ZoLi BOT XL Straw Sippy Cup – Green 9 oz

ZoLi BOT XL Straw Sippy Cup – Green 9 oz

This sippy cup isn’t your ordinary one. The BOT Sippy Cups features the original SILIFLEX-straw technology that is designed with a weighted ball so the straw always moves to the liquid regardless of the orientation of the cup. With its valve-free flexible straw, weighted ball and integrated handle, both babies and toddlers will find it easy to sip to the last drop.

Main features

  • straw has weighted ball so it will always moves to the liquid
  • SILIFLEX-straw technology, Valve-free
  • BPA and Phthalate free

Verified reviews


Great cup but wish it came with the cleaning brush

This is the only sippy cup my daughter will use and I just wish for the price it came with the small brush to clean the straw. You can use the classic straw cleaners because they are too big so I head to break down and but the Zoli brush that came with 2 replacement straws (what a waste). But as for this cup it is a great size and NEVER leaks if you don’t screw it on too tight. I just love it.

Juliette Esmond, ND

sippy cup

This is the best cup we have used. My grandson can easily carry it around and get his drink out no matter what position the cup is in. The straw has an attachment to follow the liquid in the cup. Worth the extra price you will be paying.

Carmela Madison, FL

Zoli bot cup

The Zoli bot was the perfect sippy cup for my son when he started out on his adventures in sippy cups. Because it doesn’t have a valve it was easy for him to suck from the straw, and the weight on the straw made it really easy because he could hold the cup any way he pleased and still get liquid from it. Its the only cup he would drink out of. Now that he is 2, I had to get a different cup because he chews on the straw and breaks the hole in the top which makes it leak. But the reason I am giving it 3 stars is because of other issues. For one, you do have to replace the straws pretty frequently. It gets pretty costly over time. Secondly, if you put milk in this cup, it leaks. Always. Even with a brand new straw. Water and juice do fine but milk always leaks out of the top of the straw. Third, there is a tiny seal inside the lid of the cup. If it is out if place even slightly, the cup leaks. It’s just kind of high maintenance for a sippy cup. The cup itself is very durable. I’ve had the same ones for over a year. It’s the straw and that seal that drive me nuts! I will keep it around because I am expecting baby #2, and I will use it for him to learn how to drink out of. But once he figures it out I will switch to a less expensive, less maintenance cup.

Shana Thompson, PA

It’s a little high maintenance but we love it

My son is 14 months and has been obsessed with this cup for the last few months. He never mastered a regular sippy cup and other straw cups require a lot of suction. It does leak sometimes, but if I unscrew the lid and readjust that seems to do the trick. Even when he’s not thirsty, he will walk around the house holding his cup with a huge smile on his face. If you buy the cleaning kit and use hot water, it cleans up very easily. Be sure to hold the valve end under the hot water while squeezing the hose at the other end to get all the milk/water/juice out. The extra work has been worth it. I seriously can’t leave the house without it!

Evelyn Aledo, TX

A great cup!

Once you learn how to properly screw the top on, this is a great cup! And we were very glad to get this bigger size as our daughter grows. We have had trouble finding something to clean the straw thoroughly (usually we end up using very hot, soapy water and just squeezing it up through the straw), but we have recommended zoli cups to all of our friends.

Ines South Colton, NY

Still on the fence

This was recommend to me after I’ve been searching for the perfect sippy cup. I’ve tried many and still haven’t found the one just yet. I was looking for something just like this but this too has its flaws.Pros:1. Easy to clean2. The weighted straw is awesome. No matter which direction the water is in you are guaranteed to get a sip.3. Durable. This can be thrown around and it wont break.4. Easy to grasp.Cons:1. I’ve had issues with it leaking while left on its side.2. When I close the top and open it again water spurts out. Not a pleasant thing for our child. Even when I would close and open it, the air would get sealed in and still spurt out. Who wants to get hit with water when you go for the straw?3. Expensive for one cup.I am still on the fence about this product. On one hand I like some aspects of it, but there are others that are annoying. The fact that it leaks is a big issue with me. I came back into the room not realizing that the cup was turned over and there was a puddle. This could be an issue if we are driving and she has this cup, I don’t want her to get soaked. Most of the sippy cups that I’ve had don’t leak if they are on their side. I think that if they were able to fix some of these flaws this could be an amazing cup. As it stands right now this cup sits unused.

