do you clean the straw?

Purchased several cups on Amazon and this is one of our favorites but how do you clean the straw. We love this cup and my son loves it but the straw gets clogged with gunk over use and I do not see a way to dismantle the straw tube so you can clean inside it. That is the only negative or I would be ordering another one.

Sherrie Latrobe, PA

Best straw cup I have found

My 15 month old will only drink from straw cups and we’ve tried Playtex, Vita Baby, Take n Toss and Zoli. The Zoli are my favorite easily for a couple reasons. They don’t leak, they are easy to drink from, the weighted straw is awesome and my daughter loves them. I occasionally do have an issue with milk coming out of the straw but if you know how positive pressure works, this is a problem for all straw cups that are “leak proof”. It’s science and there’s really nothing you can do about it. These cups leak the least though which I appreciate. The Vita baby ones were terrible with liquid coming out the straw and the Playtex were also pretty bad.I have experienced what some people were saying about the cups bring hard to thread right but what I do is this. Fill the cup and set the top on, then twist it the opposite direction until it drops down then twist it the right direction to tighten. This ensures that the threads set correctly. I also don’t have a problem with the durability of this cup. My daughter throws it all the time and ours it still in great shape. I have the Oxo bottle cleaning set and that works great for cleaning this cup. To remove the straw, I pull it out with a paper towel over my fingers which works easily. These cups aren’t perfect but I think they are the best leak proof option available. Worth every penny.Update – a few months later and all my Zoli cups are leaking BAD. I think they need a new silicone ring inside. I emailed customer service but I have to take pictures of each cup and send them all the receipts. I will probably call and just see if they will send me new silicone rings… they are small and cheap so I hope I don’t get a run around about it. It’s a little annoying to have to do gather all that just to get tiny new rings for cups that aren’t even a year old.

Vicki Turin, GA

They Used To Be Good

I have purchased quite a few of these cups over the past couple of years. The newest one I bought was this one. Problem is, it leaks constantly. I have tightened, removed and replaced, and slowly put the lid on. I’ve done everything I can to get this to not leak, and it’s pointless.The ironic thing is that the older Zolis that I have do NOT leak like the newer one. I can only put water in this one as I’m tired of having to steam clean carpets to get up the milk that has been spilled.For my review, I was going to film this cup sitting on a table and leaking without being touched or used, as happens each time I fill it up, but I don’t have the time just yet.No cup filled just halfway up and then left on a table and not bothered should leak. But this one will sit there and bubble out of the straw entirely on its own. I hate to say it, but as a toddler cup it is completely useless. I guess Zoli decided to cheap out and coast on their previous reputation.I have such switched to trying out a Nuk Active Straw cup and will see how that works. So far, it hasn’t leaked a drop, even spinning it around and holding it upside down. This new Zoli is so bad there’s barely a difference between it and a bucket as far as keeping liquid inside. I don’t appreciate having money wasted in this horrid economy, so I won’t be sending any more to Zoli.

Vilma Springfield, ME

Waste of money! They leak like crazy!

We bought these sippy cups because we like that the straw moves with the cup. The description says they are leak proof and the three that we own all leak like crazy. They leak out of the straw because of the pressure and they leak from the lid where it screws onto the cup. We finally threw them away, after owning them for 3+ months and replaced them with some $3 ones from Walmart that my son loves! I will NEVER purchase these again.

Luella Fulks Run, VA

Nope. Too hard to clean.

I didn’t realize when I bought this that I would need a specialized straw cleaning tool, sold seperately of course. No thanks. I opened it, looked at it, realized it had this weird knobby thing on the bottom of the straw that made it impossible to clean. Quickly decided it would be a pain to deal with and immediately returned it. Waste of time!

Janell Pluckemin, NJ

Our go-to cup

This is our go-to cup both at home and on-the-go. Our child didn’t understand how to use the straw at first (he was 6 months at the time), but then I let him have a sip out of a juice box, by squeezing the liquid up the straw, and something must have clicked because since then he *loves* drinking from straws. (A friend of mine recently told me that playtex makes a straw cup that basically works like a juice box. It’s what she uses with her daughter, and she highly recommends it.)The pros are the weighted straw (so the bottom of the straw almost always lands where the liquid is) and that it so far has held up to a fair amount of enthusiastic shaking and the occasional toss off the high chair.The cons, in my view, are that the inside of the straw never really dries out and that the seal between the lid and the cup sometimes gets out of place. Since we use the cup daily, and only with water, I haven’t been too worried about mold, but still, I wish I could dry out the inside of the straw. The issue with the seal, isn’t a huge one for us. I just check to see if the cup is leaking over the sink before I give it to my child. If it is, simply unscrewing the lid and screwing it back on usually does the trick.

