ZoLi Gummy Set of 2 Stick Gum Massager, Green/Orange

ZoLi Gummy Set of 2 Stick Gum Massager, Green/Orange

Discover a way for babies to ease teething discomfort while gaining dental hygiene habits. The nubs and handle introduce your baby to a toothbrush. Vibrantly colored, GUMMY STICKS have soft nubs to soothe sore gums, an easy-to-grasp handle, and a safety shield to prevent your child from over inserting.

Main features

  • Soft, textured tip to soothe baby’s gums
  • Designed with anti-choke shield and it’s easy to hold,
  • BPA and Phthalate free

Verified reviews


Good for awhile

At first, out of the three different products I tried, these things were my favorite for our 2 yr old who seems to be working on his 2 yr molars–conventional teethers don’t fit that far back. They are nice in that they come in a pair, so can rotate them or have them in different places, they have a guard to protect against overinsertion & at first seemed to be more durable than the Gum Massager by MamGum Massager Brushwhich started falling apart within days & doesn’t have a guard… Until several weeks later, some of the rubber flaps are coming loose or have completely fallen off (luckily found them all & none swollowed or choked on) & now the whole rubber part is splitting in half & coming loose from the plastic part! That is a major choking hazard! Especially when the time we use it is to soothe him when he’s putting himself to sleep & can’t monitor him. Wish they could make them more durable as I liked them otherwise. Now my favorite is actually the ToothifierThe Teethifier IIas it is all one piece of rubber, has a guard, fits back into molar area on both sides at once & seems to be the most durable & is easier to clean than the other two products. The only thing is that it doesn’t come as a pair, so will have to buy more for grandma’s house or for when we lose it temporarily.

Phyllis Lead, SD

Great Teether for those pesky Molars!

When my son started to work on ALL FOUR of his first molars at once, it was brutal. Regular teething rings and various teething toys just didnt reach where it really hurt. And when he DID find objects he could place far enough back to reach his sore spots (drumsticks were a favorite), they simply werent safe to be jammed in the back of his mouth and usually ended down his throat until he gagged. Enter this wonderful product! Long enough to reach the back teeth, but the handy circular guard keeps it from going any further so NO GAGGING. My son is gnawing one right now as I type this, happy as a clam for the relief it brings. I highly recommend this product to parents of teething toddlers.

Marion Powhatan, WV

Not a hit with my 7 month old

A regular kids tooth brush worked better for both my kids. My kids just tossed this massagers aside. Not saying it is a bad product,my kids just didn’t like it much.

Kathryn Three Rivers, MA

poor design, expensive for what it is

The “guard” to prevent choking is useless if, say, your child decides to put the hard end in her mouth. They should have designed this with the soft parts at both ends. Also, the end harbors bacteria.

Megan Cleveland, AL

Zoli stick gum massager vs. Teethifier

I purchased the Zoli stick gum massagers along with the Teethifier for my 15 month old, who is cutting his first set of molars. He never used a pacifier, so I wasn’t sure how that product would work for us. Honestly, he doesn’t use either of the back-teeth teethers much, but before bed he’ll chew on the Teethifier while we read books, and I leave it with him in his crib. Sometimes I find him chewing on it in the morning. It does make him drool a ton. He has not used the Zoli stick teethers more than a handful of times, and most of the time he turns it around and chews on the non-rubbery end. I worry that he’ll push it too far into his mouth when using it that way, since the stopper is at the other end. All in all, if your little one’s molars seem to be bothersome, I would recommend the Teethifier over these stick teethers.

Kelley Ephrata, WA

Pretty good.

I got these because they were a good size for small hands to hold. My daughter can hold them well but she’s just starting to teeth so didn’t seem to like putting them in her mouth. I will wait to see when she is further along in the teething process.

Ma Herod, IL

great for early teething!

My son is just 9 weeks old and he has been showing signs of early teething for a few weeks now. I tried the teething rings we were given at our baby shower but they were just to big for his little mouth. The only thing that was working to sooth him was sticking my pinky finger in his mouth so he could chew on it. I wanted something I could stick in his mouth, and that he could learn to grip as well. As soon as I put it in his mouth he was happy! It was an instant pleaser and easily took the place of my finger. He has even held it on his once once! I’m glad to have found something that fits in his mouth and makes teething a bit better.

