ZoLi BUZZ B Electric Nail Trimmer

ZoLi BUZZ B Electric Nail Trimmer

You won’t need a magnifying glass to safely trim your baby’s nails. The BUZZ B is a battery operated nail trimmer that safely files tiny fingernails without harming surrounding skin. A gentle, yet effective oscillating action trims your baby’s nails and includes two power settings. BUZZ B comes with four cushioned pads, each designed for a different stage of your baby’s growth.

Main features

  • 0m+
  • Safe and effective for babies to toddlers
  • -Includes storage case and (4) cushioned pads with varying grits
  • Measurements L x W x H): 1.75″ x 1″ x 4.5″ / 5 cm x 3 cm x 12 cm

Verified reviews


Not very effective for older babies

Maybe if I had gotten this when she was younger I wouldn’t think it was such a waste of money. To get any results it has to be used on the nail for quite a while longer than my baby (and probably most) will hold still. I got this so that I wouldn’t have to try to cut her nails only while she was sleeping and it ends up that would be the only way she would hold still long enough. I’m sad I wasted my money.

Kasey Esko, MN

Not worth the money

It’s great if you’re “filing” your baby’s nails but I would not call it a nail trimmer. I tried it on both of my kids (7 months & 2 years) and the only thing it did was smooth the edges. I made sure I was using the correct colored file. I was so excited to get this & ended up being disappointed.

Deidre Bear Lake, PA

Doesn’t work the greatest & vibration is unpleasant on ADULT fingertip

I bought this when my daughter was probably around six to eight months old. I was really afraid of cutting her nails with a clipper for fear of cutting her because she squirmed so much. She was a HORRIBLE sleeper (still is) so I couldn’t clip her nails when she was asleep, nor would I have ever risked missing out on those precious few times she was out cold. This trimmers pads are not coarse enough to really trim well, even when using the most coarse pad. It also vibrates pretty significantly and the vibration is unpleasant … dare I say even somewhat painful? My daughter didn’t like it and we had to really struggle to hold onto her hand as she fought hard to pull it away. Maybe I’ll use this on baby # 2 in the very beginning but I love the bee clipper by Sassy that for some reason so many parents dislike. I have tried SO many things and that little bee has been a lifesaver. You have to be careful and precise with any method of trimming nails, but the bee’s head sticks out so you can’t get too close to the skin. I will use the bee whenever possible and reserve this very expensive clipper for a newborn only.

Jessica Linden, VA

A sanity-saver must have

I love this thing. Anyone who says its a waste of money must have the dexterity of a surgeon, the quickness of a viper and the patience of a saint. I have none of those. When I used emery boards, it took me 8 minutes per nail, which my baby didn’t appreciate. When I tried to use clippers, I clipped the end of my baby’s finger, which she also didn’t appreciate. I have to trim her nails every couple of days or she scratches the bejeesus out of herself and leaves little bloody cuts, which makes for sad pictures. Can’t say enough good things about this thing. Great construction, battery lasts forever and my baby does not even react to it. Get it, its worth the money.

Kaye Carrolltown, PA

Not at fabulous as I thought

I really liked this the first few times I used it, but have found that on my now 4 month old baby even the heaviest grit disk (orange, I think) takes an incredibly long time to get even one nail done. And sometimes there’s always a little corner of a nail that it just can’t get at all. On a whim I grabbed my emory board and found it works so much better and takes about 5 seconds per nail. Also, the battery wears out in about 2 days even if I took it out when I was finished each time. Save yourself some $$ and buy a .99 cent emory board!

Paulette Norman Park, GA

Slow but effective nail filing

This file is the best thing we’ve found for trimming our baby’s nail. It is easy to use and our baby doesn’t mind feeling the file on her nail or skin. Unfortunately it takes a long time to file her nails and by the time we’re done with one hand she is bored and antsy and doesn’t want to continue with the next hand. It would also be nice if the file came with more heads since babies nails need to be trimmed so frequently.Edit May 2013 later: We ended up giving it away and use the baby nail clippers for our now toddler and new baby. It wasn’t worth the hassle of using the file.

Saundra Jamestown, NM

Doesn’t Do Much

I bought this after the birth of my daughter because I was afraid to cut her while cutting her nails and it was difficult to get her to sit still. I will say that this item definitely does not hurt the baby’s fingers at all. I did test it myself and then I did use it on my brand new newborn daughter so it is safe. But, it doesn’t seem to do ANYTHING to trim down the nails. I would file and file and they wouldn’t change at all. For the money it costs, it’s just not worth it! I returned it and went back to the baby nail clippers.

