Zooper Twist Stroller, Red Waves

Zooper Twist Stroller, Red Waves

BU822B-ZP0906 Color: Red Waves Shown in Red Waves -Suitable for newborns and toddlers up to 55 lbs. -Quick release front wheels with one touch auto swivel lock. -One-step rear link brake. -Extra safety secondary lock. -Convenient one-hand backrest recline. -Carry handle. -High-strength light weight aluminum frame. -Front and rear wheel suspension. -Simple compact umbrella fold. -4-position seat recline with flat position for newborns. -Napper canopy with sun visor, viewing windows and storage pocket. -Zip-off hot weather ventilation canopy panel. -Easy access basket. -5-point adjustable safety harness with newborn and toddler settings. -Adjustable leg-rest. -Reflective safety piping. Included accessories: -Cup holder. -Full sleeping bag. -Rain cover. -UV sun shade. Specifications: -Stroller Weight: 17 lbs. -Handle Height: 39”. -Folded Dimensions: 14” H x 13” W x 40” D. -Open Dimensions: 42” H x 20” W x 28” D. -Backrest Height: 19”. -Seat Recline: 4 Position. -Wheels: 5” Front / 6” Rear / EVA Tires. -Seat Width: 12.5”.

Main features

  • Wide, supported seatback has 4 recline position, so no need for sleepy heads to slouch uncomfortably forward anymore
  • Napper canopy rotates in front of the stroller seat to block direct sun
  • All-wheel suspension and adjustable leg rests enhance toddler comfort
  • The auto frame lock and carry handle make it easy to take this stroller on the bus or wherever you go
  • Suitable for newborns and toddlers up to 55 pounds

Verified reviews


super functional stroller

I LOVE THIS STROLLER!!!!I researched several strollers as I needed many different types of features: a huge canopy, a multi-position reclining seat, a rain cover, easily maneuverable, suspensions…you name it, i needed it.I went to several stores to test out the strollers but nothing came close to this one. Many lacked suspension or a proper canopy, for example, a common problem. I tried the Maclauren for its hype…I just hated it. It’s only good features were maneuverability and its lightweight.I bought this stroller without a chance to test it out….but i was very pleased with it!I do have a couple complaints about this Zooper model: the sun cover broke after its first use 🙁 and the brake mechanism is a bit weak (you really have to make sure the brake is properly set). Usually the brake furthest from the foot brake is a bit flimsy. It could use a handrail piece like the white version of this strollers shows in its picture (is it only featured on the white models?)Nevertheless, these are minor issues and I still recommend it over ALL other strollers! I love the fact that they included the sun and rain covers….It seems silly to not include these with all strollers as a standard feature. Its weight of 17 lbs is not a big deal since you’re just gonna unload it into a car, etc. Its features are worth 17 lbs 😉

Doris Napoleonville, LA

Overall good except maneuverability

Like everyone else, I was overwhelmed with the choices in strollers. I ended up choosing the Zooper Twist because I wanted something a little better than a simple umbrella stroller but not so big and heavy as a full size one. I chose this model because of its features and styling (I chose Olive which is a really pretty green) and the good reviews here. I am generally happy with the stroller except for a few things, which I think are important issues and responsible for the 3 star rating.CONS-Maneuverability: I find that once my child is in the stroller, along with a diaper bag strapped to the handles, it does not maneuver well and I find myself bumping into things in tight spaces like inside of stores. It lumbers and tends to favor one side (not due to uneven weight distribution). It’s pretty impossible to maneuver the stroller one handed although I’m not sure if one can with any lightweight stroller.-Walking: I am only 5’3″ and I occasionally kick the wheels while pushing the stroller. Because of this, I tend to hunch more than I should while using it to keep it away from me. The handles seem tall enough though so I think it might be the distance of the rear wheels that’s the issue.-The storage space beneath is ok- not awful but not that great either.PROS-Relatively lightweight and compact for storing in the car trunk.-Generally easy to fold and open.-Sunshade! That was what really won me over for the purchase and my favorite feature. It is HUGE and there’s lots of ways to use it.-Nicely padded seats and comfortable seat belts.-Fully reclines so my child can sleep in it (with the nice sunshade pulled down) or you can change a diaper (haven’t had to try that yet but I’m sure you could).-Extras like the rain cover and sleeping bag.-Stays up even with a diaper bag attached to it (and even other items like purchases).-Really nice styling and variety of colors (not a fan of all the orange, black or red strollers out there).Overall, it’s a really nice looking stroller that I am generally happy with although I’m not sure I’d purchase again. This is my first stroller so I don’t have others to compare to (I have used one of the MacClaren umbrella stroller models which pushed and maneuvered like a dream but it didn’t have any of the features I wanted). I think the sunshade is such a huge plus that I’ll continue to use this stroller for a while. My child can be out in the rain or sun and be fine in it. I might think about switching up models later though I don’t think many strollers have all the features of this one and still be lightweight.*Just a side note, I ordered this through my credit card rewards program but it was fulfilled by Amazon.com.EDIT: I bumped up the stars to 4. I ended up putting the liquid silicone product that another reviewer suggested in the wheel wells and it made a huge difference in the maneuverability.

