ZoLi Matties 2-Pack Silicone Placemats

ZoLi Matties 2-Pack Silicone Placemats

Matties are designed with durable, silicone material so they can be used time and time again, making them an eco-friendly alternative to disposable mats. These mats are easy to store and easy to clean so it’s a smart choice for eco-minded parents with babies or toddlers on the go.

Main features

  • Free of VOC (volatile organic compounds), lead, nitrosamine, and phthalates
  • Water- and odor-resistant
  • Compact & lightweight for easy storage and travel
  • Includes 2 mats (11 x 16 inches)

Verified reviews


Not a bad product just not for us.

We do not have a highchair with a tray, so I liked the idea of a placemat to protect our tablecloth. We were never able to use this one though for a couple reasons. One, it was way too exciting. Playing with the placemat was way more exciting then any food placed on it. And as I had read in other review to doesn’t stick to surfaces at all, which only made it more easy to play with. Also, it has a ZoLi logo in one corner, which was also too exciting for words and trying to peel it off, (not that it comes off), was more interested then eating. The other problem was that it looks like a fun kid’s placemat which I liked however my daughter did not, she wanted one just like ours. So after giving up we moved onto cheap cloth placemats that we could all use and put in the wash.Had we ever been able to have a successful meal with this placemat it would have been very easy to clean with a damp cloth. And the look, size and feel of it was nice and what I had expected. — Not a bad product just not for us.

Shawna Barnardsville, NC

Fine but not really worth the money

My toddler has a lot of fun picking this up off the table, pouring food onto it and then back into his bowl by rolling it up… basically he uses it for everything except keeping the table clean. The bright colors are great, but just too appealing for him to leave it alone! This is obviously not the fault of the product… my only complaint about the product itself is that it’s hard to clean. You really have to lay it flat on a solid surface to clean it, so if its really messy that can be tricky. Overall, I think this is a nicely deisgned but totally unnecessary product that seemed like a good idea until I owned it. Maybe we’ll get some more use out of it once he is older and more restrained… But for now it’s just sitting unused.

Karina Anamosa, IA

great mat

This mat is safe to use, easy to clean. I bring it to restaurants and I use it at home as well. You know how your little one just eat off the table all the time? You don’t want him to eat off a restaurant table, you can use this.

Eva Baxter, WV

They slide on my table

I love the bright colors of these mats and the easy of portability as you can just roll them up and stick them in your diaper bag, but I was so disappointed to find that they slide on my table. We have a wood (pine) dining table that is stained with wood stain and the mats slide all over the place. We’re hoping we can use these later when our kids our older and understand not to pull on the placemats, but for now, we have to put them aside as the second they go on the table, the bright color attracts their attention and off they go, taking all of the food with them. Oh well.

Beulah Babylon, NY

Functional and looks good

I hate that all kids related things have to be super "kid-looking." I wanted something I could leave on my breakfast table for when I feed my son, and most placemats had all these funky cartoons and designs on them. I wanted something simple that wouldn’t be an eyesore in my kitchen. This was perfect. I just rinse it when I need to clean it.

Virgie Buzzards Bay, MA

Zoli mats

I love these. They are easy to clean, they don’t stain (like with pasta sauces) and I absolutely love how they roll up and it in the diaper bag. I used to wait tables and I remember how we cleaned them off with the same towel we carried around all night. I suspect it is similar in other restaurants. I love that I can easily bring these mats along and know that my child is eating from a clean surface. They do not slip off the table as easily as other mats I have tried. Seriously people who give this a bad review because your kid pulled it off the table… unless you super glue something to the table, your kid will find a way to get it off. Be realistic!

Rae White Marsh, VA

Could be designed better

These mats aren’t bad for the purpose they are intended – they do not slide on the dining room table and are easier to clean than cloth mats. However, they are not that large, so food still gets splattered, they are a bit bumpy so food gets caught in crevices, and my son will still pick them up and dump them on the floor on occasion.

Jeanette Hazel Green, WI

Stays put!

Other plastic place mats slide all over the place. This one actually stays put. I wish they had the alphabet or numbers on it though.

Michell Chapin, IL

3.5 stars, but we do like them!

I would give these 3.5 stars. Love the bright orange color and design. They do “stick” well to a glass table, but most surfaces the baby can still pull them and move them (they’re thinner than I expected). I think they’re good to roll up in the diaper bag and take to restaurants. They’re easy to wipe down and wash. Our little one likes to grab it up off the table and chew on it if it’s just set in front of him. Solution for restaurants…pair it with the Inglesina Fast Table Chair! Works like a charm with that.

Erma Three Lakes, WI


Perfect for protecting the dinner table against those messy little eaters. Works great for traveling too! Easy to clean and easy to store.

Lelia North Chili, NY

We love it!

This works perfectly under our Ingelsina fast table high chair!!! No problems ever and it’s easy to clean! I would really suggest you buy this as a first place mat! It doesn’t slide either…

Alma Schuyler, VA

Great placemat for dinner table

I originally ordered these for my daughter to use at school in her lunchbox, but she’s 2 and her lunchbox is tiny, so they were a little large. I can fold them and they fit fine, but they’re really adult size placemats. HOWEVER, they are GREAT to use at home. She sometimes bangs her fork onto the table, and this placemat is large enough to keep dents from happening. It’s pretty thin/lightweight so that if I NEED to use it for school, I can, but so far we’re just using it at home.It’s been really durable, it clean very easily, and the pink circles are great for when she starts to get bored with her food, “Eva, instead of throwing your food on the floor, put it in the circle,” or “Let’s count circles!”

Shannon Hazel Park, MI

pricey but good

these are pricey for a placemat, but these are good stuff. No nasty PVC smell. They don’t stain like fabric placemat does. They are smooth and don’t have crevices like the bamboo or woven placemats do. The only complaint is that they are not very grippy even on glass table. Other than that, these are great placemat. Especially when you have kids in the house.

Avis Powder Springs, GA

Decent placemats, but not worth the premium price

I purchased these thinking it would help to keep my toddler from playing with his placemat, I was wrong, but that’s not why I rated 3-stars. These placemats are smaller than I would have liked, which I supposed I should have realized from the listing. I find them hard to clean and also the silicone causes more harm than good because my son cannot easily pick up his utensils or cup since they "stick" to the placemat.

Hannah Barre, VT

Best option I’ve found

Was looking for a durable placemat now that my toddler is eating at the table. I love the Classy Kids for restaurants, but that seemed an expensive option for every day. I bought the Summer mat and hated it (doesn’t lay flat) so I tried this. I guess I got it confused with the Momo, because i thought it would be sticky. Not sticky, but bigger (could be bigger still.) I have to say they lay very flat, are easy to clean, and my daughter doesn’t move it around when there’s food on top. She does like to flop it around on the table as soon as I remove her plate though. This isn’t perfect, but it’s the closest I’ve found.

Aisha Emily, MN