Marcia Norwich, KS

Part of teether broke in baby’s mouth

My 18 mos daughter was using this teether and I noticed a big gap in between her bottom front teeth. I noticed the clear rubber gummy part and come off and gotten lodged between the teeth. We were able to get it out using tweezers but if it was a tooth in the back we certainly never would have noticed it or if we had I probably would have had to take her to a dentist to get it removed. It was not easy to get out and took two of us and we actually could have used another person if someone was available. I contacted the company via email but have not heard back as of yet. I would certainly not buy another one!

Sherrie Montrose, NY

regretted as soon as I opened…

….But I washed them anyway… for $15 dollars I was hoping that my teething son would love them! But they are very hard (besides at the tip) and I’m afraid of him chewing to hard on the parts he’s not supposed to. Should have just bought the $5 one that he could chew anywhere on. He is only “kind of” able to use these… and doesn’t really use them much… just bangs on stuff with them.

Jami Youngstown, PA

Maybe for older babies

My 7 month old has four teeth and is working on more. These are great teethers in that they can get to the back teeth. However, the design has some safety issues. When she turns the teether around and puts the long end in her mouth, it obviously is too long and gags her. Secondly, it is like giving a baby a pencil, ready to poke her eye out at any minute. These would be ideal if they had the shorter teether on both sides, instead of the longer, dangerous handle. We let her use these twice but had to monitor her closely and we just decided now to put them away all together to avoid her getting ahold of them without our full attention.

Priscilla Greenfield, IL

too rigid

The teething baby loved this from the first moment but…. The handle is rigid and we are concerned that if a baby were to fall with it in their mouth a significant injury could result. We don’t use it even when the baby is on the floor having tummy time. We only use it when the babe is in a car seat or contained and can’t fall on it.

Angelica Yabucoa, PR

Great idea but baby prefers his fingers

I loved the idea of this and wanted my baby to used it but he uses his fingers instead. He can grasp it in his hand and crawl with it easily. I worry a bit when he cruises with it though since he could fall and poke himself although it’s not sharp. I give four instead of five stars because the handle under the guard is longer than the top and my baby likes to hold it upside-down and chew on the handle. The guard isn’t effective in that position.

Marsha Williamsburg, MI


Finger saver! No more teething fingers! This helps so much right before the teeth cut. My kid loves chewing on her toothbrush so I figured she’d love these too!

Enid Antioch, TN

Buying again, for next son and a friend

I took a chance on these spendy little things and came out pleased. The best part is that they always land chew-side up. It may hit the ground chew-side down, but it is balanced so that handle will be on the ground and the chew-side will point up just as shown in the picture. I used it when my son was working on his molars. He could reach to the back of his mouth with it and the shield prevented him from sticking it in too far. Now, I use ’em as a little chewy toothbrush for him before bed. They have served a couple purposes for us perfectly.They haven’t held up enough for our second son, but toothbrushes aren’t meant to be passed on, either! Oh, they go through the dish washer nicely, too.

Laurie New Columbia, PA

Not that great.

This looks like a great idea but my 4 month old isn’t a fan. The gummy part doesn’t really seem that soft to me. She kind of cringed when she bit into it, so I don’t think she liked it either. The choke guard is too far back. She still chokes herself with it. I basically have these up on a shelf as a last resort teether, like if we can’t find anything else.

Gwendolyn Chepachet, RI

Son enjoys them

Bought these for my 1 year old son who is getting his molars in. He seems to enjoy them (he loves to try to stick things back in his mouth to chew on, and at least these are safe). These seem to help ease the pain and I pack one in the diaper bag and keep one at home. Would buy again.

Ola Palacios, TX

Perfect fit for my sons mouth!

This was exactly what I was looking for to help relieve my son’s back molar pains. He was chewing on his fingers and now he can chew on this and he loves it. It fits perfectly in his mouth ( he is 15 months old) and the handle is just the right size for his hand to grasp. Highly recommend this product for any teething toddler!