Clara Melrose, OH

very good

I really like this cup, baby not useful, I hope like baby love to use word of mouth said yes, and watertight

Florence Gap, PA

By far our favorite cups

These cups are fantastic – the are easy for our young daughter to hold and to drink from and other than a few drips here and there really don’t leak very much.My only warning / complaint – the inside of the straw is tough to clean and can still retain residual funk (such as spoiled milk) after being ran through the dish washer, etc. We have a small pipe cleaner that works when needed, or just filling the cup with hot soapy water, putting on the lid, shaking and pressing on the straw a little causes the soapy water to come shooting through the straw, cleaning out whatever might be in there.Overall, an excellent cup. I think we have about 6 of them at this point…

Yesenia Oakfield, WI

The baby has been using it, but the price a little expensive

To introduce the use of friends, no what special glasses accessories, but it is too expensive, the cup itself the price a little expensive side, want to have the preferential

Pam Tinsley, MS

Best “sippie” cup ever

These are great. We now have three in rotation for our 18month old. We started using them around 12months and have been completely off the bottle since. He can throw it on the floor turn it upside down and it doesn’t break or leak. We use them for water during the day and one cup of milk before bed. With the warm milk a few drops will leak out of the straw since it is an otherwise sealed container but no mess just a few drops. Well worth the price, we use them constantly and they are still going strong after 6moths of all day every day use (haven’t had to replace any parts yet). Also the company’s customer service is amazing!

Ila Murrayville, IL

Hated it, water smelled after sitting in the cup for a short time.

This didn’t work for me, though I know a lot of my friends did like it. I returned it because I found it unusable. For some reason, water that I left in this would smell after only a few hours. I don’t know why this is. Perhaps I got a lemon? Perhaps I didn’t ‘boil the parts’ well enough? Whatever the case is, it was weird. I didn’t have the same issue with my other sippy cups. Also, when I opened the cap, the liquid would ‘splash out’. This cup had mixed reviews but because it was so popular, I had decided to try it. Now I’m just going to contribute my piece and say that I’m joining the ‘didn’t like it’ side. For it’s high price, there certainly are a lot of flaws. I went and bought the cheap ones from the pharmacy (Nuby, Playtex) and those have worked better for a fraction of the price.

Hilda Amherst, TX

Great sippy cup!

Fast delivery and high quality product. My 8mo daughter at the time loved and continues to enjoy this cup. We were able to transition from the bottle to this straw cup within a week. I’m happy I can use this cup until she’s a toddler. I ordered another one to add to the one we’re still using. I do wish the initial straw and the replacement straws lasted longer. When I clean the straw with a straw brush, the pieces at the spout break off causing leakage. But other than that, this is a great cup and very easy for my daughter to use.

Dollie Boyce, LA

Good Product

I like this cup. My 6.5 month old baby learned how to use it in a couple days. I do wish that it comes with the brush for washing (without having to buy it as part of the straw replacement kit). Also wish that the straw does not get stained so easily and can be thoroughly wash easier but overall, I like this cup and would recommend it.

Ola Turkey Creek, LA

did they change the size?

i like these cups but i thought these were smaller / shorter. i had to return them and order tjhem from somewhere else.

Queen Wickhaven, PA

Favorite sippy cup.

My daughter has been using Zo-li cups since she was 8 months old. It is a great idea to teach them to drink from a straw before they are old enough to be confused by it. That way, down the line, you’re not having to tip a cup for them for months while they learn to drink. Straw cups are the easiest and these are the best. Cups are easy for them to hold in their tiny hands, the straw is weighted so when they do tip it, even upside down, they’re still getting liquid. My kid only drinks water out of them, so I don’t have any issues with cleaning. Young kids don’t need milk or juice in a straw cup anyway….give them water! Love these cups, highly recommend.

Mavis Willis Wharf, VA

the best staw cup ever – not spillproof though

we dropped the bottle cold turkey and switched to this straw cup at one year old. luckily, because this straw cup is so awesome, the change was easy and may daughter never cared that her bottle went missing. she transitioned to milk in this straw cup instead of a bottle. its not truly spillproof, if they drop it, which happens often, so milk can leak out a little, but nothing a napkin cant clean up. the benefits of having the pressure in the straw, so when they suck there is resistance, is a great feature and i think this is why it was so easy to transition froma bottle, because it has a similar feel. also the silicon straw is really soft, and the weighted bottom makes sure every last sip of milk goes down. its pretty easy to clean to, just rinse out, and i found to clean the straw out you just have to hold the one end under the sink while squeezing on the straw (mouth) end, it sucks up the water and shoots it out (kind of looks like milking a cow) anyway – i went from buying three 6ozs’ to now two of the 9 oz’s and i can still use more. I have a whole cabinet full of all the other sippy cups that you find in grocery stores and baby stores, but the zoli bot is the best and ive only been able to find it here

Aline Mount Morris, NY

This is the best Sippy cup flat out, no other tops it. Best Best Best.

