ZoLi STUCK Suction Feeding Bowl Kit – Pink

ZoLi STUCK Suction Feeding Bowl Kit – Pink

Stuck takes the traditional suction bowl to a whole new level. The bowl kit has an extra strong suction base, a deep bowl to hold larger food items, divided tray for extra goodies, and a lid for easy transport and storage. The ergonomic fork and spoon are perfect for toddlers learning to self-feed.

Main features

  • Capacity: 16 oz./470 ml
  • BPA & phthalate free
  • Suction bottom ensures the bowl stays put
  • Includes deep bowl, inner tray, lid, fork and spoon

Verified reviews


Suction WORKS!

This is a great bowl! I was looking for a product with great suction and I have found it! This bowl actually gets stuck to my counter without trying. I haven’t used the spoon/fork/little dish yet but the bowl part is well worth the price regardless.

Madeline Bass Harbor, ME

Does not stay stuck.

The bowl is nice and big, the insert fits well into it, the utensils are as they should be, and the plastic seems sturdy enough to withstand a toddler. However, the suction part of the bowl is absolutely useless. It will stay stuck for approximately one minute, sometimes a little longer, before it slowly releases. One hard tug from my child (13 months old) and it’s off the table and cheerios are flying everywhere.If you just want a bowl, get something less expensive. If you’re looking for something that stays stuck to table or tray, well – look elsewhere.

Tara Ocoee, FL


I really like the Zoli products because they obviously take the real world into consideration when designing their products, and you can’t put a price tag on that. Perfect bowl for baby and great on the go too.

Audra Hazard, KY

Poor suction

I really like the Zoli cups, however I wasn’t too happy with this bowl. I got it for my daugher when she began eating table food. I thought it would be the perfect bowl as you can seperate the foods or use it as a big bowl and I was excited that it also suctioned to keep the bowl from moving or tippng over.The suction never did work well for me and because it seemed to be top heavy and easy to tip cause there was no grip on the bottom. I used this ONCE to try it out and I HATED it! I would NOT recommend this to anyone.If you’re looking for a good bowl I would highly suggest the OXO kid bowls. I found the OXO ones since I wasn’t satisifed with the Zo-li bowl and I LOVE them…my daughter still uses them till today and she’s 3 now.

Lynda Makanda, IL

Don’t waste your money

This bowl DOES NOT stick. My 10 month old is able to pick it up off of any surface without any difficulty. The little tray that goes into the bowl doesn’t click or lock on so it comes out VERY easy and he figured that out within seconds of putting the bowl in front of him. The silverware is nice.

Susie Sylvania, GA