Debbie Elkridge, MD

Lightweight stroller great for a toddler.

After looking at the Blink and Joovy Kooper, we came upon this stroller by accident. Our son had outgrown his infant stroller, and our peg perego is so heavy. Our son is 16 months and 27 pounds, and this stroller is a breeze to push him in. We love the peg perego because they handle so well with toddlers up to 55 lbs, and will be keeping it as our second stroller. Infant strollers are wonderful, but true stroller engineering comes into play when you are pushing really heavy toddlers, and looking for a lightweight option. When I put my son in the twist, I couldn’t even tell he was in the stroller. It folds so compactly, comes with so many extras, and is a good buy for the price. The Twist is easier to push than our peg perego, and comes with so much more than the Maclaren. The bag that attaches to the stroller that has both the rain sheild and UV shade is so convenient. The winter bag just snaps right onto the stroller and is big enough for our toddler. I am so happy we came across this stroller.

Amelia Wyoming, IA

So glad we gave this a try! Excellent stroller.

This stroller performs so well, we just love it. We nearly bought a Maclaren and I am glad we chose this instead. This is an excellent value stroller and comes with various accessories that are so great–foot muff for cold weather, rain cover, sun cover, has a bag hanging int he back as well as a basket in the bottom. Love the various recline positions, including full recline. The sun cover is phenomenal. We have checked this stroller on 4 flights now and used it overseas on cobblestone and uneven surfaces, on the beach in the Caribbean, and around town at home. I can’t be more pleased. Our son seems very comfortable in it. The foot rest part that can be extended up is sturdy and seems better quality than the Maclaren. Lots of practical design features and it drives great. I can’t recommend it enough.

Jenifer Ashland, PA

If you only buy one stroller…

this is the one you want. We did so much research just on strollers, and I’m so glad we went with this one! I also really wanted a jog stroller, and we got the BOB Revolution. That is a great stroller for what it is, but I wasn’t about to be throwing that behemoth in my trunk every time we were going out! Also, the BOB doesn’t come with much considering what you pay for it. That’s where the Twist really shines. It’s a very well constructed stroller and it comes with everything you’d need for it. It has all of the accessories like a cup holder, rain cover, cold weather boot, etc. The canopy might be my favorite feature. It has a really handy (and roomy!) pocket on the back and it provides GREAT coverage for the baby (even better than the BOB). It’s easy to maneuver, easy to collapse and set up, and the baby seems to like it. It’s a little bit heavier than those cheap umbrella strollers, but it’s worth it to have a better quality stroller.

Brandy Longview, WA

Wow, what a stroller.

This stroller has it all for an umbrella stroller. We have been the owner of a BOB, Maxi-Cosi, Joovy Kooper, and a Mia Moda. We love the BOB the most obviously, but we needed something that pregnant Mommy could carry and put in and out of the car. This stroller is great. It is very tall, very light, and the canopy is the biggest I have seen. The canopy will reach the foot area of the stroller. The stroller is lighter than the Kooper, has bigger canopy, and easier to fold. The Kooper maneuvers slightly better, but not a big deal. The wonderful thing about this stroller is that it comes with a bunch of accessories. The sleeping bag in particular is great. I do not see very many of these, so it is easy to find in the crowd of McLarens at the zoo.

Lucile Lansing, KS