Leanna Spalding, NE

Leaks and smells

I finally thought this product was going to be perfect for my 18 month. But from the first use it started leaking and overflowing. I had to constantly wipe milk from the ground. It is great when u tip the bottle up u r still able to drink milk but once u put it down it leaks. Also a huge issue was the smell after a while. Cleaning the bottle was very hard. No matter how much I washed it, it smelled like rotten milk.

Celia Holdenville, OK

not worth Monday

while it was ok and my child could get every ounce…. the top comes off too easily and made for big spills. Alsl not very durable. cheaper better ones out there

Delia White City, OR

Pretty good cup

This straw cup is pretty good. My daughter can easily drink from it and she can easily hold it. It’s pretty secure as well.

Arlene Blue Ridge, VA

The only sippy cup that finally worked

Finally we found on that works! After trying what seems like hundreds, we finally tried this recommended cup and my daughter loves it. She drinks water regularly now and its easy for her to hold. I give it 4 stars because every so often the siphon action of the straw will cause a little leak. It also leaks when it is not on correctly, which is easy to do because the gasket is to darn tiny. But leaks are avoidable if you get it right so its more of a user error thing most of the time.

Grace Buhl, AL

Encourages Great Water Drinking Habits

Pros:- Way easy to drink from, encourages our daughter to drink a lot of water (since seven-months-old and now 15-months-old)- Weighted straw is always in the water- Simple enough to clean- Not a lot of parts (like other “sippy or straw cups”)- Lasts a long time (we used this cup nearly exclusively for eight months before re-ordering a new Zoli)- Straw is covered when cup isn’t being used, but lid is easily moved by a toddler who wants a drinkCons:- Leaks if the top isn’t put on just right — but not a big deal for us- The straw will need to be replaced at some point (we just re-ordered a new Zoli)- Slightly pricey, but worth it for all the water she drinks from it!- After many months of use, the “Zoli” logo is off the cup — personally, I could care less, but you might not like thatOverall, this was a great purchase for our family. Its a great product. I only own two toddler cups and we definately use the Zoli 98 percent of the time and her Munchkin one is used when the Zoli is being washed or misplaced in the house. 😉 If you do not like leaking AT ALL, this cup is not for you. It is not leak proof and I don’t think it is advertised that way. Our daughter used to throw her cup a lot, but she has passed up that phase and there are less leaks to clean up.

Jan Sunapee, NH

Best straw cup for babies/toddlers

These are the very best straw cups for babies or toddlers. When my son began drinking water (somewhere closer to a year), he had never had a bottle, cup, straw, or sippy. I bought these based on design..also because I felt that they were a good size. He took right to it, and because of how easy it was to grasp, he never understood the concept of a sippy. Following these, he went right to using regular glasses/cups. We still use them at home, but these days he likes more of a thermos style while on the go (as it holds more liquid). This is good for just wandering around the house with.When/if the straw gets a bit mildewy from poor washing (or rather, drying), you can purchase replacements which are easy to pop in. We’ve done that with one or two, but not all. I love the ZoLi brand, and have yet to be disappointed with any of their products.

Shelby Leetonia, OH

Leaky, leaky.

I give this one star for the idea, which was neat. And while I didn’t think my son would drink from it yet, as he’s still kinda young, I didn’t expect this thing to leak its contents everywhere. Not out the top – the straw part – but around the edges where the top screws on. For $15 this is unacceptable. It’s somewhere in the county landfill now.Note – did not buy on Amazon but purchased this exact product.

Lenora Hatillo, PR

Buy this cup!!!!

This is the ONLY cup we use…it is the best option out there! To us, it is the ONLY option and it is a great one! The straw is soft and flexible so I don’t have to worry about it poking her eye like some of the other cups out there. Also the fact that she can get every single sip of liquid out of the cup because of the weighted straw is remarkable! My daughter loves her Zo-li cup and it is the only cup I will ever buy for a baby again!