Aisha Laurel, DE

Good for Newborns

I am very happy that I purchased this item. It was very useful for my baby the first 3 or 4 months. I could do all of her nails w/o having to clip them. Now that she is 6 months old her nails are a lot harder and the Buzz-B is only good to smooth out the sharp edges of her nails. Which is fine as I am more comfortable with cutting her nails as she no longer screams or pulls away when I cut.

Allyson Grafton, VT

Perfect for filing down my newborn’s sharp nails

This is a great tool that makes it easy and painless to file down your baby’s sharp nails. I’ve used this a few times on our newborn and he doesn’t flinch or wake up when I’m using the zoli file.UPDATE: my infant is now 3 months – and I stopped using the zoli. I’m just using a standard nail clipper and it works fine. I’ll use the zoli if I want to file down a sharp edge now. It’s expensive, but nice when your baby is small.

Alisha Saugatuck, MI

Not for thin baby nails

I’m determined that one day this thing will actually work because it wasn’t cheap but at the very least at 5 months it did not file my babies’ nails down. I tried again at 6, then at 7, and now 8 but I think it just won’t work on those little thin, fragile infant nails.I will try again at 9 months and update my review if anything different happens.

Meghan North Washington, IA

Might be good for newborns

I bought this item because my daughter, who is now 11 months old, started trying to bite me when I trimmed her nails with nail clippers. I suspect she just didn’t like her hands being constrained now that she is more self aware and active with her hands. So I was hoping this product would be a quick and easy way to file down the sharp edges of her nails in between nail cutting. I had to use the roughest of the grits to even make a dent in my daughter’s nails, so having different grit heads won’t help me at this point. This may have been useful when she was younger but at this age, I don’t find I use it.

Bianca Colerain, NC

repackaged used item

I haven’t splurged on many baby items and was looking forward to this little luxary. When it arrived, I unpackaged it and noticed that the additional discs it comes with had all been used. I tried to get the seller to exchange it for a new one but the insisted I return it for a refund. I won’t be buying a replacement due to poor customer service.

Kelly Madison, CT

Don’t waste your money.

This thing is a piece of junk. It isn’t shaped well for little fingernails, and it doesn’t work well when you can get it positioned right. If you want to file the little one’s nails, use a baby emery board.

Lauren Orange Beach, AL

This is great

Great trimmer. It is easy to use and it doesn’t seen to bother baby at all. Def Love it (^^)v

Deanna Bass Harbor, ME

thank goodness this exists!

This is a lifesaver. After cutting my babies fingers more than a few times, I decided to give this a try. It is best for keeping the nails trim, not cutting long nails. But this has helped my son a lot who used to give himself a new facial scratch each day.

Marietta Boneville, GA

Love it

I just LOVE this! It’s super cute and easy to use and most importantly it does not hurt your baby even when she’s moving around. the only thing it that the battery dies pretty fast! I use it everyday and had to change the battery just after less than a week (I use about 3 mins each day).I don’t consider that as a con though it’s a powerful little thing and there is a carry out box that come with is and 4 different trimmer pads allows you to use until baby is at least two

Tamra Lodgepole, NE


Waited for a long time for this to become available again. Can’t imagine going at the baby with something sharp. He actually fell asleep while I was doing this! 🙂

Juana Butler, AL

Takes way too long!

I would have rated this product with 3 stars but I don’t think it’s average. The concept is great and I like that you can’t hurt your little baby with it but as we all know…when you have a baby, they tend to move A LOT. If you’re stuck doing one finger for 2-3 mins…that’s going to take you about 20 mins to do both hands! That’s just not feasible. I used it a few times then gave up. I went back to using his baby clippers and never turned back! I was done with both hands in 5 mins!

Ramona Tioga, TX

I love it!!!!

My little boy is a month old and when he was home the first week I knew he was going to need his nails trimmed. I had seen/heard of this gadget while I was pregnant but I was trying to avoid purchasing another useless gadget. But now that baby is here. . . I took one look at the typical baby nail trimmer, tried to trim one nail and then completely refused. There was no way I was going to be able to get the job done with regular baby nail clippers. I am a first time mom and I just wasn’t brave enough to go for it. As soon as I realized I wasn’t brave enough for the clippers, I ordered the Zo-li Buzz and we love it!!!!!!! It trims just enough of my little one’s nails so that he isn’t scratching himself. I can do it while he is sleeping and he doesn’t even notice!!!! I love it and would reccomend it to everyone! This just might be my new go to baby shower gift. It’s one of those things that you don’t think you need but then when you have it, you don’t want to ever be without it.