Best sippy cup. There is no other. Perfect for transitioning from a bottle. We bought several. Find a straw cleaner as they get yucky. Buy a Zoli straw cleaner as others don’t fit. Love this CUP

Pansy Southfields, NY

good starter straw sippy cup

This is one 2nd ZoLi BOY straw zippy cup. We have another one in different color. My kid learned to use a straw cup using this. Pretty easy and he even knows how to open and close the lid. The handle is nice to have on the top because it can fit on the side of his backpack.

Darlene Acme, LA

Amazing product!

I’ve gone through a lot of sippy cups trying to get my son to finally kick his baby bottle, but he never takes to them well, or they leak a ton. He tried out one of these at a friend’s house, and I was amazed to see him absolutely chugging from it without spitting it out or getting frustrated. He seemed so excited about that cup that I bought one, and its AWESOME!It does leak a little bit if you hold it upside down, but it doesn’t advertise itself as leak proof so I was prepared to deal with that. Its pretty minimal anyway, so I hardly mind it. Just a drop here or a drop there, no big leaks or spills. My kid now asks for his sippy cup more than his bottle, so I feel like this was money well spent. I loved this so much I bought a second one.I recommend this a hundred times over!

Olga Dodson, LA

Best straw cup ever!

We love the XL Zoli straw cups. We also tried other sippy cups, but my daughter’s been using this type since we got it 4 months ago, when she was 11 months. She figure out how to use it the first time we gave it to her. We also tried the smaller Zoli straw cup. The smaller one sometimes leaks if not closed just right. The XL cup has longer thread so it’s easier to tightening the top and not worry about leaking.

Lenora Hanapepe, HI

Love love love

I own four of these and love them!! The straw goes everywhere they tip the cup, so they are perfect for nap time and bed time. However if the lid isn’t screwed on just right they do leak. Also the pressure of them being so tight makes them leak out of the straw especially in the heat. But overall great sippy cups

Marcie Newport, VA

Great product!

I highly recommend the product, although I think it is a bit pricey. It works great, my 16 month son uses this cup daily. We have one that he got for his 1st birthday and we have been using it a lot, so I decided to order another one, this one is bigger. It does not leak, he can drink from it upside down, great for a little toddler on the go!

Erica Eagle Creek, OR


Helps my kiddo learn how to drink from a straw. He can now use any kind. Inorder to clean, fill with hot water, tighten lid and shake upside down. The hot water flows right up the straw. I then put it in the dishwasher.

Deanne New Haven, VT

Just okay

I love that the straw is weighted and that my son can get his milk from any direction. I had a hard time getting him to drink from a straw until this cup. However, it is expensive and it leaks. It was a great starter cup for us but we have moved on to the FP straw cup which hardly leaks and is a lot cheaper!

Kimberly Shakopee, MN

Till the last drop in the cup..perfect

The search for a good cup wasn’t easy. I bought the smaller cup of this cup at for my 2 year old daughter. It worked amazing.I went for this size now (9 oz) as my daughter is almost 3. I love the cap that protects the straw. I love the fact that she can drink her milk and water till the last drop.Now, you ought to be carful when pouring hot milk in it, it will over flow from the srtaw. That is pretty much the only thing that i can consider a negative.For people who want a no drip cup, that is not easy to find and if you do find it, the child will have to suck hard to be able to drink.So this cup works great for my toddler. Happy with the purchase.

Claire Wallace, WV

Not sure why they are one of best sellers, its next to impossible to clean the …

Not sure why they are one of best sellers, its next to impossible to clean the straw that means can only use for water. The cap keeps on getting stuck with straw, and eventually tip of straw breaks off causing suction flow to increase. There is small plastic rink that keeps coming off from cap of the cup, causing water leakage. Look into other options

Marcella Chicken, AK

good concept, poor quality

I love the concept and it does work. The weight does what it is supposed to do and "follows" the liquid until the last sip. I got these cups to use with my expressed breast milk for daycare b/c I didn’t want him to "miss out" on the last 1/4 of the milk that he would with traditional sippy straw cups. However, the straws are incredibly easy to bite through, rendering the cup useless. I replaced the straws several times and within one sitting, he would chew it right off again.

Theresa Skwentna, AK

Love the Zoli

This cup is the best! The only problem is when liquids get warm they will come up the straw and make a mess, but just keep them cold when not in use. I have six of these! So glad they come in the XL now!!

Carolyn Haugen, WI

We love this sippy

After reading all the reviews online about each sippy, I thought this would be the best because reviewers said it did not leak. Well when I pack it in my diaper bag it does leak all over everything. When she is using it, it is fine no leaking just taking it on the go and packing it in my bag it will leak even standing up for some reason?

Emilie Rillito, AZ


We’ve been using Zo-li Bot cups for several years and this is the first time I’ve seen this larger (9 oz.) size. It’s a perfect size for the growing toddler.

Louisa Long Pond, PA