Keisha Mound, TX

Works half-full best to avoid overflow

Gets my daughter to drink much more milk than any other cup, because she has fun with it, and because she can keep her face upright and continue watching whatever is going on in the room around her. Tip: DO NOT OVERFILL. Otherwise, if she blows any air back into it (accidentally or on purpose) it creates a pressurized chamber and the milk overflows. Test it with water before you waste a lot of milk…. For us, half-full is the max.Yes, cleaning is a hassle. But if you are using it for water only, it’s enough to use the dishwasher and skip the full detailing. Requires more cleaning attention for milk, formula, or juice.

Luella East Wenatchee, WA

good idea but this is NOT spill proof

Although the concept of the cup is great my son can never get to his last sip of water as most of it is dripping or spilling out. It leaks constantly. I cannot put anything in the cup but water because of the leaking issue. If I put the cup in the fridge then take it out the water leaks out from the top and vice Versa. I bought this cup because of the great reviews but I do not think it is worth the money. Also the straw is impossible to clean and that is another reason why I only use water for sanitary reasons. I would not recommend this cup.

Octavia Philip, SD

Great cup

Thus cup is perfect for my 7 month old. The handles are easy for him to grip and he’s able to drink out of the straw on his own. The fact that it is weighted is a great feature.

Dionne Canterbury, CT

great cup but leaks

i’ve tried a lot of sippy cups and found that my son is the most independent with the zoli than any other sippy cup we’ve tried. all i have to do is fill it with milk and supervise. the handles leave a bit to be desired but my son doesn’t seem to mind. the top is great bc it’s simple so there’s not much to distract him from drinking his milk. the only drawback is that the cup leaks, but only when it wants to. sometimes pressure will build up and milk will come out the straw, sometimes it leaks out the side. i haven’t been able to figure out any rhyme or reason for the leaking but it leaks, sometimes. it’s annoying but it’s a small price to pay for the independence that this cup give to my 1 year old.

Bridgett Du Bois, PA

Good. Wish have a straw cleaner

Pros: (A) Straw is very soft (B) The lid is attached to the top so there’s no need to find a place to put the lid or even to look for the lid. (C) The end of the straw has a ball-looking thing. Because of the weight, it goes to wherever the water is when you tilt the cup. There’s no waste of any liquid inside.Cons: (A) The product doesn’t come with a cleaner/brush. I only put water in the cup because I don’t know how to clean the straw. The passage is too narraow to clean with any straw cleaner I can find. (B) Then handles are attached to the top (lid), which means once the kid is out grown it, there’s no way to detach the handles to turn it into a toddler cup. (C) It leaks. Just a little bit, no biggy. It’s because the water stays high in the straw after the kid’s mouse leaves the straw, so whenever the cup is tilt or the lid is closed (it folds the straw), water comes out. Only few drops.

Amy Darlington, SC

After several weeks I could not recommend.

The great thing about this design is the weighted bottom. It really is a nice convenience and makes it easy on our twins. After several weeks of using this product I don’t think I could recommend it. The biggest problem I have is the leaking. It looks like the threads to screw the top on are not that long and it makes it easy for leaks to occur around the side of the cup. Also, if my kids sit this down the milk just starts to come out of the straw on it’s own. This would happen a LOT. It’s usually a consistent drip that, if not monitored for a few minutes, could mean a pool of milk on your floor. The other problem I had with this was when one of my kids dropped it from her high chair it just exploded and the top went flying off and milk was everywhere. It was a mess. Love the size of the cup, the straw size and the weighted bottom but after having to clean up leaks and spills on a DAILY basis we decided it was just not worth it for us and we have switched cups. Good design, not the best execution.

Georgia West Tremont, ME

Best sippy cup

My 14 mo son loves this cup. Works really great! Doesn’t leak and is dishwasher safe on the top rack.

Dana Chatham, MA

Love it!

I have been trying to get my son to use a sippy cup since he was four months old, 20 sippy cups and 8 months later a girl friend said to get the sippy cup with a straw. I immediately went to the store and bought a few with straws…..those didnt seem to work either, then I remembered seeing these on Amazon. We received it a few days ago and my son loves it!!!!!! He is so proud of himself that he can drink through the straw. We bought the Lollacup at the same time and he loves that one too. The Lollacup straw is much easier to drink through than the Zoli straw but he loves both of them.

Veronica Tygh Valley, OR