Mallory Tuscumbia, AL

Best teether I’ve bought!

These things are AWESOME! My son lights up when I hand one to him and it keeps him occupied in his high chair while I clean up after meals. The only reason I’ve given four stars is that he often flips it around and gags himself with the longer handle end. Maybe in the future Zoli can make a double sided one. 🙂

Viola Darlington, MD

Zo-li Gummy Stick Baby Gum Massagers

My son is ok with this product. He doesn’t like to chew much, but to throw it. LOL Every toddler is different, no blame on ths product. The material is great, non danger. i was worry it can stick into the throat and hurt him, it won’t One part i liked very much is the mouth part is always in the air when it drops, just like the picture. so not easy to get dust and dirty. ^_^ recommended.

Brianna Philadelphia, MS

Relax and smile

Thank. Now my son is happy with these. He has no care whoever when he works on it. Love it.

Dollie La Puente, CA

little one loves these!

My little guy is such a fan of these. He will chew and chew both in the front and the back of his mouth. The choking guard is amazing, but I wish there was an attachment that would let it attach to things for when he throws it when he’s done.

Claudine Phoenicia, NY

Better than Most

We have so many teethers I lost count. Our two boys (now 2 and 4), were HARD teethers. This was one of their favorite teethers. My little niece loved this one best of all as well. The chewing end is great, soft, east to clean. The product is easy for them to hold, and it reached all the places in their mouth.The only improvement I would suggest is making it double ended. Sometimes the little ones get it turned around and gag themselves with the long end.

Carmen Hoodsport, WA

love this product!

baby loves this product! the only concern would be if they flip it around and chew on the other end. also she rolled over on it and the "guard" hurt her stomach, but otherwise she really enjoys this product and chewing on it!

Angelia Orlando, KY

For OLDER children only. Some design flaws in my opinion.

My daughter really loved these Zo-Li gum massagers, until she flipped it around and gagged herself on the other end. I imagine most kids would eventually figure out NOT to do this, but it still concerns me that they could damage their little mouths with it in the meantime. It also completely defeats the purpose of the “shield” on it, which is why I consider it to be flawed, if they can still gag on one end of it! Like I said, it did the job and seems to be durable, but who really wants to offer their child a teether that they’d have to constantly supervise? DEFINITELY for an older child. My daughter is 21 months old (1 year 9 months) now and cutting her last few big teeth, and it’s just now that I actually feel comfortable enough offering her these.

Roseann Ogden, UT

My son loves these

Teething toddlers are impossible to please. He loves these more than the Sophie and even more than his own fingers. Highly recommended

Danielle Timbo, AR

Awesome for little hands!

I bought a bunch of different teethers for my 8 month old, and these are by far her favorite. Very easy to hold, which she loves to grab everything these days. The chewing area is a bit small, but definitely enough for her gummy mouth to gnaw on. This comes with two sticks, and they are super easy to clean (I just throw them in the dishwasher) and perfect for my tiny, slobbery girl!

Marion Coulters, PA

Great when used properly

Even though these seem to be safe since they have that disk in the middle preventing a child from sticking this too far in their mouth, there is nothing preventing them from turning the whole thing around (aside from adult supervision) and sticking the other end in their mouth. It does provide a nice textured surface for a baby to chew on though.

Jewel South Boardman, MI

she loved it

my daughter has found these very helpful for teething. i only suggest that you limit her accessibility to them when they are not walking. i think it could cause great harm if she fell face first while this was in her mouth. that’s why i give her the frozen wash clothes when she’s walking around and this when she is in my arms, car seat, etc.

Latasha Mossyrock, WA


Like the guard for preventing my son shoving down to far but all he has to do it turn it around. So he has gagged himself a few times. Also can be dangerous if on stomach and has it in mouth, easy to drop weight of head on it. He likes to chew on the correct…but when he really starts to teeth i think it will come in handy

Dorothy East Brookfield, MA

Baby loves it!

My baby is 8.5 months old and doesn’t have teeth yet, but loves to gnaw on things. We have tried countless teethers and she’s not interested in most of them, but she loves these gum massagers. Highly recommend!

Isabelle Cass City, MI