ZoLi Sumo Snack Dispenser

ZoLi Sumo Snack Dispenser

With the same conveniences as the ON-THE-GO dispenser, the SUMO snack stacker is larger for your child’s growing appetite. Each of the three stackable containers holds up to eight ounces of your child’s favorite snacks. Choose how many you want to use, and off you go.

Main features

  • Three 8 oz. stackable containers
  • SUMO snack stacker is larger for your child’s growing appetite
  • BPA and Phthalate free

Verified reviews


Perfect snack container

We love this snack container. Each compartment holds 1 cup of food. Love that we can take just one section, or 2 or 3, depending on our needs. The container fits well in the diaper bag, or you can use the handle on the cover to strap it on to the outside of the diaper bag (nice when taking all 3 and a million toys). Bonus: our son thinks it is the best toy. =)Only con, sometimes I have difficulty getting the cover to thread on correctly…but it could be the sleep deprivation.

Elisabeth Pisgah, AL

Large sized cups, cute design

I like storage that keeps everything together and in one place in my bag or stroller. This does the trick. Made of high quality material, my kid loves using it and carrying it around. The cups are fairly large and hold a LOT of food, so if you want something for just a couple of baby snacks, these might be too big … my toddler is now eating a lot more so it works well for her portions. I knocked off one star because sometimes the threads on the screw cups are pretty difficult for me to line up to reassemble the whole thing. I don’t think it would be possible for a young child to do it

Stephanie Kimberling City, MO

great quality, great size

Read the measurements before you purchase this stack. It is not for 1/4 cup of puffs, they are larger containers better suited for carrots or other toddler-appropriate snacks. Each container holds approximately one cup of food, as mentioned in the description. No, it does not fit in the cupholder of a car. Yes, it is very sturdy. I got these as a gift and really love them!

Tricia Celoron, NY

Perfect snack container for toddlers!

My toddler daughter eats A LOT, and I was happy to find that this snack container was large enough to fit plenty of snacks while we are out and about. I love that is is stackable, and I can choose to carry just one, two, or all three sections depending on how much I need to bring with me. The containers screw onto each other and are interchangeable, so there is no right or wrong order in which you stack them. I appreciate that the seal is secure enough that we’ve never had leaks, so I can carry snacks like fruits and vegetables, instead of only dry snacks.The container is well designed, and the bright colors make it fun – my daughter’s eyes light up as soon as she sees it! She’ll even sometimes dig it out of my diaper bag and carry it over to me when she’s hungry. The handle top makes it easy for both child and parent to carry the container!

Jo Grants Pass, OR

love these

this is a great snack stacker. my son lifts it out of the diaper bag when he’s hungry (he’s not talking yet). it is fairly large – a whole bag of happybaby yogurt melts will fit in one section. so i can cart around several days worth of snacks in one filling. i wish the pieces would come apart more quickly instead of having to unscrew several times to get them apart. they do fit together very well, though, and you can arrange the pieces in any order. i recommend it.

Saundra Phoenixville, PA

Disappointed in size

This snack container is huge! Don’t be misled by other reviews that mention that this cup will fit in standard cup holders as it won’t. Quality-wise it looks nice but I certainly should have paid more attention to the specs. I will be returning this cup and getting the smaller Zoli snack/formula stacker.

Lorraine Long Eddy, NY

Hard to screw together

This container really is great. It’s a good size and my boy is a snacker so we can go through quite a bit in one outing. It is, however, super hard to get the lid screwed on or get the pieces screwed together. You have to get them lined up just exactly right or it goes on sideways. The lid for ours cracked a few months after we got it, not sure how, but it still works. It’s very handy, despite it’s setbacks I’d buy it again.

Kristie Winifrede, WV


Great capacity, just large for normal bags & wish it kept raisins & crackers fresh. They got stale after some time in the container

Elva Smithfield, RI


I absolutely ADORE this snack tower, which is what I call it. 😉 I get a ton of compliments and questions about it. I buy the Plum Organic puffs and they color coordinate with the different stacks. 🙂

Kelley Blanca, CO

Very big, but screwing the top on is really hard

Cons: Very hard to screw on.Pros: Holds a ton of snacksBetter off buying the Sassy product, which is the perfect size and screws on easily every time. Tried this one as a Sassy Snack replacement and it just doesn’t screw on, very frustrating. Other reviewers have said the same thing. Believe us.

Leonor Freeville, NY

It’s perfect

We love it, the daycare teachers love it, it holds the right amount of food/snacks for a toddler, it’s easy to clean and tote around. It’s perfect!We had the formula sized version of this with the pour spout lid and it was perfect too!

Sofia Byers, KS

Keeps food fresh and from getting crumbled! Perfect size!

I love love love this snack stack!! Holds a good amount and fits in all my diaper bags even the small ones just fine! For an idea on size I can fit 2 pop tarts broken in half in one of the little containers. Veryyyyyy happy I got this as it keeps crackers and other crumbly foods from getting well…crumbly! Keeps food fresh too! Highly recommend!

Inez Hanson, MA

Great for toddlers snacks!

This is a great product to throw in your bag when you’re heading out for a big day. Mostly we take these when we’re heading to Sea World or the Zoo and fill them up with animal crackers, pirates booty and grapes. Great product, I also have the smaller zoli snack stack too.

Elisabeth Cunningham, TN

Great snack carrier!

Got this as a gift and then bought one for a gift. This is great to pack with three different snacks and throw it in your bag. I use it now for my child but will probably use this a long time for her and me.

Muriel Blue Hill Falls, ME

Forget the price…. You NEED this.

Heard about this on a blog. Bought it and cringed at the price. I don’t even doubt myself after using it for a few weeks. Want to buy another one. High quality, convenient, pretty. Everyone comments about it. I would get this one over the smaller one, however, if you have a little one starting on foods, the smaller one is good, too.

Lorna Nichols, IA

Difficult lid

I really wanted to like this but it just isn’t going to work for me. The concept is awesome and I wish there were alternatives but this one misses the mark. The biggest issue, like others have previously pointed out, is that the lid is difficult to screw on. The three cups easily disconnect and reconnect with each other but the lid takes effort if you want the threads to line up the right way (side note, the cups do unscrew pretty smoothly so now that I think about it maybe they would become less secure over time). I don’t have the time to worry about making sure the lid is screwed on properly every time I use it. Not only does it increase the likelihood of spilled snacks but it also leads me to believe they would go stale quickly due to a poor seal. I will continue to look for something similar that holds the same larger amount of snacks.

Marguerite Waconia, MN

Great design, large size (1 1/4 cup capacity per compartment)

I bought this item in addition to theZo-Li On-The-Go Travel Formula & Snack Dispenser. I’m glad I got both – they are very similar in design and quality (no leaks!), but due to the size difference they’re useful for different things / at different stages. The Formula & Snack Dispenser compartments each hold 5/8 cup, while these compartments each hold 1 1/4 cup (so exactly twice the volume). Right now, the smaller compartments are more useful for my 10mo old (who only eats in smallish quantities), but I can see carrying around at least one of these regularly for bulkier items that my son loves (e.g. cereal Os), and I’m sure these will get even more useful as he gets bigger and starts eating more.This item comes with three bottom compartments (the colored ones), which screw together, and one screw-on lid. There are extra lids available for the smaller Formula & Snack Dispenser, but I haven’t yet seen any extra lids available for this larger item.

Opal Lyman, WA


I like Zo Li products since we got a zippy cup that is the bomb, and this container it’s so spacious and easy to clean,

Lori Clarence, NY