Tabatha Sells, AZ

Brilliant invention for addressing finger nail issues with newborns.

Brilliant invention. Our 5 day old’s finger nails were getting long and a few had rough edges that we had to watch carefully when she rubbed her face. This gem of a product easily removed the rough, scratchy edge and has made her hands safe for her face/eyelids again. Worth every penny since you are told not to clip their finger nails until after 2-3 weeks. Now we can relax about her hands. 🙂

Sherry Knife River, MN

Loved it

Very safe and easy to use.I m glad I found it.I m always nervous wen filing my 4mnth olds nails but this is just super easy and in no way harm his delicate skin.a must have for new parents who don’t hv much experience in baby nail filing/clipping 🙂

Shirley Shafter, CA


So far I haven’t been super impressed with this. My son doesn’t seem to mind too much when I use this on him but it doesn’t seem to really work all that well. I already when up to the 3 month board to see if that would help even though my soon isn’t three months yet but that didn’t really do much better. I wouldn’t recommend for the cost.

Paulette Adel, IA

Works well, could be better

My son seems to grow velociraptor nails overnight. We got this in an effort to contain his claws in between clippings, and to trim down edges after cuts when they’re razor sharp.Overall this works well. My son doesn’t love it, but he tolerates it easily. I was worried that I could grind off his little fingers, but it isn’t that strong – and you can choose half-speed as an option.I think the pink, blue and green pads are essentially worthless. Just go ahead and buy a few orange pads as those are the ones that actually do anything. I wish it were a bit stronger, and the pads seem to wear out quickly. Also, if they had a grittier pad that would be nice.

Amy Rembert, SC

Works well, but not perfect

I’ve been using this nail trimmer on my baby for four months now. I absolutely love that it is gentle and does not hurt whatsoever (it is a soft vibration to the touch, which is perfect for newborn babies). It did an amazing job filing my little one’s nails during the first couple months. However, after a few months her nails weren’t as soft to file and it seemed to take so much longer to file. I tried switching to the tougher grit discs, which did not seem to help much. The file was still comfortable to the touch, however my little one would get annoyed after I filed just a couple nails because it took so long and she didn’t want to have her hand still for that long. I finally purchased a pair of nail scissors (the piyo piyo baby nail ones) and have used those to cut her nails, and then I smooth out the edges with the Zo-li buzz nail trimmer. I’ve found this to be the best of both worlds. I would definitely recommend this product in regards to the softness (you are definitely not going to hurt your baby or damage the skin with it), however if you’re not crazy about the price I think you could definitely get away with carefully using baby scissors instead.

Gussie Groveland, CA

Not worth the money

I hate trimming my newborns nails, so thought I would try this, but honestly it takes way too long and it’s easier to just use nail trimmers. The price is steep for what it is and now it’s just sitting on my shelf.

Lorena Deerfield, IL

very easy to use

its very convinence and soft, safe and easy to use. My daughter loves it very much, I’m glad I’ve bought this.

Frieda Lostine, OR

Absolute must-have gadget!

This thing literally takes all the fear out of trimming a newborn’s nails! Even the nurses in the hospital couldn’t get over what a great product it is. This will be included in every baby shower gift I ever give!It works just like it says. My baby never fussed or tried to pull away while I was filing her nails. It does the job of filing without hurting her precious newborn skin. I absolutely love it!

Selma Gallup, NM

Great Shower Gift!

This is just one of those things that lots of mommas out there do not know about. It’s great! As my daughter got older she grew to hate it when I would trim her nails and honestly I hated doing it. I was always afraid I would cut too far. This is awesome- now she hold her hand out when I get this out. She doesn’t mind it and there’s no way it could hurt anyone. No matter how small. It’s awesome—I even use it for myself. It’s great!

Myrtle Mantador, ND

Declaws newborns

Great for declawing newborns, and then eventually you’ll have to both cut and file to keep their nails trim. I still use on my 18 month old after trimming his nails.

Ina Dodge Center, MN

How else do you trim nails?

This is the only way I could trim our little guy’s nails! It’s the best. He’s 7 months now and I use a regular baby clippers, but use this to smooth out the rough edges. The first few months when his nails were very thin, I used this exclusively. He doesn’t mind it and I use it when he’s awake.

Raquel Dona Ana, NM